The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 9: Triggerfinger: Review

This week on The Walking Dead we got nothing out of the ordinary: Slow narratives. Gratuitous gore. Odd plot choices. And intense character dedication to becoming horrible shadows of what they once could have been on this show. Within the following I will recap what went down, and pollute it with my opinions and criticism.

This episode picks up on the one plotline I’m going to forever pretend did not happen: Lori waking up in her wrecked car. This scene can also be known as “way too dark to effing watch”. It is ominous enough, with a vicious Zombie obviously smelling Lori (she probably smells on bad decisions and pouty faces).  Instead of Lori getting horribly mauled like I wanted we got her getting some half assed heroics in saving her own stupid ass.

Rick, Glenn and Hershel are right where we left them after Ricks big shooting last week. Hershel is of course suddenly completely sober but Rick’s accent is still undecided so I guess I shouldn’t focus on silly expected details like that. This scene, like the other is also terribly dark. Any cool violence or gore is entirely too dark to actually appreciate therefore cancelling out anything in these scenes – unfortunately they take forever (as this shows pacing is shit) so we are forced to endure hoping for some desperate move forward.

A gang of strangers arrives looking for their freshly dead friends – in the bar with Rick. They get mega-quiet, which is logical but then Rick completely pulls an about face from his “hard” decision last week and informs said gang of strangers that their friends are actually dead but that he meant no harm. These characters are so dumb. Really, where is the smart lying? Rick you mind as well casually ask them to not hurt your family and then slyly give out Hershel’s farm address. This is on the same level as walking in the dark room in a horror movie saying that you will be right back.
Of course the gang of strangers starts shooting because, unlike Rick and friends they are logical and expectantly vengeful as Rick would have been in a cross situation. This shot out could have been cooler if I could have seen anything more than panicked breathing and gunshots. Thankfully the zombies come to the rescue as they usually do in my opinion. They show up turning this tense standoff into a sure fire zombie ho-down.
Hershel, suddenly using a gun, is seeing the devastation he has missed throughout this whole mess as a bunch of zombies chow down on one of the wounded strangers. Hershel did shot this man in self-defence of Glenn but why didn’t he attempt to put him out of his misery? To not draw attention to himself? Confusing especially when he recommends to shoot another stranger who is severally wounded.

As the zombies arrived the strangers decided to pull out and fast. One of their rooftop gunmen missed his mark and ended up with his leg impaled on a pointy petal fence, which is a horrible thought. His friends leave him, yet Rick suddenly with a completely new set of moral rules and a brand new white hat wants t save him. My question is, is this because of buried guilt from him shooting the other men in general? Or is this just poor writing? Anyway, Hershel wants to just put the boy out of his misery, which is probably the best choice ultimately but Rick wants to save him and wants doctor Hershel local veterinarian to save him. Hershel’s next course of action then is amputation, which made me simultaneously punch myself in the face. Why did the writers bother with the amputation tease? Was this just for a pointless tension build? It was a lovely quick tensiony pie but it was ultimately unfounded and therefore completely pointless.

Around now everyone back the farm finally noticed Lori was missing only due to them noticing family dinner was an actual joyful event.  Shane left right away to get her crazy ass, and he lies to get her back to farm instead of continuing her stupid journey into town to… what was her goal again? She wanted to bring Rick home. What was her carless wounded ass going to do? I hate this character.
Of course when they get back to the farm she finds out right away that Rick is still not back. She spazzes while everyone listens intensely – which I don’t buy. I don’t think these people would give a shit about her baggage at this point after traveling with her as they have.
Shane then essentially announces to everyone that she is pregnant. Carl is baffled which was adorable until he asked if they could possible name her Sophia. Boy, do I never want to hear that name again. Lori talks privately with Shane, accusing him of being a liar and killing Otis. Good job Lori. Accuse the crazy person in private. Ugh. But of course Shane seems to center his calm a bit around her and lucidly tells her he did it out of love for her and Carl. Lori’s face sours at this into a mutated human lemon monster as she tried a new argument. She told Rick everything. Shanes face goes white for a microsecond as a multitude of emotions flash everywhere: Hurt. Scared. Shamed. Guilty. Genuine concern.
I felt this was telling of his obvious feelings toward Rick and their friendship but then Shane comes out with one of his crazier ultimatums: Him and Lori are obviously meant to be. Ugh Lori must be like godlike in the bedroom because who would be this obsessed with this woman? She is not the type of material needed to be the focus of a love triangle. This entire scene was complicated emotionally so of course they cut right away – I mean why would they let Shane come off as anything more emotionally satisfying then an 80s movie villain.

You're Karate Teacher's Shit LaRusso!

We cut back to one of Hershel’s 47 daughters suffering from stupid writing syndrome. Then we see Dale flapping his feathers and bobbing his neck like a jealous Hen hating on Shane to Andrea. Rick and company returns home to this. Group hug!
TDawg, keeping his name in the running for only solid fun character on Walking Dead, gives his all for his one line of the night: “Who the hell is that?” This is in reference to a blindfolded “Randall” who was the screaming leg-stuck-fence stranger that Rick just needed to save. TDawg, be grateful your dialogue is low, trust me, you don’t want these main plotlines.
Glenn and Maggie have a typical pointless dialogue in the kitchen. He is complaining because now that he loves her he is no longer as good as he once was at being mildly okay bait for zombies and other enemies in the like. Of course his logic is poor, I mean, when he froze up in battle early it most likely saved his life as they had a motherfucking sniper on the roof looking to shoot people. When it was happening I wondered aloud what the actual plan was: So Glenn is going firs to the car too…? What? Hide? I just don’t understand this.
Andrea reading my mind approaches Shane as one of his only advertised friends. She is with TDawg on the “not horrible characters” list. She confronts Shane is informs him to stop scaring everyone every time he speaks and maybe he’ll be taken more seriously and less like a live firecracker. Shane seems to appreciate and shares his annoyance with everyone “playing house”.
My question is this them sharing a conspiratorial wink or just for the sake of further separating Shane from everyone so they can kill him off and hope there will be emotional pay off.
Carol, whom I can’t really make up my mind about is focusing on Daryl. Is this out of gratitude, natural weak feminine obedience, or cute butterfly-y crushiness? Carol wants him to come over to the dark side, where everyone is doing what annoys Shane: playing house. He told her to stick it – Awesome! Then apparently he had one of his patented changes of heart as he usually does. Lame!

Next we a treated to a scene which I have to hate by default because it contains just Lori and Rick and we all know when in such close proximity her bad-character-disease infects him as well. They’re getting naked, showing an intimacy that usually lacks between them therefore it seems too staged and less organic, in a roomy tent we’ve never seen before. Lori steps it up announcing that she wants to talk bout Shane. He thinks the baby is his. His is delusional. Dangerous. And he may have killed Otis – which is a plot point I got sick of as being ammunition back when Dale was using it.
Rick responds smartly, that is he killed Otis was more than likely out of a need to protect her and Carl. Lori however twists the reality, either to suit her own needs or the writers (considering I don’t know should speak for itself) to saying that Shane sees Rick much like he may have seen Otis: a lunatic putting Carl and Lori in danger. Cue the glint born in Ricks eye. Fuck you Lori.
And Fuck this show. I’m going home…
See you next week!



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