Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: Bigger than Pac-Man Edition

When the heels make more sense: Imagine this; You are a long time successful employee of an equally successful company, you make a joke and your manager or who ever is in charge of the department you work in had you front and center and had you apologize for what you did.  You do that, cry a little and then get fired anyways, under really no certain terms.  You go into the back to pack your bags and all your fellow employees are NOT consoling you and telling you how fucked up that was, they’re just going about their business and some of them are dancing with children.  This was the basis for The Big Show’s opening promo where he addressed being fired and being upset because the fans didn’t care and his fellow wrestlers didn’t care.

For the record I don’t think they planned on having Brotus Clay come out after The Big Show was fired two weeks ago on Raw to factor into the storyline, I think it was written on the board that way, realized it was ridiculous and said “hey, we can use that”  Just a theory.

So now The Big Show doesn’t have to smile and be a performer, he can just be a Giant again.  This worked, everything about this works because The Big Show makes a better monster heel than a bland face and he’s good on the mic as a bad guy.  Am I looking forward to Cena vs Show, Hell no! But this kept me entertained for 15 minutes.

Alberto Del Rio def: Santino:  Del Rio destroys Santino like a boss but I’m confused; He’s feuding with Sheamus, sorta, and Santino, or is Richardo feuding with Santino..or the Cobra, or Cobra Commander or Corba Kai?

Kofi/Truth def: Ziggler and Swagger:  This was a pretty entertaining match, because it involved people who can put on a good match despite the fact that this match itself feels like it happens on a daily basis.  Kofi and Truth pick up the win and Dolph teases a break up of this tag-team which is smart, he needs to have actual matches again; not throw away matches with dancing dinosours who don’t sell moves and pointless match team bullshit with President Swagger.

During the night we get various Big Show backstage crap that including him beating up locker room snitch Alex Riley and bullying Santino only to get challenged by Brotus Clay….heaves to betsy, is Brotus Clay gonna notch one in the L column, thus begins the fall of the Funkasuarus.  :::Fingers crossed:::

Big Johnny rascals his beautiful ass out to the ring with Eve and Otunga to announce he’s on the cover of WWE 13.  It’s a mildly entertaining segment and then CM Punk comes out and reveals the real cover which has him on it.  The cover looks cool, I’ll reserve judgement til I find out if I’m going to have to clotheline guys into backstage props to advance through story lines that are better written than the ones on TV but not exciting to play through….WWE12 sucked.

Daniel Bryan def CM Punk:  When this wasn’t a feud or a PPV match I loved their Raw matches, but I’m kinda luke warm about them having Raw matches because I don’t want to get sick of these two facing off.  Well I’m not and this was a really good match with some nonsense sprinkled in.  AJ showed up at ring side with a CM Punk shirt looking very nice usual, with newly added crazy eyes.  Bryan uses an exposed turn buckle to pick up the win.  Afterwards Kane shows up and I swear to god if he has anything to do with the outcome of their PPV match I’m going to….well complain I guess.  So Kane shows up and beats Bryan with a chair because something, something Smackdown.  He looks at CM Punk who acquires a chair via AJ and he beats the bag outta Kane with a chair.

Christian def The Miz:  Christian has a decent/throw away match with The Miz who still currently hails from the shitter.  Christian makes eyes at Cody Rhodes at ring side and discards The Miz.

The Miz stays in the ring to complain about not getting title matches despite the fact he keeps lossing horribly.  Orton comes out and RKO’s him for no reason besides Jericho got suspended for being a bad guy.

Sheamus vs David Otunga: Missed this one, Celtics game. I’m guessing the clear guy won.

The Big Show vs Brotus Clay:  Show comes out and cut a good promo on Brotus Clay saying he’s the next Doink The Clown, except Doink can talent (ZING!) Brotus comes down but Show just dismantles him.  Unfortunately no match occurs, just The Big Show taking people apart.  The End.  Yup, that was how Raw ended.  Would have enjoyed a Brotus Clay actual defeat but what can ya do.


~ by ATOM on May 29, 2012.

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