Wrestlemania 28: Review

I am done pointing at the Wrestlemania sign!  Wrestlemania 28 has come and gone and it pretty much went as expected;  Some good, some really good, some head scratching and some terrible.  Lets not waste anymore time and dive right into my review of Wrestlemania 28.

I work till 7:30 on Sundays and this has never been a problem for past Manias but this one started at 7 and I also had technical issues with comcast (I think I may have ordered Wrestlemania 7 or 8 times, we’ll find out if I have to sell my car in 30 days) thus I missed the first hour and had to rewatch it later.  That being said, I’m glad this happened because I probably would have pouted like as asshole for the entire event after the first match.  .

My fiance painstakingly watches Wrestling with me once a year and I planned on professing my undying love for all things Daniel Bryan and how he’s on of the best wrestlers and why, etc.  If I had done that and then for him to get beaten in merely seconds would have been pretty embarrassing. Seriously a squash WWE heavyweight championship match at Wrestlmania is fucking weak! Not to mention disrespectful to those involved, including Sheamus who got a bullshit match.  Needless to say I had to watch this match after I finished the event and my review for the opening match is “fuck you very much”

Randy Orton vs Kane:  Had to catch this match after the fact but it was worth watching.  I’m fine with Kane going over Orton, doesn’t hurt anyone and this feud will push on to Extreme Rules I’m guessing with a gimmick match where if Orton losses he has to wear pants for a month.

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes:  This is the last match I missed and I’m glad I did because I was anticipating this match after last years show stealing performance at Mania by Cody Rhodes.  This match was a little disappointing and not because The Big Show won, I’m cool with that, he earned it, he has tenure and he works hard so him having a strap is fine.  It just didn’t pop off the screen like last years match with Mysterio, it was ok, nothing special.

The Undertaker vs HHH: (Hell in a cell) What a match!  I crapped on the build up to this match each and every week and these two guys threw that crap right in my face.  This match was stiff as hell, it was action packed, exciting, dramatic, and really just a vulgar display of brutality, everything that makes a great wrestling match.  Pepper in JR on commentary (because Fuck you Michael Cole says Undertaker) and HBK selling the fuck out of every near fall and you had close to a perfect match.  I hope Taker can make it to a few more Wrestlemania’s (30 would be awesome) but that’s a pretty selfish thought after watching that guy at his age but one hell of a show every wrestlemania.  If I could dig for one complaint it’s that the Cell was really never utilized, it was just a hype prop in the weeks leading up.  Well done by everyone involved and it really was the match of the night. Also I thought it was a good touch to have HHH go out just like Shawn Micheals did two Wrestlemanias ago and to have all three men walk up the ramp together and embrace was a great moment.

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy:  I went into this match thinking it was an elimination match being that we would get to see each guy in the ring at least once but really it was team Johnny just teeing off on Booker T for 15 minutes and the first pin fall wins it.  This match was a disappointment other although the finish was good and seeing Dolph Ziggler sell a MonkeyFlip by 720 degress and also a friend of mine who doesn’t watch wrestling reacting to Mark Henry throwing Hornswoggle by exclaiming “He just threw that baby!” and I don’t think he was being facetious .   The Miz got the pin fall on Ryder who was as confused as we were as to why Eve was in the ring and continuing that story line into Wrestlemania.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho:  This match didn’t need to last minute stipulation of Punk lossing the title if he got DQ’ed.  This match was supposed to be best in the world vs best in the world and it started with Jericho antagonizing Punk trying to get him DQ’ed but was awesome Jericho smiley villian, but once it was once they abandoned the DQ storyline mid match and it just went balls out.  Counter after delicious counter until finally Jericho tapped out to the anaconda vice.  I’m looking forward to this feud progressing into the next PPV as it really was one hell of a wrestling match and hopefully series of matches.

Cena vs The Rock: Once in a life time; well we can only hope because I was really down on this match.  Don’t get me wrong the crowd was electric and it was exciting finally seeing these guys square off. After all that kinda died down really after the first five minutes of solid wrestling The Rock was gassed and Cena really had to carry most of this match.  Reading all the people bicker on the internet over the Rock and Cena is daunting and I really don’t have a dog in the fight so I think I can be biased by saying Cena should have won that match. Let me use a better example, I drag my friends and fiance who are NOT wrestling fans to watch this with me and it was clear to them that Cena was the better wrestler and should have picked up the win.  With no dog in the fight they saw what I saw which was a ring rusted veteran get carried through a match by a guy who was head and shoulders better than, but the crowd is just sick of him.  Politics aside isn’t that what it’s all about? I guess factors like Miami and The Rock’s ego probably got in the way, but whatever.  If there is more planned for this then I’ll admit I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that this is pretty much it for The Rock for awhile.  The only possitve this lose will have for Cena is if it helps him evolve his character in some shape for form.  We shall see.

Aside from matches, here were some things that happened that were good and terrible.

Good: JR coming back for Hell in a Cell, Cole put aside the annoying Heel commentating and just called the matches.  The production value was great and Sun Life Stadium looked awesome.

Terrible: Flo Rida, MGK, Brotus Clay’s dancing Mamas, all the backstage segments.

It’s not because I’m out of touch with music (i am) but the crowd wasn’t too happy with any of the musical acts either and really we could have had an actual World Heavy Weight Title match instead of Flo Rida on a Light Cycle. By the way, I hate you for riding a light cycle.

Overall: a few head scratching missteps aside it was a very entertaining wrestlemania, can’t wait to see what Raw has in store as we turn the page on a bunch of story lines and start a new. see ya tomorrow!


~ by ATOM on April 2, 2012.

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  1. Cena lost was astonishing he didnt believe it

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