WWE Extreme Rules: Recap

This will be a quick recap with the results of the PPV, I’ll repost tomorrow with pics and videos….you’re welcome!

Randy Orton vs Kane (Falls Count Anywhere)  First match of the night is the falls count anywhere match which essentially is a different name for every match tonight.  Chicago Street Fight, Falls Count Anywhere, Extreme Rules, all the same match, different name.  I’m hoping Big Show and Cody Rhodes have a “Fight Where Ever You Please match” or a “Rules Be Damned Match” Their stipulation is later to come.  Well what are you gonna do, on to Orton and Kane; No one knows exactly why they’re fighting but damn it, they’re fighting! They brawl into the back room where the wrestlers are watching, and for some reason the Divas run away screaming because they’re not wrestlers anymore.    Ryder decides take the law into his orange hands and attacks Kane because he killed his push a few months ago.  His effort is futile, much like his ring work.  Orton and Kane have a good opening Brawl as they take the action back to the ring.  They exchange finishers but Randy Orton hits in RKO on a chair and gets the pin.  I hope this ends their feud.

Dolph Ziggler vs Brotus Clay:  Match starts with a noticeable “Let’s go Ziggler chant” Chicago is always a fun crowd.  Ziggler does his best to make a Brotus Clay match interesting unfortunately Brotus Clay wins after he head butts Ziggler into the 5th row.  There’s dancing and midgets, I kinda checked out after Ziggler got pinned.

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes (Tables Match):  Big Show sets up a table outside of the ring and starts to climb his big ass into the ring when Cody uses his smarts and kicks Big Show to the outside and he steps down to get his foot goes through the table.  Cody wins!

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (Best 2 out of 3 Falls) This match was fantastic and made me pretty mad that this could have kicked off wrestlemania but instead we got 30 minutes of Flo Rider and MGK.  EFFF! Sheamus gets the first fall when Bryan goes ape shit with kicks to the shoulder.  Bryan then gets the second fall with a Yes Locke to death on Sheamus.  Sheamus gets the final fall with a great looking kick to the face and picks up the win.  Seriously both of these guys brought it and makes me so irritated by the stupid 18 second mania match.

Ryback vs Iron Mike Sharp and SD Jones: It’s two jobbers one Ryback:  Best part of this match was the “Goldberg” chant.  Ryback destroys both guys with vintage Ryback dominance.  Who’s next!? GRRRRR, Smoke. Finish him.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho: Chicago Street Fight:  Jeans and Kick pads to the extreme in this match.  Highlights: Jericho taunts Punk’s family.  Spanish announcers table tomfoolery, reversals, brutality, fire extinguishers and Punk picks up the win. It wasn’t pretty but great match, very entertaining.

Nikki Bella vs Mystery Opponent:  Eve sets up a mystery opponent for Nikki and it’s none other than KHAR…..uh, Layla.  Well Layla looks like Bret Hart in the ring against Nikki Bella.  Layla wins the title via super stiff neck breaker.  Bye Bellas…seriously I think they’re leaving.


Brock Lesner vs John Cena: Extreme Rules Match. This was an incredibly stiff and brutal match.  Lesner just destroyed Cena for 20 minutes, lotta blood and scary spots and then Cena ended Lesner with an AA on to the steel steps inside the ring. After the match  Cena says he’s gonna be gone for awhile, seemed to favoring his right arm, either that or the Marine 3 isn’t gonna shoot itself.

Here’s a clip from Cena’s speech after the match….

Overall:  This was what Wrestlemania should have been instead of all of the bullshit they had to pepper in to please the non wrestling fans.  Great show; a PG rating makes these matches seem all the more shocking…might make for an interesting Raw tomorrow.  See ya then folks.


~ by ATOM on April 29, 2012.

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