Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: 4/2/2012: YES YES YES Edition

Well Wrestlemania 28 is now in the rear view mirror and we move on to bigger and better things and oh did we get bigger and better things this week.  This was one of the better Raw’s in recent memory, maybe the best of 2012 so far, so let’s just jump right in.

First off if you watch Raw this week then you know the real star of the show was that Miami crowd.  They started off a great show by exploding for the arrival (maybe final for awhile) of The Rock who addressed the Miami crowd.  The interesting thing came when he said he has a vision. That vision is once again becoming the WWE Champion.
This news conjures up a few questions: when will he return and who will he face?  If I had to speculate I’m guessing say goodbye until Summerslam, and maybe a title shot, but who will be the champion? Many possibilities, but I think we do need a break from The Rock…atleast I do.  After having a day to sit and stew and listen to
the crowd react to The Rock’s monolog, I think maybe him winning that match wasn’t a horrible move.  I just thought Cena deserved it, but the fans wanted The Rock and they gave the fans what they wanted.

Santino vs Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler: (US Title Match) Yes, gold up for grab, even in a lopsided triple threat I don’t care!  Titles need to be defended, and after Ziggler did crunches over Santino’s dead body and Swagger stuck his fingers up his ass to do push ups, Santino manages to get the win.  After Ziggler and Swagger attempt a beat down King Hippo Funkasaurus comes out to defend his honor.  I smell a smackdown tag match….wait, Teddy’s gone…um….

Lord Tensai vs Alex Riley:  Tonight we saw the return of Matt Bloom aka Prince Albert, aka A-Train now as Japanesse import Lord Tensai. He debuted by beating the holy hell out of Alex Riley until the ref stopped the match.  He looked pretty dominate and I could foresee getting some type of main event style push.  I was impressed but we
still need to see more yet it’s always a fun time seeing Create-a-Wrestler Alex Riley get destroyed.

CM Punk vs Mark Henry: This was a fantastic match and hats off to Punk for doing back to back duty carrying the heavy load on Raw after a brutal match with Jericho the night before.  The crowd was really hot for this match with the “Yes Yes Yes” chants for Punk’s offensive moves  enhancing my enjoyment of the match with the crowd having such a good time and Mark Henry finally back in beast mode. Punk eventually gets dumped over the top rope and gets counted out. After Mark Henry goes temporarily insane and forgets he’s not the champion after a count out he world strongest slams Punk to death outside of the ring.  This gives Jericho ample time to make his way to ring and douse Punk in Jack Daniels.  Then he bottles him with another.  Jericho did slip and fall in the process but the point was across, Punk and Jericho will continue their feud, and good for them. Seriously their Mania match was good but I think a second go at it could be tremendous.

Sheamus comes out to say fella but is interrupted by the return of non other than ALBERTOOOOO DEEEEEL RIOOOOO! Yes, he’s back and right in the title picture against Sheamus.  Although this was superseded by the crowds chants of Daniel Bryan…hear that Vince….do you hear it YES YES YES!

Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston:  This match was super short due to The Big Show showing still photos of Cody’s loss at Wrestlemania and Kofi picking up the win.  Nothing else really important happened so I move on.

The Miz vs Zack Ryder: The Miz is picking up momentum again with a clean win over Ryder who continues to feud with Eve’s lopsided boobies.  Good match though, I’m glad The Miz is moving on as the star of Botchamania and back as a true player in the WWE.

Finally we have John Cena making his way out to a chorus of boos and says he’s never going to change and lash out at the fans.  I kinda like the fact that he’s almost playing into the hands of the fans that hate him and toying and winking at them now.  He’s the biggest heel by being  just an honest good person, it’s really an interesting social experiment.  So Cena finally decided to call out The Rock to congratulate him but he doesn’t get The Rock, he gets Brock.  The arena explodes as Brock Lesner appears on WWE tv for the first time in about 8 years.  This was spoiled for me some what because I decided to hit the dirt sheets Saturday night because I’m an idiot.  Reports everywhere was he was back and I thought he’d come out at Mania so his Raw appearance  did catch me a bit off guard.  Despite that Lesner showing up was pretty cool and it changes everything going forward.  The title picture, Cena, it just adds a ton of excitement.  So Lesner F5’s Cena much to the delight of the crowd and he fade out before they let members of the audience hit Cena with pies to the face on the way out of the arena.  Sorry for being a sap but Cena really had a shit week, with all the fans in the arena wanting every old tyme wrestler to come back and just destroy you.  Oh well, either way, great Raw this week.


~ by ATOM on April 3, 2012.

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