Movie News and Boobs! Avengers, Bill and Ted 3 and more!

We’ll get to the boobs later, first check out some links.

Couple links I wanna share on a slow news week this week courtousy of

First is a story about the green lighting of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 3:  Out of all the rumored revived properties floating around Hollywood this is the only one I really want to see.  For reals and things. I think this would be fun where to see what happened to these two characters.  (No one wants Fat Old Ghostbusters!)

Both actors are said to be on board and the script has been turned in by the original writers. The whole story is below.

Avenger’s Trailer Deconstructed: If you haven’t seen the new Avenger’s Trailer stop reading this, go to itunes or youtube and watch it….go ahead I’ll wait.

Awesome right!?  Well IFC did a detailed breakdown of what you just watched.  I’ve been pea-cocking about how the Alien invasion is Skrulls a Marvel Universe shape-shifting Alien Race until this past weekend when someone put me in my place and made me realize that Fox owns Fantastic Four which inturn owns The Skrulls (I Guess).  How convoluted and irritating is that.  I Guess It’s probably Frost Giants, but whatever.

10 Minutes of John Carter: I watched the first 10 minutes of John Carter of Mars  and I was pleasently surprised.  The trailers haven’t really made my socks go up and down but this opening clips makes it seem like a fun action-adventurer.  The problem I had with the trailers is it was kinda looking Attack of the Clones’esk CGI mayhamy.  Well since it’s the first summer/spring blockbuster I may say what the hay and check it out.

Now I know I said boobs and I’m a man of my word and in honor of the return of Community on March 15th (Next Thursday at 8 on NBC…fuck The Big Bang Theory) I Give you Alison Bree


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