Movie News: New Marvel Movie in 2014

I know I haven’t written much on here, reasons being laziness, wrapped in a two week vacation, topped with nothing has been going on and wrestling has been quite dull…but alas I came across something today that gave me a giant nerd boner so I figured I’d pass this along.

As reported today by

Earlier this week, Marvel Studios was caught purchasing domain names for all kinds of merchandise related to Guardians of the Galaxy, a property that everyone from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige all the way down has admitted was in the works. They’ve even admitted the credit scene of The Avengers was a tease towards that film but nothing had been made official. That will, likely, be the company line until San Diego Comic-Con but Latino Review is exclusively reporting that Guardians of the Galaxy will, in fact, be Marvel’s second 2014 movie.

To this news I say FUCK YES!  As far as I’m concerned Marvel is batting 1.000 when it comes to Marvel Studio productions and it would seem like Guardians of the Galaxy would be a prequel to The Avengers 2 much like Thor was and this also leads me to believe that Avengers 2 is pretty much going to be the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.  I know I’m jumping to a lot of conclusions but  I’m feeling pretty confident about this.  If your not up to speed, The Infinity Gauntlet is a Marvel Comics story line from the early 90’s which was essentially a battle royal between Thanos (The Purple Dude from the end of the Avengers) and pretty much every hero in the marvel universe for control of the Infinity gems which grant god like power. I love where this is going and I have been given no reason to doubt Marvel in the direction they have been taking their films.  I’ll post more as this develops.


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