Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: 3/26/2012 I Just Big Show’ed this Review Edition.

This will be a quick run down with minimal fart jokes and dismissive wanks because my time this week is short and I plan on doing a Wrestlemania preview this week, so here are the video highlights of what happened this week on Raw.

Kane/Daniel Bryan def: Orton and Sheamus. Bryan uses the 90 pound insanely gorgeous human shield AJ for the pin on Sheamus.

Santino def David Otunga: Otunga’s tiny team Johnny Shirt is no match for the Cobra and the Team Teddy flag.  Also Miz joins team Johnny; there goes my prediction of a face turn.  Maybe next year.

Kelly Kelly def Eve in what resembled a wrestling match…sorta.

Cm Punk vs Christian: Punk goes Cobra Kai on Christian after Jericho reveals that CM Punk’s parents weren’t married when he was born, making him the bastard son of the North.  Punk throws a shit fit and knocks Christian’s hair back to normal.  One more week and Jericho is going to reveal that CM Punk was held back a grade in elementary school and Punk just rips out Epico’s skeleton.

Big Show def Primo.

This is easily the best part of Raw this week….not Big Show killing the tag-team champions, no it’s Cody Rhodes turning The Big Show’s name into a verb, because he’s a boss.

Mark Henry vs Kahli: I forgot who won this, does anyone really care?  Turns into a brawl and he find out Booker T is on team Teddy, Booker deserves a mania payday, I’m cool with that.

Cena schools rock on the mic one last time before Mania, if you disagree you’re doing it wrong.

Well the WWE has built and built to mania and here we are 5 days away; I’ll give you all my predictions and previews later on this week, keep an eye out.  I don’t know about you but I think this is a solid card and I’m pumped for Mania, see ya then!






~ by ATOM on March 27, 2012.

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