WWE’s Over The Limit: Results

I did NOT watch this months (weeks) Pay-Per-View because…. I don’t have to explain to you! Here are the results.

Pre-Show: Kane vs Zack Ryder: Finally finishing up their hot feud pre-wrestlemania: Kane wins via choke slam, the internet lol’z.

Battle Royal for a shot at the world…..er….intercontinental or US Title: Christian eliminates The Miz for the win…chooses Santino later on TOOOO-NIGHT!

Ghana Git-Got (Kofi/R-Truth) vs Ziggler and Swagger: Winner: Ghana Git-Got. via Trouble in Paradise Ziggler to Death.

Beth Phoenix vs Laylay (Divas Title) Winner: Layla via Stiff as fuck neck-breaker.

Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio: Winner and still champion: Sheamus

The Miz vs Brotus Clay: Winner: Brotus Clay….ugh.

Christian has changed his mind and now wants to face Cody Rhodes

Christian vs Cody Rhodes: Winner and NOOOOEEEEEEWWWW Intercontinental champion: Christian

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk: (WWE Title) I Caught the end of this match and it was fantastic.  The finish was Bryan had Punk in the Yes-Lock and Punk flipped it into a pin and just after the three count Punk began to tap but Punk gets the win.  This feud SHOULD continue.

Ryback vs Camacho:  winner: Camacho….just kidding.  Ry-Berg wins again.

Cena vs Big Johnny: After Cena beats up Johnny for what felt like 6 hours The Big Show came out and punches Cena and Johnny gets the wins.  Super Cena family in the front row is shocked and will be gif’ed for many years to come.  King says it’s the darkest day in WWE history, Owen does a tumble in his grave and that’s the end of the night.   The Punk/Bryan match was awesome, the main event was a steaming pile.  Raw tomorrow, who knows. Goodnight.





~ by ATOM on May 20, 2012.

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