WWE No Way Out: Results

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler: As Sheamus continues his tour of destroying wrestler’s that I love in his match against new number #1 contender Dolph Ziggler.  This match was great and the crowd was extremely pro Ziggler (I love east coast wrestling crowds) Ziggler could get a five star match out of a push broom, but never the less Sheamus picks up the win for a really great opening match.

Ricardo vs Santino: Tuxedo Match: Before Lilian Garcia could get the words Tuxedo match out of her mouth I was in the kitchen matching dinner.  Santino won, fart.

Christian vs Cody Rhodes: (Intercontinental Title Match) Another fantastic match; Two pure wrestlers putting on a great wrestling match.  Couple near falls that had you guessing the whole time.  The crowd was hot for both guys and all the big spots;  Christian wins with the spear.

Primetime Players vs The Usos vs Gabriel and Kidd vs Epico and Primo (number 1 contenders for the tag titles) This was a refreshing throw in match and holy hell wouldn’t you know it was another great match.  I miss tag team wrestling and this was a small step toward reestablishing it in my eyes.  Tyson Kid had the best spot in the match with a huricanrana out of the ring into a huge melee outside of the ring.  The win came when Darren Young pinned Epico (I Think) and Abraham Washington pulled Primo (Maybe) out of the ring so he couldn’t make the save.  AW establishes he’s with the Primetime Players.  Millions of Dollars!

HHH promo: This is why I paid my money, for an Aych promo baby!  He wants to FIGHT Lesner at Summerslam.  He says Fight a bunch more time and stuff about this business.

Beth vs Layla: This match was kind of a dud, not cause it was a divas match because I think two Layla and Beth are very good, but the pacing was off.  Layla picks up the win.

Sin Cara vs Hunico: Sin Cara Wins, nothing interesting to add.

Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs CM Punk (WWE Title) Of all the things going on in the WWE, this is the most interesting and the one thing I really hoped would pay off.  What is AJ going to do and is she going to influence who’s going to win the match.  Well the match itself was very entertaining but the payoff was pretty lack luster.  Kane was going to finish off Punk after Bryan vanished to the outside and AJ runs to the ring jumps up and Punk pushes Kane into her and she dies again.  Kane looks outside the ring concerned for AJ and Punk hits him with the GTS and wins the match.  Bleh. After the match Kane picks up AJ and carries her away while Punk celebrates and doesn’t seem to give a shit.  As Kane carries her off she smiles at Punk.  Bleh.

Ryback eats jobbers. Who’s Next?

John Cena vs The Big Show (Steel Cage-Cena wins Big Johnny is fired/Show wins Cena is fired…again) Boring match, Cena wins, Big Johnny gets fired and AA’d through a table and The Heat win.  This is darkest time line.  Goodnight.





~ by ATOM on June 17, 2012.

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