Wrestlemania 28: Preview and Predictions

I’m standing in front of my computer screen pointing at that logo above, and that could only mean one thing…..

The Grand-Daddy of em all, The Superbowl of Wrestling, The Showcase of The Immortals, This is Wrestlemania! Here we are and the road to wrestlemania has reached Miami! We are just days away from what I believe will be one of the better Wrestlemanias of the past few years, despite some stagnant build up. The card is pretty stacked, there’s anticipation for a handful of these matches, mainly because all we’ve seen is talking over the past 4 weeks and what I believe is too much focus on the past.

I’ve mentioned this before in many of my Raw review but the WWE and it’s fans need to let go of the past.  When you look at the 3 big matches on the card it’s filled with stars from the 90’s that aren’t having the impact the WWE had hoped while rising stars are stuck in gimmick tag matches. Every time the WWE takes 1 step forward they slowly take 2 steps back.  Ok well that aside let’s take a look at the card and I’ll give some opinions and predictions on the event to get you ready for this years Mania.

Randy Orton vs Kane

This is a thrown together feud that really doesn’t hold much weight with fans because of how shoe stringed this was put together.  Maybe the injury to Wade Barrett could have taken away a possible Orton and Barrett Wrestlemania match,  we’ll never know I guess.  I was excited for Sheamus when he won the Royal Rumble but since then he hasn’t done anything to get me excited for his title match and I think since it’s mania Orton should be fighting for the title, not in a throw away match with Kane. I’m not even the biggest Orton fan, but he just generates more excitement in a title match at Wrestlemania. In fact Kane should be doing something more exciting, or retiring, not this.  As you can see I’m down on this match, why not build this feud more and give the match a gimmick (Buried Alive, Inferno, Flag Pole Match, Gravy Bowl Wrestling) instead of a straight up singles match.  All that aside, Orton brings his A-game to Mania and this will be a decent but like I said, forgettable match.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show (For The Intercontinental Title)

On the flip side of the Orton/Kane match, the WWE has done a great job building this match between The Big Show and Cody Rhodes, with Cody coming out all the better from this feud and more than likely this match.  Cody Rhodes is becoming one of the best heels in the WWE and The Big Show as popular as he is should put Cody over and keep the losing streak alive at Mania.  It’s tough to get a good match out of Big Show because of his limited skills but I think Cody can squeeze a good match outta show.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Beth Phoenix and Eve vs Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

I’m down on this match because if creative wasn’t so busy writing “Girls farting is funny” they could have been building a match with Natalya and Beth for the Divas title, instead we get this shit.  Beth should smash Maria “Hey by the way I’m from Boston” Menounos’s face into a jelly but that won’t be happening at Mania, Celebs almost always go over in these matches.

Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy:

Control over both shows should feel like a big deal but it doesn’t, it’s a tired trope in the wrestling world.  Despite that, this match features most of the guys we see on a weekly basis that deserve a spot on the Mania card and should be a fun match.  It’s more fun having a heel in charge thus team Johnny will go over, hopefully with Ziggler getting the final pinfall.

Winner: Team Johnny

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Title)

This is one of the matches I’m truly excited for; two up and coming stars trying to put their own personal stamp on Wrestlemania and funny enough last years Wrestlemania’s Dark match. These two guys squaring off doesn’t have that personal vibe to it that these guys hate each other but maybe they don’t need it.  Both guys have been rolling as of late, Sheamus since winning the Royal Rumble has been almost unbeatable and Daniel Bryan has established himself as one of the best heels in the company and a damn good wrestler.  This is the toughest match to call a winner because Bryan has been champion for awhile and I could see him drop the belt to Sheamus who’s on a push but it really could go either way.  My gut says Sheamus but my heart says YES YES YES!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho: I’m convinced that this match will bring the house down because these two guys strive to have that show stealing match at mania and have all the tools to do just that.  It’s a shame that the WWE title won’t be spotlighted in the main event, but I get it, The Rock and Cena is a much bigger deal, Yet I have no doubt this will be the better match.  Picking a winner is tricky though, I see these guys taking their feud past Mania for the next few months.  Punk chasing the title is a lot more entertaining, so I could see Jericho doing something underhanded and walking out of Mania the WWE champion.

Winner: Chris Jericho.

The Undertaker vs Triple H (Hell in a Cell)

There’s already rumors swirling that HBK and Triple H are going to build toward a match at next years Wrestlemania, and regardless if that’s bullshit, there’s no reason Taker should lose this match.  When The Undertaker’s steak finally comes to an end at Wrestlemania it should be at the benefit of a current wrestler, not a semi-retired 7,000 time Champion who pretty much runs day to day operations who may or may not be on TV the next night.  This will be a decent match with a muddled ending involving HBK.

Winner: The Undetaker

John Cena vs The Rock:

I’m crossing my fingers for a Rocky IV scenario with the Miami fans playing the part of the Russian’s and Cena as Rocky.  Once again this match is fun to speculate a finish because people seem to be split 50/50 on who’s going to win.  Not who they like, because most people seem to be favoring the Rock, but whether he puts over Cena at Mania remains to be seen.  It’s really quite a conundrum because let’s face facts, the fans want to see The Rock win, but the company wants Cena to win.  Cena wins and people WILL be disappointed, but the fact is he deserves the win, not The Rock.

As far as wrestling goes, I’m also undecided on weather this will even be that great of a match.  The Rock will more than likely have some ring rust and Cena who I think is good does have a limited move set and who knows how much chemistry these guys will have in the ring together.  One thing I can predict is Miami will be unglued for when these two guys tie up.  Pick a winner????

Winner: John Cena

So these are my mania picks and I predict over all this will be a very entertaining Wrestlemania.  Everyone enjoy Mania and check back Monday for a full review.  Happy Wrestlemania everyone!


~ by ATOM on March 29, 2012.

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