Game of Thrones: Season 2 Episode 7: “A Man Without Honor”

What follows is a recap of the season two, episode seven, of Game of Thrones, entitled “A Man Without Honor”. As we are on the home stretch of episodes this season the tension is thick, the action is swift, and the plot lines are coming to a boil. We will recap all the moves this episode, from Cersei advising Sansa to Jamie bonding with relatives. We will review the choices made and what will come of them from Theon’s cookout to the House of the undying. We’ll also get to watch Jon dig himself a deeper hole during her adventures beyond the wall.

“It’s better to be cruel, than weak” -Theon
Theon wakes to an empty bed, and seems slightly put off by this. He’s obviously a sex stallion and is perplexed at Osha’s absence. He was further shocked to find that his captives: young Bran and Rickon escaped during the night as well, including Hodor. Theon kicks the shit out of one of his men for letting “a halfwit escape with a cripple”. Of course he only gets violent after the man blames him for the escape for having sex with Osha. The violence helps him figure out he absolutely needs to get the boys back calling for the horses and hounds, as if it were a hunt.
Maester Luwin joins them and tries to calm Theon. Theon lets out that he was their (Starks) captive for years and he never ran away. He insists he won’t hurt them when he finds them, then stops and amends that he will hurt them but won’t kill them. Theon also thinks if Robb were coming directly (which he isn’t) his sister will beat him there with more men. Then he goes on to wax poetic: Ned Stark always said 500 men could hold Winterfell against 10,000. Theon, I think Ned Stark is the wrong dude to pick for your “I’m a winner speech”. The hounds interrupt, grabbing the scent. Theon smiles creepily with excitement telling Maester Luwin to not look too grim because this is all “just a game”. OF THRONES! Theon just this once I’m going to give you Westros Player of the week moniker for making said reference.

Next we catch up with said captives in the midst of their escape. Hodor carries Bran, walking with Osha and Rickon while their wolves lead the way. Osha insists they should have brought more food, as Hodor proudly cracks open walnuts for young Rickon to eat. Bran is against the idea, as being the noble great haired honorable Stark, knowing whoever aids them will have to face the wrath of Theon and he does not want harm to come to anyone because they help him. They now happen upon a farm on their lands that Bran reminds us houses two orphans he had sent their earlier this season. Rickon buzzes with excitement and hunger but Bran says if they are tracked there the commoners all could be tortured for information. Rickon seems to see past this and goes on buzzing about the orphan boys that live there now. One of them can climb trees exceptionally well. Osha is laughably a bit affronted insisting he’s never seen her climb. Foreshadowing for a future episode?

Theon, still searching for the boys is growing more upset knowing how bad it will look to others, including his sister and father, that he has lost his captives. They seemed to have tracked them to the farm they were contemplating stopping at earlier in the episode. Maester Luwin cannot get him to calm, in fact Theon seems to grow madder when told to calm. He will whip everyone until he tracks them down, in order to not look like a fool. Suddenly there is a break in prince Theon’s detective case when his first mate finds some walnut shells seemingly left by Rickon/Hodor. Seems like flimsy evidence but Theon comes to a conclusion and sends Luwin home.

Back at Winterfell, once Theon has returned he decides to put on a little show. We never saw what happened after Luwin was forced off the farm. He gathers all of the people, and has Luwin dragged into the courtyard. He tells them all he warned them what would happen to those against him and reveals the gruesome burnt corpses of two small boys. Theon looks back the bodies and reacts as though it hurts a bit to look. Luwin howls in disbelief. I am assuming this is actually the orphan boys from the farm and therefore Theon has truly lost track of Bran and Rickon. But we are left with the dreary thought that this is what Theon has turned into, and I’m afraid so is he.

“You’re a boy who’s never been with a girl.” -Ygritte
Our newest couple of crazy kids, Ygritte and Jon wake up together in the cold wilderness. Jon sleepily cuddles closer into Ygritte, his hand falling on her chest. We see her wake slowly, smile a little and say one of my favorite lines of the night: “Did you pull a knife on my in the night?” This rightfully completely freaks the virginal Jon Snow out. This finally helps Ygritte figure out just how pure Jon Snow is. She is, rightfully, baffled. She wonders his age aloud and calls him boy. She goes on to tease him with words like “Stones” and “bone” for his sexy parts, while he comically unties her violently telling her to quit it.
“I heard they get all swollen and bruised if you don’t use them” Ygritte continues to tease as they begin their trek to who knows where. She also is still curious about Jon and his origins, and his chances at getting laid. She goes down the list asking about if there are female members of the Nights Watch (crows), if the “lads just do it with each other”, or if they at least have some nice sheep to fuck at the wall. No, no and no. “With your hands then. No wonder you’re all so miserable” Ygritte spouts walking slowly. They then get into a spat about each other “freedoms”. This leads to some helpful Wildling back-story linking their story to that of the Native Americans. They were on the land first and more or less were forced on their own “northern” reservation of a kind.
Jon gets real now; using his fathers name saying his blood makes him one of these men as well. This further confuses Ygritte, as now she doesn’t understand why he is fighting her people at all. I don’t think Jon really knows anymore either. With this Ygritte continues the journey leading Jon, instead of him leading her.

Later on while they are still wandering around the tundra Ygritte just can’t keep the silence. She picks up the freedom conversation again which is totally swaying my opinion but Jon Snow just can’t because he’s too Jon Snow-y. When in doubt Ygritte goes back to sex talk insisting she could teach him how to do it. He says he knows how to do it and she snarks back “You know nothing Jon Snow” which is essentially insanely true.

Still walking later on Ygritte keeps up her teasing as the walk, pretending to tell the Nights Watch that her and Jon slept together. She is getting as much joy out of him squirming as the audience is. “What would me poor savage father say” she cracks, even getting Jon to smile a little. He wants none of her though so she turns up the volume dropping words like “warm” and “wet”. Jon reaches for his sword though so she calls him dull stopping her advancement. Right when we expect to continue her tied up March, instead she grabs to rope and pulls Jon down. In haste she now makes her get away, running across the snow. Jon gives chase, again like in earlier episodes but this time she has disappeared. Right when he realizes she’s missing she whistles from above. Jon is stricken as she reveals not only has she gotten away but also he is now surrounded by wildlings. She says he should have taken her while he had the chance. I think he wouldn’t have appreciated finding out he was being watched by tens of wildlings waiting to pounce while he lost his cherry.

“Most girls are idiots” -Arya
Last episode upon Arya’s instruction a man was assassinated right outside Tywin’s room. While this led him to believe someone was trying to kill him, it also leads to one of the better visuals this season – We see more of the spooky but cool Harrenhal. As men are tortured and hung concerning the assassination we see Harrenhal in its decrepit burned state with red Lannister banners clung to the falling walls and towers, as we hear men moaning and dying on the grounds. Tywin watches this out of his window while discussing the assassination attempt with The Mountain. They suspect it was an infiltrator from the “band of outlaws” the brotherhood. As they say this Arya comically walks into frame playing her “cupbearer” part. Ha.
After Tywin sends The Mountain to show the people “what its like to be on the wrong side” him and Arya get another kickass scene. He doesn’t like the plate of food she has fetched but is insisting she eat it. They talk back and forth as Arya gruesomely stares at his jugular seeming to chant at her how easy it would be to just kill this man but we ultimately know she won’t break her character her. Tywin unfortunately is also advancing in his game with her as he catches her in a few of her lies. Her pride is perhaps getting to her, as her lying seems to overlap itself. Arya’s clever mind if proving to be her undoing. For example she pretends to not know what legacy means but cannot stop herself from including her favorite parts of Targaryen history when he tells her about it. Of course the heroic girls.
Arya keeps up the charade though pushing Tywin to truly admire her cleverness. He seems to know she is lying but isn’t seeing the danger in it. In fact he is reminded of Cersei! As a viewer you almost want to stand up and insist this characters cannot be alike – oh but they are! Both a noble ladies with brains and stamina some of the men never dream of displaying. They both will try to get what they want and both often succeed, with nothing but their clever mind. They are both women who know how to play the game in a very manly world. This is further proven later in the episode when Cersei lights her own candles saying she never wants to see her handmaidens again. Tywin admits to Arya he enjoys her but to be careful with her lip/cleverness as he dismisses her. She continues hiding right under the enemy nose.

“A dog doesn’t need courage to chase off rats” –The Hound
A deflated looking sad Sansa attempts to thank the Hound for saving her from being horribly gang raped in the last episode. Instead of the expected conversation, the Hound spouts some bloodthirsty dialogue and some confusing bit about being the only thing standing between her and her king once they are married. Truthfully this is all a bit confusing because I’m not sure exactly what he is trying to tell her. Will he be there to protect her? Listen to Joffrey and beat her senseless? Just when I thought him and Sansa might have more of a camaraderie he goes and tells her “killing is the sweetest thing there is”. Aww what a panty dropper.

Later on Sansa is having a nightmare of her near-rape experience except instead of being saved she ends up stabbed in the face. She pops up from her bed, anxiously sweating. Right when I want to lean into the TV and tell her everything is okay because it was all just a dream Sansa realizes she has woken from her nightmare into a real life nightmare. During the night she has gotten her period. “Oh no” She says seeing a blood of red in the center of her bed. She wastes no time and lunges for a knife to literally try to cut the red out of her bed. Shea enters looking confused at Sansa near hysterical knifing of her bedspread. Sansa tells her the bad news: Now she is ready to bear the king children and so the queen mustn’t know. Shea agrees immediately saying they must try to turn her bed over. They rush but are caught as another handmaiden enters. She inspects the scene and leaves, most likely to tell the queen. Shea books it after her, threatens her with a knife to her throat and makes her promise to not tell anyone what she has seen. As we all begin to breath a sigh of relief we find it was all for naught. As Shea gets back to the chamber Sansa is crying on her bed while the Hound stands looking at the bloodstain. Busted.

Now found out Sansa has the worst post-period conversation ever with Cersei. This blows mine with my father right out of the water. However Cersei is ten times nicer and better than in the past conversations. She makes the understatement of the year here: “Joffrey has always been difficult.” HA! Cersei than compares what Joffrey’s lack of love with not the ex-king Robert but Joffrey’s birth father Jamie. Is Cersei just over tired these days? Or is she just accepting that everyone sort of knows what she has done? She makes sure Sansa knows that Joffrey will not show her the same devotion her dear brother/lover has shown her. Perhaps Cersei sees more and more of herself in Sansa, telling her she may never love the king but she will love his children. Sansa of course freaks reinforcing that she loves Joffrey with all of her heart because she knows that is something that should keep her at least alive (opposed to dead like her father). Cersei goes on to share some horrible advice: “The more people you love, the weaker you are”. Between her and Theon we could write an awful advice book. Sansa, ever the child, asks the sad question: “Shouldn’t I love Joffrey?” Cersei tells her she can try with a tortured look in her eyes as if to say: NOT POSSIBLE.

Later in the episode when Cersei is seen lighting her own candles, her and Tyrion have a telling discussion. Stannis is coming and he has more ships than them. Cersei quotes their father, prompting Tyrion to tell her that their father isn’t there and that it is only they and Joffrey. Tyrion bridges the conversation with this into the need for Joffrey to start acting like a king and less like a lunatic. We also find out everyone basically knows about him abusing the whores.  Tyrion insists that if they cant control him and trails off giving the sufficient amount of ambiguity and warning. Cersei looks genuinely upset, asking if he thinks she hasn’t tried. It sounds so futile, because she is admitting that Joffrey will not listen to her. Then she spaces off comparing him to Jamie. Tyrion comically reacts with the best faces. Tyrion gives in to his sister saying Joffrey is less Jamie and more Robert but Cersei admits Robert was a drunken fool but he didn’t love cruelty like the new protector of the realm.
Here is where we get a peek into Cersei’s minds eye: She wonders if Joffrey is the way he is as a punishment for her own infidelity and incest. Punishment for her sins. Tyrion tells her the same bit of advice she told Ned before: That the Targaryen’s wed brother and sister to keep their bloodlines pure all the time. She however notes that that family also has its share of crazies. Finally Cersei just cries while Tyrion looks around awkwardly as if he wants to comfort her but has no clue how to go about it. She looks just as confused with what she wants as well.

“There it is “trust me” – and is it you I should trust Ser Jorah? Only you? I don’t need trust any longer. I don’t want it and I don’t have room for it.” -Dany
I know Dany is a sad mommy, and wants her babies back but girl needs to step back and chill. Xaro is calling a meeting with the 13 because either one of them has taken her dragons or knows who did. Dany barely trusts him but shouldn’t she just let him help her? Where is the harm? He’s not begging her to marry him in return.
Later on Jorah returns to Dany’s side as fast as he can when he hears about the mass killing and missing dragons. She repays him by acting bitchy and sort of in shock. They slightly discuss Doreah who was never found but Dany insist she must be dead – me personally thinks we will see her again. She goes on to babble about not having room for trust, and also doesn’t allow Jorah to get that close to her. But Jorah desperately wants to just help her. She demands he find her dragons.

While looking for said dragons Jorah happens upon the scary lady gaga metal mask woman again. She painting on a nude mans back with animal blood and once again seems to know EVERYTHING about the situation. He wants the dragons to please Dany. He also loves her. Before helping him out with information she asks if he will betray Dany again like he did back in season one. He had traded information about her with Varys so his charges on slave trade were dropped. He says he never will again and we find out the person who stole her dragons is “with her now”. This all is a pointless as we next go to Dany’s location and find she is with the entire group of thirteen.
The spice king doesn’t have them but says the dragon’s death would be for the best because they would only bring death and misery. HA! Points for being the smartest man in the room. Too bad it doesn’t last long as the warlock with blue lips, Pyat Pree, suddenly admits that he totally has the dragons and viewers watch with Dany in horror as copies of Pyat appear to slaughters every member of the group save him and Xaro. It turns on Xaro and Pyat conspired for Xaro to steal the title of King and part of this conspiracy was to steal Dany’s dragons. They seem to want her to join them. They also seem to buy that she is needed to raise the dragons in general. Will Dany allow herself to be used in such a way?  Pyat taunts her as she escapes with one of her lone bloodriders and Jorah. His “pallor tricks” are seemingly less and less lame.

“It’s a good thing I am who I am. I’d been useless at anything else. I’m not well suited for imprisonment. Shocking I know.”-Jamie
A distant Lannister cousin, Alton, is put into Jamie’s cage in Robb’s camp for safekeeping. Amputee lady who is asking for a refill on some of her medical supplies then approaches Robb. Robb wants something out of this too though so he insists she comes with him when he goes to negotiate peace and get her own supplies. She is reluctant but Robb has great hair and insists so obviously she is just going to have to accompany him. Then they shake eyebrows and giggle like little kids. I may have added the last bit in my mind.

Later on that night, Alton is staying in Jamie’s cage. Jamie strikes up some conversation with him making me miss this character in all of his kingslayer glory. They bond as Alton tells of squiring for Jamie when he was younger. Through their monology Alton is getting closer and closer to Jamie. As our sympathies for Jamie are racking up we are reminded of Jamie’s blood thirst and cunning as he kills his cousin as a means for an escape attempt. When a guard comes to check on the noise he enters the cage and must come in close to see the brutalized head of the cousin before Jamie strangles the unsuspecting guard from behind, also ending his life. And with this the Kingslayer escapes.

Later on Lady Starke is informed that the Kingslayer has been caught and we see him being paraded through camp surrounded by men who wants to kill him. The father of the guard he had killed the previous night approached calling for his head, sword in hand. Catelyn intervenes appropriately wishing the same as the man but knowing there was a greater need. As they bicker Jamie smirks on his knees in the mud, just making me wish he hadn’t pushed Bran out the window back in episode 1. Later that night in camp Catelyn and Brienne enter where they are keeping Jamie because she can knowingly see he will most likely not make it through the night. Brienne points out that the men will drink more and who wants to die defending a Lannister. Jamie of course asks if Brienne is a woman and refers to her as a beast (LOL).  They discuss vows and Jamie’s lack of honor, which seems to tickle him. He goads Catelyn further saying he has only been with Cersei sexually so he actually has more honor than Ned Stark (“Old dead Ned”) because he had cheated on Catelyn all those years ago. He used her dislike of Jon to racket up her anger. He used her anger to manipulate her to get more distressed. While keeping her game face on she snidely asks for Briennes sword, as Jamie breaths out in a huff as though he has won.
And scene.

Next Week: Ygritte is dragging Jon Snow to the Lord of Bones boosting his parentage. Will this help or hurt him? Tyrion is scared of losing Shea for fear of someone trying to hurt him. Robb wants to kill Theon. Yara informs Theon that just about everyone wants to kill him. Theon continues to look confused at people who don’t just praise him for breathing. Arya wants to play her third death card just as Tywin wants to leave Harrenhal. Tyrion threatens to hurt Cersei for doing something she is simply beaming about – Perhaps in relation to Shea? We’ll see next week.


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