Game of Thrones Season 2: Episode 10: Valar Morghulis (Season Finale)

Season 2’s Game of Thrones finale, while not nearly as sick as a wildfire explosion certainly delivered in all areas. We get caught up on all our major players, cried with Maester Luwin, and get some killer cliffhangers to bath ourselves in for the next ten months. Within the following I will recap the finale, and review where it is leaving our characters to await season three sprinkled with slight speculation and intense long windedness as a side.

“These are your new chambers. A little cramped perhaps but you don’t need much room do you?” –Maester Pycelle
Tyrion lives! We get a shot of his eye, as he lay wounded on the battlefield, watching the battle rage in front of him after he was viciously cut down by one of his own knights in the last episode. Horses and men screaming fill the air, while fire seems to reflect in his eye. Suddenly he blinks and he is awake in a dingy bedchamber that looks like a roomy broom closet that’s been set on fire. Maester Pycelle is hoovering over him, which is probably one of the scarier things Tyrion ever had to combat. Pycelle is simply giddy, a smug smile on his face, in delivering the news to Tyrion of nearly everything he had earned for himself in the city is now gone. His quarters. His job. Bronn. Even his handsome face. He even flips a lone coin at him much like Tyrion did to Pycelle in earlier episodes “for his trouble”. After all of his toil and trouble Tyrion is abandoned in a dark room while his family reigns in their victory without one of the men who made it possible. Westros is many things but not very often fair.

“There are many who know the city faced certain defeat. The King won’t give any honors. The histories wont mention you. But we will not forget.” -Varys
Later in the episode Varys visits Tyrion in his little dark room to catch him up on the entire goings on in Kings Landing. Podrick saved his life. Bronn is gone. Cersei plotted his death. Power is predominantly being held by Cersei or Tywin. The hill tribesmen have gone home. And Varys, wont be hanging around for a while either in the future because he doesn’t want to “swim too close to a drowning man”. Varys still insists they are friends and as proof he bids the one thing Tyrion still has to enter the room: Shea.
As Varys and Podrick leave the room Shea immediately wants to see his poor face, which is heavily bandaged. Tyrion is too busy throwing himself a pity party and expecting her to turn on her heel and leave him. Finally she convinces him and he brand new sick face scar is revealed. Tyrion dubs himself both a monster and a dwarf and bids her to charge him double. This is when Shea really throws her gauntlet down. She is not with him for the money. This is surprise to him and myself. I always suspected beneath the playful banter and love Shea liked the money the most – much like Bronn in a way. However here she is proving she has legit feelings for Tyrion. In fact “fuck” his money, she wants to pack up and leave Kings Landing with him there and then. She wants to eat, drink, live, and fuck with Tyrion in the safety of another place with less people that want him dead. He is so touched by this but no matter how much he wants to go with her another part of him just can’t quit this game. This game is what he is good at. This is somewhere he could succeed on his own with nothing but his wits. Outtalking and outthinking is what he is and he likes it. He likes it more than anything – Will Shea leave him because he wants to stay in the shark tank and poke the sharks? No. She is his and he is hers (AWWWW). Tyrion just holds her now in what feels eerily like the pinnacle of their relationship. The Halfman has a love and it is for realz. Aww.

“Tales of your courage and wisdom have never been far from my ears. Those tales have taken root deep inside of me.” –Maegeray Tyrell
Pressies in the throne room! King Joffrey is dishing out awards to his grandfather who enters the room on horseback – Tywin is too cool for walking FYI. He is the savoir of the city and now completely filling his role as Hand. Littlefinger is getting the burnt out castle known as Harrenhal but still prime real estate for his good service and ingenuity. Annnnd Loras is there presenting his “innocent” sister Margeary for marriage between her and Joffrey!
This business is acted out through a series of previously planned communications between Joffrey, Cersei, and Pycelle, simply done to convince the surrounding court that Joffrey isn’t the unfeeling prick that he actually is. As the court rejoices at Joffrey’s new love, Sansa makes her exit and cannot contain the wondrous happiness that beams from her smile. She is free! Joffrey has someone else to torment! Victory! Her happiness s dashed when Littlefinger halts her movements to leave and dance around her room. She is neither free nor safe. Joffrey doesn’t throw away his toys. Littlefinger seems to want to protect her because of his brotherly love for her mother – The problem is his brotherly love was more sexytimes kind of one-sided love. More or less I’m glad someone could be trying to protect Sansa in the slightest considering she is stuck in this lions den.

“Littlefinger looks at you and sees a collection of profitable holes. I see a potential partner” -Varys
Ros is back and in the process of covering up her bruises and such when Varys enters her room all cloaked and mysterious. I’m assuming this is his spy outfit – rather spy robes. Ros is trying to sell her business like crazy but of course Varys isn’t there for anything tawdry like that. He can’t be considering Roz totally grabs his crotch and finds… nothing. She suddenly realizes who he is and you can see the moment of fright. What is Varys, The Spider, doing there?
It seems Varys is there to recruit her from Littlefinger. He cites everything I had grown to love about her. She understands things, remembers them, and hears from a lot of men. Littlefinger barely treats her like a person. Varys says he protects those who work for him. He sees past her body and how she could truly be utilized as a partner. She is rightfully apprehensive as Littlefinger is a dangerous man but Varys proclaims every man has weaknesses. Littlefinger apparently hides his well but not well enough. Dun dun dun. I hope his weakness is not just his fanboy love for Catelyn Stark or love of coin. I don’t know about you but I cant wait what these two could do together.

“That’s Jamie Lannister!” –Stark Soldier
“I wish someone would have told me. I wouldn’t have had to steal that pig” -Jamie
Jaime teasing his new favorite victim, Brienne as she escorts him to Kings Landing. He goads her about her virginity, her childhood, and her interactions with the other sex. He then tries a not to subtle come on which she immediately shoots down, looking ahead of them. Doesn’t she want to know what it feels like to be a woman, Jamie wonders? One huge reason presents itself right away which is three village girls hanging from a tree dead – for apparently “laying with lions” (sleeping with the enemy). Some Stark men did it in retaliation, which really presents the brutality of war and how both sides give way to other atrocities. This reinforces Brienne’s statement of not serving the Starks, but serving Catelyn alone.
Brienne is also driven to bury the women. Jamie sees the danger of stopping but it is all interrupted when three Stark men approach. They laugh for an insanely funny amount of time at Brienne simply because she is a woman. She decides to just try to leave with Jamie as quickly as possible. The men also admit to killing the women. Two had quick deaths but not the third. Ugh. Jamie adopts a hilarious common accent and babbles about being caught stealing. It is actually very quick and clever but one of these men seems to recognize Jamie a bit. In a genuine great move the soldier asks Brienne and Jamie to say his name at the same time. Instead of answering Brienne unleashes on them. Jamie watches as she slaughters two of them easy then awesomely quips the third “two quick deaths?!” before slowly killing him in a gruesome way that this sound department must fucking love creating. She basically slowly stabs him with her sword in an unpleasant area as Jamie watches on in fascination. Those were Stark men after all. She must reiterate again that she does not serve the Starks. Then she tells him to stay like he’s a dog, and goes to bury the three women.

“Love didn’t just happen to us. We built it slowly over the years. Stone by stone. For you. For your brothers and sisters. For all of us. It’s not as exciting as secret passion in the woods but it is stronger. It lasts longer.” -Catelyn
Robb and Catelyn are discussing his new love and his yearning to not marry the Frey girl. Catelyn goes on to make several unconvincing arguments about not marrying for love when she should have outright just said it’s too dangerous to break this sort of oath. Robb can barely listen to her because she “has no right to call anyone reckless”. Burn! Catelyn you are just getting more unlikeable. Nobility bothers me.
Robb leaves after that to go send MASH notes to his hunny.

Later on he hooks up with his new sweetie and they get married in a short sweet ceremony in the eyes of the new gods – anyone else think it was weird he chose the new and not the old? Is this already another huge snag in their relationship? Besides his mother being against it, most of his men, and most certainly Walter Frey, doesn’t this seem like one more building block setting this couple up for something dreary? We will have to find out next season.

“I fought for your God in Blackwater Bay. I led my men to the gates of the seventh Hell as their brothers burnt alive and for what?” -Stannis
Stannis is pissed at his fire priestess for falsely predicting the Battle at Kings Landing. His anger is transformative on his boring character. He is suddenly seething in his own skin, changing into something else – something certainly more exciting but a bit bloodthirsty crazy then his original pile of boring that made his character tick.  The Priestess for once looks less sure and confident as she tries to defend Stannis fight for the Fire God. When she said she knew something about the fight Stannis has enough. If she knows how to fight he can show him as he tries to strangle the life out of her. Well, I wonder if she saw this in her fire. As she puts her hands up, not fighting back, he continues to choke her spouting “Where’s your God now?” She answers finally “Inside you”. His intensity dissipates as he seemingly realizes he is a part of the shadowy baby assassin that killed Renly earlier this season. He seems to feel bad for murdering his brother. Melisandre corrects his notion that it is in fact the both of them.
While Stannis starts to sink into his sadness Melisandre throws it all on the gorgeous Stratego table: “This war has just begun. It will last for years. Thousands will die at your command. You will betray the man serving you. You will betray your family. You will betray everything you once held dear. And it will all be worth it. Because you are the son of fire. You are the warrior of the light. You will sweep aside that pretender and that one. You will be King.” Stannis, near whispering, seems to want to believe her but gets his pragmatic line of the night “You say these things but you don’t know. None of us know.” So that is his problem. Melisandre can fix that but letting his see what she has seen. She bids him to look into torch in the room. At first all he sees is fire but after some more staring they both begin to get a vision of some kind. “Do you see my King?” She asks with the fire reflecting on his face as Stannis eyes bulge at whatever he sees in the heart of the fire. I’m going to guess they saw the awesome that will be season three inside.

“The first time I saw Winterfel, it looked like something that had been here for thousands of years and would be here for thousands of years after I was dead. I saw it and I thought ‘Of course Ned Stark crushed our rebellion and killed my brothers. We never stood a chance against a man who lives here.’ ” – Theon
As we ponder season three in the depths of the fire, we transition to another fire in Westros. Theon is in Winterfel, slowly losing his mind as Lord Bolton’s bastard son is outside the castle slowly driving the occupants mad with constant horn blowing – still a tactic used in the military today. Theons day of reckoning has arrived and all he can picture is getting through all the men outside just to make sure someone kills the horn blower. Theon is now trapped in Winterfel, surrounded by Stark men, and sleep deprived thanks to the horn blowing. Luwin actually is playing his part well, giving out sound advice and truly seeming to understand Theons horrible predicament. Luwin, showing he is a master as his craft tells Theon to simply run. It is his only option at living. Theon can’t be known as the Greyjoy who ran though. Even at his lowest point Theon just cant stop trying to win his fathers love even if it detrimental to his health. Luwin doesn’t back off though telling him to not go home, but to run to become a member of the Nights Watch. He even hints at the tunnels to escape out of Winterfel in hopes of Theon taking this option and running while he still can. Luwin, still seeing the lost little boy who grew up in Winterfel, tells him he is not the man he is pretending to be.
The problem here is Theon finally realizes after all he’s done he has perhaps gone to far to pretend to be anything else. As the horn continues to play we transition to the Winterfel courtyard, as Theon begins to give a fantastical speech to his no more than 20 men before charging into battle. It is the first time Theon is everything he ever wanted to be: Brave. Courageous. Articulate. Tough. His dramatics suddenly work for him as his speech matches that of Tyrion’s in the previous episode. He dubs the nonstop horn blowing as the Northerners mating call and quips that he hasn’t had a good fuck in months. He debates how Ironmen are worth at least 20 regular men, and then drops the truth bomb that they are all going to die today. Their war cries will echo through eternity though, because “what is dead may never die”.  Their names will go down in history just for their heroics in the oncoming battle. And as he gives a passionate scream before what should be a herd of man running into battle Theons unfortunately looking first mate clocks him from behind knocking him out. One of the other men smirks “I thought he’d never shut up.” There you have it. The one time Theon gets it all right and no one is there to back him. Of course other than Maester Luwin who interrupts them when they packing Theon up in a sack to move him. His kind soul is speared through the middle as the Iron born talk of making their way home. My question is are they dragging Theon home, or are they gifting him to the Starks?

”Thank you Xaro. Thank you for teaching me this lesson.” -Dany
Dany is approaching the tower we last saw her crying dragons being taken to. This is apparently the much talked about House of the Undying. Joras and one of her last Blood riders accompanies her on this last stitch effort to get her beloved dragons. As we arrive we are treated to some gorgeous shots of a circular tower with no doors. Dany walks in one direction while Joras follows, keeping the bloodrider in the original point of entry. Then Dany strides forward with a determination, as Joras can only watch as she strides out of view and somehow disappears from view. As he finishes his circuit and finds the Bloodrider still standing there with Dany now missing all he can do is scream for his “Khalessi” while she somehow has made it into the tower alone.
Hearing her companies calling for her, knowing she is alone, Dany shows her growth as she just continues to trudge forward into the unknown darkness searching for her children. She goads the warlocks knowing she can fight for efficiently if she can at least see them but no one answers as she screeches about them being scared of a little girl. Suddenly she hears her babies’ now familiar cry and walks toward the sounds.
She finds a circular room with many doors, and the sounds of her dragons crying somewhere in the distance. There are no right or wrong answers as most of what she is seeing is a big trick now. Welcome to Dany’s vision quest of futures not quite reached. As she chooses one door it leads her to the King’s Landing throne room in an unrecognizable state. Winter has come, as snow pours in through holes in the ceiling. The stained glass windows are all broken and blown out. Is this a King’s Landing future after she has attacked with her Dragons? Or perhaps this is a past time when with old damage from another dragon? Either way it is eerily cool to see the Iron Throne covered in a light snow. As Dany approaches said throne and is about to either sit, or pick up one of the cool swords holding it together she hears her babies cry in the distance. This seems to bring her back into herself. She has things to do, and she leaves the throne room once again chasing the cries. A wall in the throne room opens up and suddenly she is walking out of the side of The Wall in the North. Trippy.
In the snowy distance there is a tent. As she slowly freezes she still approaches and inside GASP! Inside the tent is Khal Drogo and their also deceased baby (with a hilarious amount of hair). “Moon of my life” Drogo greets her, which seems to distort her resolve. This is dark magic, like the same dark magic that took Drogo from her in the first place. Her happiness of seeing her cute would be family is too much though as she suddenly is stricken with the idea that perhaps she is dead and she meeting them in the Night Lands. This Drogo seems a mixture of himself, how Dany sees him, and how the viewers see him. Perhaps he waited for her before entering the Night Lands. Perhaps he told the Great Stallion to go fuck himself. Who else misses the shit out of this character? He just did his business, and didn’t give a fuck.

Drogo continues saying that perhaps this is all a dream. It could be his or hers but he doesn’t care because these questions are for wise men with skinny arms. HAHAHA. Dany seems way more tempted by this than by her wintery Iron throne and so is the audience. How sweet was it to imagine what could have been for these two? Drogo continues that if this is a dream he will kill whoever wakes him up. Dany is finally truly struck with a sad look, knowing no matter how much love she is finding here she cannot stay. Instead she uses this moment to get some much-needed closure on the deaths of her husband and baby. She does her usual spiel about the sun rising in the west and setting in the east, about her love for Drogo and then says a final goodbye to him and their baby. Then she rises and walks out of the tent without looking back.
And she’s back in the original circular room with all the doors except now the dragons are on a pedestal in the center of the room, with cute little chains binding them there. Where does one get baby-dragon sized chains? Anyway, Dany approaches them with a face that screams “YESSS” but it is interrupted when the multiplying warlock appears again. His doubles go on and on giving some exposition of why they are doing what they doing. The dragons miss their mother. When the dragons were born the warlock’s magic was born again as well. Their magic is strongest in the dragon’s presence and the dragons are strongest in Dany’s presence. Hence, needing to have Dany there with her babies, stuck eternally in the house of the undying. So their big baddie plan was to get Dany, and lock her up with her baby dragons forever and always. As they all talk Dany suddenly finds herself in chains with her babies. There is problem here as Dany simply will not live her life in chains, and neither will her babies. She gives her dragons the order to shoot fire, as she had done to teach them to feed themselves. “Dracaris” she says in a simple tone as if she already knows the badassery her dragons are about to show. And cue the lightshow, as the dragon begin to spout impossibly long bursts of fire at their captor from behind their chained mother. After the baddie is burnt the crisp on the ground her babies begin to figure out how to melt through their chains, as Dany suddenly beams with intimidation. See, her own magic has come in quite handy.
Now with her dragons, Dany’s entourage as grown again. I just picture people dropping what they are doing and following her just because she has three dragons decorating her shoulders ready to fight for her. Her first stop is the new King of Qarth’s bedchamber where her old friend and whore and handmaiden is in bed with him. Xaro awakens as his vault key is taken off his sleeping body and there is Dany surround of swords and covered in dragons. She just tells them to come; as she makes her way to his luxurious vault he showed her earlier this season. As they open it, expecting to pillage the shit out of him they are confronted with a great truth. The richest man in Qarth is neither King nor the richest man in Qarth. His vaults, like his promises are empty. Instead Dany tosses Xaro and her old betrayer of a friend inside to spend the rest of their days locked in a vault with no escape possible. How horrid. So Dany reverts to her old lovers ways, and has her men just take anything in Xaro’s house to sell so they can finally buy their small ship to sail to her birthplace to win back what she sees as rightfully hers: The Throne.

“To be a dancing master is a special thing but to be a Faceless man that is something else entirely” –Jaqen
Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are out of Harrenhal, travelling on foot to anywhere but where they were when they spot Jaqen watching them from high atop a cliff. While they wonder how on earth did he find them, he pulls an even bigger rabbit out of his helmet by somehow disappearing from his cliff top perch and appearing behind Arya. She immediately asks how he knew where they were and he is tickled because this is her question after seeing everything he has done? I think Jaqen is a degree cooler because he seems to know how awesome he is. Arya thinks he is awesome too and begs for him to teach her how to kill at his level of coolness. If she wishes to learn though she must go with him to Bravos – same location as her dancing instructor in season one. Jaqen name drops himself as a Faceless man, and proves he is either a mind reader or how been listening to Arya’s nightly prayer to kill her long list of VIPs as he begins naming everyone she wants to offer up to the Red God.
For a moment you want this all for her but Arya has a moment of clarity. She wants to but she cant – at least not right now. She needs to find her brother and mother (she admits to having to find Sansa as well as thought it some extra chore she hates).
Then they must part there. He hands her a coin “of great value”. Arya immediately asks if it’s enough for a horse because grrl is sick of walking, but he insists it is not to purchase anything. If the day comes when she must find him again she can use said coin to do so: Just give the coin to any man from Bravos and say the title of the episode “Valar Morghulis”. Arya repeats it once. I would sit there and have him coach me at least a dozen times, and perhaps even get the spelling as well. Instead Jaqen begins to leave, and Arya begs him to stay until he admits Jaqen is dead, then promptly CHANGES HIS FACE (even his fun rogue white streak is gone) and says goodbye to her wearing a new face. All the while Arya just stares at him all Whaaaa. Bet this little girl wanted to go to Bravos right that second.

“I pulled you into the world. Both of you. I’ve seen both your faces almost everyday since and for that I consider myself very lucky.” -Luwin
Osha has decided they spent enough time hiding out in the crypts at Winterfel and ventures above ground to see what has happened. Last we saw Luwin was impaled bleeding out on the ground, while an unconscious Theon was dragged away by his fleeing countrymen. This was all while Stark men surrounded the keep. Now Winterfel is a smoking pile of death. Not a soul is seen and all the wood that once decorated the courtyard is smouldering ash. Bodies litter the ground, mostly looking like the poor folks who had lived their working for the Starks. Hodor carries a concerned Bran out as well, followed by a sad confused looking Rickon. Who torched the place? Did the Iron riders set everything on fire to escape with Theon? Did they turn Theon over to the Northerners? Did the Northerners start the fire to smoke out the Iron riders? Nothing is known other than not a living soul is around, and Winterfel looks less hospitable than Harrenhal.
Suddenly the boys Direwolves smell blood and begin soft crying to direct their masters to what they have found. Maester Luwin appears to have dragged himself to the Weirwood Tree’s (Old Gods, Crying red tears) away from the burning wreckage that is Winterfel. The four approach, young Rickon sprinting to the now deathly pale Luwin. He smiles in such a heartbreaking way as if in rejoice that after all this grief the boys are in fact alive. Rickon sickeningly pulls back Luwin bloody robe to see his still bloody wound. Bran and Rickon want to know what king of medicine they could get for him but Luwin sadly lies saying he feels just fine. They boys cry. Luwin cries. Hodor says “Hodor” and cries. The viewers cry.
Bran desperately states that “they” (I’m guessing Ironborn) burned everything down. Luwin, ever the humanitarian, states they didn’t get everything as they (the boys) are still alive. He then continues taking care of the boys, even on his deathbed, urging them to travel North, to the wall, and to Jon. Bran takes his hand then insisting he doesn’t want to leave Luwin. Heartbreakingly Luwin says he doesn’t want to leave Bran either. He then talks about pulling them (literally) into the world and seeing them nearly everyday since and for that he considers himself (SNIFF!) lucky. He then bids Hodor to take the boys away for last meeting with Osha. She must protect them. She is the only one who can and in the North this may entail protecting them from other Wildlings. She has no extra love for them so she can do this. She knows Luwin is dying and in pain and offers getting milk of poppy to ease his passing. He brushes that out and instead welcomes a quick death by Oshas hand. RIP Luwin. You were annoying sometimes, and made too much noise when you walked but you broke my heart this episode. Not many people love in Westros just to love and he most certainly loved all of those children.
And Bran and Rickon hit the road again. Their direwolfs lead the way as Rickon looks like he may break into tears at any moment holding Oshas hand while Hodor pushes Bran in a wheel barrel. How much does it suck that Bran can’t walk? Dude can get dreams of the future but still has to be carted all over Westros. They leave their home, as it burns pouring smoke into the sky. Great, so now not only are all the Starks separated but they no longer have a place to call home. Lovely.

“That’s it? That’s all you can do you little shit? Oh you’re traitor father teach you that? Or what it your whore mother?” -Halfhand
Still enroot to meet the King beyond the wall, Mance; Ygritte is currently taunting Jon.  Jon is doing the grown up thing and ignoring her, which is prompting her to keep hitting him in the head with his own sword. Girl why don’t you just pull his hair, strip him down and get it over with. Their little flirty fighting is interrupted when Halfhand takes out his captor, grabs a sword and charges Jon. Bone dude decides to just let them fight, and Ygritte slides Jon his sword. They fight, and halfhand tells Jon more about just making his new role work (perhaps to spy, or take out Mance himself, or whatever) but also taunts him loudly trying to trigger Jon to fight for intensely. It works when he insults Jon’s mother, and ends with Jon actually killing Halfhand. It seems more like Halfhand made it all happen, but it still a bit disappointing to see Jon can be worked up by such trivial bullshit that really should no longer matter to him as much. His dying words are “We are the watchers of the wall” perhaps reminding Jon of what he should do. Truthfully, I unlike all the Nights Watch totally love these Wildlings. They are true free folk and have some kickass Eskimo costumes. I can’t wait to meet Mance Rayder next season and find out why all the Wildlings are finally working together. Although I can probably guess it may have something to do with this…

“And that thing about you that I find so interesting is absolutely nothing.” – Sam
Sam, and some of the other Nights Watch are collecting shit to burn for warmth. Anyone else notice Sam is always on poo duty? Find poo to burn. Dig holes to poo in. Etc. Anyway, just as Sam is getting done blathering on about Gilly again they are interrupted by the warning horn. One horn is heard and Sam assumes Jon and Halfhand are back, which is can’t be true. A second horn is heard and they men drop what they are doing knowing two horns means Wildlings are coming and they must fight. Suddenly a third horn tolls, and absolute panic ensues. RUN! The other men book it back to camp, but Sam just isn’t built for that. As he loses sight of the men in the snow he falls/dives behind a rock knowing three horns means Whitewalkers and they must be coming. He watches from hiding.
Some undead (AKA BETTER ZOMBIES THAN ON WALKING DEAD) amble onto the screen, coming out of the snow fog making them sort of that much more scary. There is a sick howling in the air and suddenly all I want to do is teleport Sam out of there. Whatever is happening is lethal and terrifying. One, two, six, ten.. the number only keeps rising with each establishing shot. As we begin to view them as what they are: an army of undead we see what is leading them. A true Whitewalker. A blue-eyed demon covered in what looks like aged white wood/stone rides an undead horse. His wrinkled ashen skin is letting off steam in the cold weather and he hold what looks like a solid ice spear, also steaming in the weather. Sam is in just about as much shock as us. Although part of him is probably pumped that he’s seeing something so old, he isn’t even supposed to exist anymore. Just as Sam is mildly sure this thing is about to eat him or something it howls something fierce gesturing for his horde of undead to follow. He appears to be leading them to where the Nights Watch were staying for some hardcore killage. It also should be noted that he leaves a crying Sam so yay for not being dead yet! As we pan out watching the Whitewalker leading his undead army, we notice the insane numbers of undead following him and also at least one more Whitewalker was seen leading them as well. And that was what we were left with this season… and impending Whitewalker led undead army. I sure hope Dany’s dragons may come in handy there. Ugh can we fast-forward ten months yet?



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