Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: 5/21/2012 guest columnist: 5-Time 5-Time 5-Time WCW Champion: BOOKER T!

What’s Goin ON! It’s the Booker-Man,  The 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, Now can you dig that!? Adam is taking a leave of absence from reviewing Monday Night Raw, and since I’m available, I told A-G I’d hold it down for him.  He’s probably, he’s probably just reeling from what took place last night at Over the Limit and it was over the limit!  I was shocked, I was blowin away by what The Big Show did to my boy, John Cena.  Droppin that WMD on Cena so he could keep his job, The Big Show must have lost his damn mind. Oh my goodness, that family in the Cena gear is still feelin it!

Raw kicks off with a member of my fav-5 John Cena and he was out of his mind ova what that man The Big Show did to him at Over The Limit.  Then John Launinitus crashes Cena’s party all banged up because of what that boy John Cena did to him last night at Over The Limit.  Then The Big Show comes out and says no one cared that he was on his knees begging for his job.  What The Hell!? Big Show should know better than that!  Big Johnny says Show and Cena will fight at “No Way Out”  Now I can dig that!

David Otunga comes out and he wants a fight with John Cena and here we go, pay back is a mutha! Before Cena can put away Otunga Somebody call the PO-LICE because we gotta guys in the ring and Cena is getting a beat down, Curt Hawkins, and uh….Some other guys, ah What The Hell!….Wait a minute here comes Sheamus ho ho ha here we go! That man wants to fight!  Sheamus clears the ring and Big Johnny gives us a main event for tonight John Cena and that man Sheamus will take on 3 guys!? Come on!

Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton:  Randy Orton had control and he was gonna do it until that man Chris Jericho put a beat down on Randy Orton.  Orton gets the win with a DQ but come on man, not like that!  Jericho layed a beat down on Randy Orton and got the job done.

Daniel Bryan vs Kane: CM Punk showed up to do commentary for this match and he reminds me of myself on that mic. Now my boy D-Bry is falling out my fav five even since losing the world heavyweight title.  Last Week he trick that monster Kane to give Punk a beat down and this week what’s good for the goose is good for me!  Kane beats that man down with a chair dawg!

Christian vs Jinder Mahal: Christian is back and he’s defending that Intercontinental title he won from Cody Rhodes and he reminds me of me defending my crown when I was the King.  Christian, my boy picks up the W against Jinder Mahal, you gotta love it!

Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix: Kelly Kelly, oh my god, shucky ducky quack quack! Sop her up with a biscuit, that’s what I’m talking about.  She didn’t have enough to beat Beth who’s too damn strong, you know what I’m saying.  Did you see that Glam-Slam!? Dat Right There!

John Cena/Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger/Lord Tensai(Lumber Jack Match) : Pay Back is a mutha, but not tonight when those Lumber Jack’s get involved dawg.  Lemme tell you right now, those two guys are strong but they can’t take on all these Lumber Jacks!  Cena heads back stage to find show and WHAM! WMD to Cena! This guy right here, this Big Show he can’t be stopped.  Let’s see what happens next week, I’ll see you then, Can you dig that!?

Thanks Book;  Sorry Rosa Mendes didn’t show up, but you can’t win em all.  See ya next week, Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!


~ by ATOM on May 22, 2012.

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