Monday Night Raw: 3/5/2012: Live and In Living Colour Edition

This week you’re getting a Monday Night Raw Live on a Tuesday retrospective Report of the week best edition.  I’m obviously a fan but to be honest I’m not a huge live wrestling guy, it’s always a 50/50 challenge.  Much like football, I think Wrestling translates to TV much better and a lot of variables come into play which will determine your experience such as strength of the card, the crowd, who you’re attending the show with, etc.  Well to cut to the chase I had a good time, it was a solid show and I’ll do my best to recap and review last nights Raw from the TD Garden in Boston.

Dark Times:  The first match was “Hey let’s get some food and some drinks” which is poor on my part but seriously it was a Great Kali match, so no one cares.  Kali head chopped some fool, I had shitty garden food, talked to some dude in a BWO shirt about the time Sabu ripped down the ceiling at the Wonderland Ballroom in 97, and my buddy was the only person in the history of ever to have a glass of red wine during a taping of WWE Superstars. I checked, it’s ever.

So here’s a twist, the BEST match of the night was the second Superstars match: Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston.  We attempted to a “Lets go Eagles” chant for Kofi, doesn’t work so well in the bleachers.  A good point was brought up, does Kofi get a hometown pop in Ghana West Africa?  For obvious reasons, both these guys can go.  Ziggler took a monkey flip and did a 450 in the process.  They had a ton of near falls and Kofi busted out a new finisher and got the win.  Crowd was hot for a dark match, it was pretty cool.

So Raw opens with HBK coming out to a really big pop and it reminded me the last time I saw HBK live was Wrestlemania 14, and it reminded me of a Raw that I missed where at the Garden where HBK beat Shelton Benjamin in what was one of the best Raw matches I’ve ever seen.  So HBK and Boston has some but not a ton of history and the crowd reacted well.  Triple H followed right behind him and didn’t get as much of a pop from the crowd but positive non the less.  To be honest my section was pretty rowdy before rowdy was cool and I couldn’t hear much of the promo besides “Special guest referee” out of HBK and that puts the final pieces together for the Triple H/Undertaker match for Mania.  I’m pretty ambivalent about it, sure it creates drama for the match but I’m not super excited about the potential of a non-clean finish.

Jack Swagger vs Santino:  What’s this thing they’re fighting over …The United States Championship…never heard of it.  Anyways, Swagger with Vicki, Dolph, Mr. Excitement and David O’Tunga in his corner takes on Santino with Teddy Long, Kofi, and Aksana in his corner have a match for the US Title.  Say what you will about Santino but the facts are the facts; he’s over with the crowd, he’s respectable in the ring and he’s generally pretty entertaining.  Some people hate the comedy wrestling but I’m not one of those people and I think it actually ramps up the drama when a guy like Santino gets put in a pressure cooker situation like Elimination Chamber and US Title Matches.  So this match helped the Johnny Ace/Teddy Long feud but it also helps the US title because Santino won and the place was unglued.  Good for Santino.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

We’re then treated to the first of three Rock History Lessons with a Boston theme.  These were actually legit funny, people in the crowd were eating it up.

<iframe width=”460″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

What was funnier was watching Alicia Fox being introduced during the commercial break, no one making a sound and then having to stand there while everyone watched The Rock’s promo.

Alicia Fox vs Eve:  Eve got some hoe’ski heat but ultimately people headed for the aisle during this match, sorry ladies.  After the match Ryder poked his head out of the curtain to a pretty good ovation sporting a cane…because of Kane (DERP!)

Sorta depressing to see him limping around a storyline injury which kinda cooled his popularity a bit.

Next were stuck with a Cena promo of him lamenting inside an empty TD Garden.  It was hard to make out what he was saying but it didn’t matter cause once he mentioned the patriots perfect season for some good awful reason, the train was off the rails at that point. “THEY CANCELED THAT SUPERBOWL YOU ASSHOLE!” The crowd was unhappy with the amount of pre-taped bullshit.  I know I’m not the average WWE fan but I actually showed up to see wrestling.  I know promos are a big part of the story which is why I had no problem with the opening of the show, but fuck at least act this shit out inside the ring.

CM Punk/Sheamus vs Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! YES! People I like doing things!  What stuck out for me was Y2J still gets a pretty decent pop and my section were all pretty pumped for Daniel Bryan.  The match itself was pretty good and got you pumped for what’s to come at wrestlemania with all 4 guys.

The Rock Paul Revere Promo:  The Rock, now with funny hats.  Again this is good but….

<iframe width=”460″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

The Miz vs The Big Show:  I’m not sure what The Miz did to who but boy is he being treated pretty bad.  The bottom line is he’s a talented guy and he showed it all of last year, and who knows maybe there’s a plan intact but right now he looks like shit.   Again my section popped for The Miz when his music hit but man I’m starting to feel bad for him.  Needless to say, after Cody Rhodes finished his funny Big Show Wrestlemania moment Show just squashes The Miz and is showered by boos.  (from us, that was about it)

R-Truth vs Kane: File this under why is this happening and nobody seems to care.  It was an ok match, I enjoy both guys in the ring but it seemed to lack a point until Orton came out and attacked Kane.  Will Orton be embracing the hate on the grandest stage of them all.  I’m sure he’s hoping otherwise, once again getting John Cena’s sloppy seconds.

Cena and The Rock square off to close the show and it’s the weaker of the last 3 weeks but in my opinion when their together Cena gets the better of The Rock verbally. The place popped for The Rock all night but really Cena began to sway the hostile (hometown) crowd by the end.  Cena is smart about it too, he’s pulling a B-Rabbit and just pointing out the obvious flaws in his character and gives The Rock nothing to work with.  I’m beginning to imagine a world where wrestling fans (especially internet fans) have no choice but to RESPECT John Cena for keeping up with The Rock verbally and then out wrestling him in the ring.  People crap on the 5 moves of doom but the fact is Cena can go and I think him and The Rock will put on one hell of a show at Mania.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave before the dark match (Garden farts) So I missed Cena/Punk vs Kane/Jericho but I heard it was extremely short, that was the only detail.  So still nothing for Ziggler, Kofi, R-Truth, and The Miz for wrestlemania, no clue if Christian, Del Rio and Henry are going to back up Johnny Ace on his team, but it’s still a ways away.  See ya next week playas!


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