Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: 2/20/2012: Elimination Chamber Fallout

We’re one day removed from the Elimination Chamber and damn it we want answers!  Maybe that’s a little over dramatic and at a second glance I was pretty OK with The Chamber PPV as a whole, Kane Cena match withstanding.

So we kick off Raw with a back stage segment with Eve talking to the Bella twins about using Zack Ryder to get to Cena so she can use him revealing her true intentions.  Me thinks this would have added a little bit more drama  to last nights Whambulance match thus not making it feel like a complete waste of time.  I know it’s not the most dramatic twist, most of us saw something like this on the horizon, but it’s drama…and The WWE is no TNT, so they need as much as they can get.

Also why is Eve confiding in the Bellas? Maybe this is nit picky but this is like James Bond villain crap, just mouthing off about your plan to anyone who will listen.  Well Cena is standing right behind her as she grovels and pleads that she was kidding, or drunk.

So in the arena we kick off with an unscathed Cena making his way to the ring who I guess rose above hate last night even though I don’t think we’ll ever come away with a definitive point to the Kane/Cena angle, maybe that was the point;  Just fill up a months worth of content until The Rock is done promoting Journey 2: Electric Boggaloo the search for Steve Perry.  This is a good way to separate Cena from this turd as Eve follows him out in hysterics and Cena rips her pretty good, calls her a hoeski much to the delight of the mostly misogynistic crowd.  Way to rise above hate everyone. It’s like I get what Eve did was wrong but in the grand scheme as far as villainous wrestling tropes go that was somewhere around a blind tag and a handful of tights; non the less she gets brow beaten by Cena and the crowd for being a slut;  It was kinda sad and sophomoric and  I even thought Eve did a good job coming off believably upset, maybe she was.  I was excepting an evil Eve, maybe allied with Kane type of thing, not she’s a slut because she kissed John Cena.  Cena calling her a slut and whore is lazy for his character because isn’t he supposed to be a star?  Anyways this is all conjecture because it’s over and we get better Cena in about an hour.

Mark Henry vs Sheamus:  I always thought they missed out on this feud with Sheamus and Henry when Henry was champion and worlds strongest mother fucker.  This match was short but sweet and Sheamus wins with the Bono Kick.  Sheamus has been just floating in obscurity and now that he has a title shot at Mania against Bryan; I hope they heat up a rivalry between the two and it doesn’t go stale before it happens.

Kofi/R-Truth vs Epico and Primo:  Once Truth and Kofi stopped nursing phantom Chamber injuries this match picked up and was pretty exciting because all 4 guys can work.  Truth and Kofi pick up the win and maaaaaybe a title shot.  Do they do those anymore?

Big Zeke vs David O’Tunga:  Thus begins the battle for who will control Raw and Smackdown between Mr.  Excitement or Teddy “6-Man-Tag Creator” Long.  Each guy picked a wrestler from their respected brand and this is the match we get.   The match itself sucked, Zeke was sluggish and rusty and O’Tunga still needs to polish his in ring work but O’Tunga got the win and that made me happy.  David O’Tunga COULD be an effective mid-card heel if he just improves his ring work.  As long as he keeps matching his tie and his mug, he’s gonna be in my fav-5.


The 10 o’clock hour kicks off with The Undertaker addressing a pretty unruly crowd.  I’m not saying The Undertaker is some infallible being that you can’t heckle, but seriously Minnesota; tuck the “What?” in between each sentence tightly up your ass.  It was taking me out of whatever he was trying to get across.  So the point Taker was making was he wants to avenge the “win” he picked up last year at Mania.  Triple H comes out and they go back and forth with H turning him down again.  Taker tips the scales by saying Triple H knows Shawn was always better than him.  Triple H finally snaps and agrees to the match but makes it a Hell in a Cell match.  I’m cool with this, it’s a good way for both of these guys to go out.  This segment was really good even though I’m not much of a fan of either guy. They know their way around a microphone and I found myself all of a sudden excited when Triple H accepted the match.  It’s a wonder how much you can enjoy wrestling when you’re not trying to be the coolest person in the room.

Santino vs Daniel Bryan:  Speaking of enjoying wrestling I’m going to admit that so far in 2012 the Santino/Bryan showdown in the Chamber is the best moment of the year.  The crowd was unglued and it was a really fun way to end the match.  Here its not so fun as Bryan dispatches Santino rather quickly.

Kelly/Aksana vs The Bella Twins: It’s a shame that the night before we got two quality Divas having what felt like something they should be doing every night.  Tonight, it was back to the same old shit.

Cena makes his way back out for a new segment focusing on The Rock and he actually delivered a fantastic promo.  It almost makes me uncontrollably angry because this is what Cena should be doing all the time.  Not trying to be a cartoon or funny corny guy but being John Cena the wrestler, it does wonders for Punk.  In this promo he’s smart, self deprecating, and actually makes some logical points that would be hard to refute by The Rock without throwing out a dumb catch phrase to retort.  His disdain for The Rock seems legit and it should be, as should yours be because he’s absolutely correct.  The Rock is taking everyone for a ride, they know it the back, and we know it as fans.  I’ve stated before and I will continue to, this move is good for current business sure, but in the long run it’s a mistake and it has to be breeding quite a bit of contempt in not just guys like Cena and Punk but everyone.  No one likes being reminded how good the old guys were and how bad things are now which is what The Rock headlining Mania is doing.  As much as I wanted Punk to beat Cena at the 2011 Money in the Bank, I want Cena to beat The Rock at Mania.

Battle Royal for #1 contender at Mania:  I didn’t hate this, but wow was it anti-climactic and really made me hate even more the injury angle from the PPV on sunday.  That being said, this match was pretty brutal.  The big spot that had people talking was The Big Show press slamming Dolph Ziggler out of the ring into Wade Barrett and R-Truth.  Now I’m not the smartest fan but I knew right away that Dolph was fine and Barrett was extremely hurt.  I know it hard to tell with Dolph because of how well he sells but Barrett yelled the “fuck” word and they had to bleep it out and where I’m from, that’s not a sell, that’s the sound of a man with a broken arm.  Needless to say, it looked like guys got pretty bang up all the way through but no surprise Jericho wins and is going to Wrestlemania. Punk walks to the ring and Jericho refuses the code of honor; cause he’s a boss, that’s why.

Tonight’s Raw was good.  I like the fact that they’re giving up 6 weeks of build to Wrestlemania and tonight were all positive steps in the right direction.  I thought the highlight was the Cena promo; it was spot on and really well done.  unfortunately anything he does really doesn’t matter because that crowd in Miami is going to be so pro Rock is going to be obnoxious, to me at least.

Ok no Smackdown review tomorrow because I won’t be able to watch until later in the week and it’s smackdown.  See ya next week Junkers.


~ by ATOM on February 21, 2012.

One Response to “Monday Night Raw on a Tuesday: 2/20/2012: Elimination Chamber Fallout”

  1. Overall I thought Raw was great. I really like that we’re getting a version of Undertaker that is acknowledging that he’s not some supernatural being. It’s like he’s half phenom and half American badass. I also really like the analogy that Taker is looking for someone to take him out. It’s similar to the Hbk/Flair angle from a few years back. It’s like Undertaker is living with the curse that he can’t stop doing what he does until someone is able to best him on the grandest stage of them all. After the beating he took last year he know that Triple H might be the one who can finally lift him of this curse. The other important thing is that I already feel like they could let Triple H win. We all think it’s a done deal that Taker will go 20 – 0, yet the last five years there’s always been that moment when you jump out of your seat at the near 3 count. I’m not saying Hunter is going to win but they’ve already put doubt my mind that Taker will win. Cannot wait for that match.

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