Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: Stansky and The Berg edition.

Back to the bullshit:  We start off Raw with one of those super serious Michael Cole war correspondent “let’s get down to business” in ring interview with John Cena who mugs and smirks his way through a pointlessly annoying interview about The Big Show.  Big Johnny (still putting around in the people power scooter) interrupts the interview to tell Cena he can pick his opponent tonight but it can’t be The Big Show because he’s got the night off and it can’t be Big Johnny because fuck you that’s why.  So Cena picks Michael Cole because we hate Cole and Cena gets to embarrass him and fuck you that’s why.  If Cena is supposed to be rising above hate and anti-bullying, why is he always beating up the Richardo, John Laurinitus and Michael Cole’s of the world?  It’s always such a hoot to him but my first thought was “Wouldn’t he want to wrestle CM Punk, or someone who’s undefeated or someone he’s never faced?  Whatever, it’s another laugh riot main event for Monday Night Raw as everyone goes palms up when Vince asks why no one’s watching

More of This: Sheamus def Dolph Ziggler: Great bell to bell match between these two.  Dolph is still losing but he’s been in two more meaningful matches over the past two weeks so I shouldn’t complain.  This was a solid match with Sheamus picking up the win.  This was also the best match of the night, beware.

Meh: Sin Cara def Hunico: Well Sin Cara’s back, and it’s been two weeks of no botchamania submissions, but it’s still early.  This match was fine, couple good spots but the mood lighting has got to go.  Also WWE smartened up and got rid of the trampoline opening which had a negative success rate.

Ryback def Stan Stansky and Arthur Rosenberg:  These matches are actually highly entertaining to me, from the opening promo bringing back the 2 is better than 1 promo to Ryback really putting a beating on these guys with some stiff looking spots.  I think it’s time to move Ryback on to something meaningful soon, but for right now these are fun. Also bring back Stansky and Rosenberg on the reg….for reals…. Something, Something, Goldberg Joke.

Kane def CM Punk: This match was good with a dash of boring and then it got weird.  My distrust of WWE writers leads me to really doubt what it is they’re doing with AJ being all up on Punk’s shit, then gettin all flirty with Kane and Bryan saving her will have a pay off.  It’s good, well it could be good, unless they forget what they’re doing.  Just keep AJ on TV and you’ve got my attention.

Kofi/Truth def Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins:  This match was fine, all be it, kinda pointless and never in doubt.  I started making my lunch for work, Kofi jumped high and him and truth picked up the win.

John Cena vs Tensei: Before he can take on Cole, Cena takes on and defeats Tensei in a decent but meaningless match.  I’m not just throwing around the word meaningless, there’s reason for it, they build on 2 feuds this week, Sheamus and Del Rio for about 30 seconds and Kane, Bryan and Punk.  Everything else was so random, seems like they’re throwing shit against the wall untill…..something.  So after Tensei Cena gets his hands on Cole and covers him in BBQ sauce and stripes him down to his undies and it become one of those undefendable wrestling moments.

What an asshole

Next week is a 3 hours Raw, god help us…at least Vince McMahon is scheduled to make an appearance….I guess.


~ by ATOM on June 5, 2012.

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