Pop Junk’s Weekly Courtesy Flush.

The Courtesy Flush: Pop Junk’s week in Pop Culture. Just a reminder of what you couldn’t run away from all week, Links, Dinks, What’s coming up this weekend.

The Grammy’s were sunday, here are some of the highlights.

*Adele won a ton of awards, which if you watched any of the coverage leading up to the show it was fairly obvious what was going to happen. Not much mention of Whitney; don’t wanna veer too far from the script.

*Foo Fighters accepted their “Only Rock and Roll Band in the world” award and Dave Grohl gave a great speech about music being organic and how computers are ruining things yadaya: Only to be interrupted by an LMFAO song and later doing a song with a DJ.

*Music is my weakest subject when it comes to Pop Culture, especially R&B or Hip Hop Dub Hop, Robot Talk whatever it’s called today, Hip Hop hasn’t been good since the early 90’s but I digress.  I really thought Chris Brown dropped off the map after he was arrested for beating the bag outta Rihana.  I guess he didn’t and he won a Grammy.  Thank god for second chances (face palm)

The Walking Dead returned from mid-season break to more annoying stupidity by people you should hate.  Sage will be doing a weekly article for The Walking Dead here on Pop Junk.  If you missed the first one, here it is.



*Linsane In The Brain! See I made one too.  The sports world was finally over the Superbowl and got swept up in Linsanity which is a clever (fart) catch phrase that caught on about the young point guard named Jeremy Lin who plays for the Knicks.  This is the actual underdog story the media tried desperately to adhere Tim Tebow with.  The difference is this is the real deal and Tebow was a first round pick, Heisman winner, National Champ, etc.  This kid was undrafted and sleeping on his brothers couch.  Also he’s asian, if you hadn’t heard, which may or may not be a big deal depending on which racist you talk to.

My Favorite line about this came from ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons who related in to wrestling.  He was asked if you can compare Jeremy Lin’s rise to success to the WWE’s CM Punk to which Simmons replied:

“Does this mean Carmelo is going to be Triple H — the egotistical, overrated star who couldn’t handle that something good was happening without him, so he interjected himself into the storyline and ended up throwing a wet blanket on all the momentum?” Simmons writes. “I sure hope not.”

Speaking of wrestling:  Elimination Chamber is this week, which just seems like a speed bump on the Road to Wrestlemania.  Here are my predictions:

Jericho will win the Raw Elimination Chamber so he can defend against Punk at Mania.

Daniel Bryan will win the Smackdown Chamber because he’s vegan.

Kane and Cena:  Cena has crossed the fine of not being a heel, a face, or anything that people really enjoy.  His character is just a mess so please end this angle soon.  Everyone’s trying really hard to make it work which that’s the worst part.  Prediction: Eve will turn heel and help Kane beat Cena in the Whambulance match:  They also may or may not lite Ryder on fire, and pants him, maybe a pie in the face or make him massage his dad’s ass on TV.  The way they’ve just destroyed his character over the last few weeks is astounding.

My new favorite Nic Cage photoshop so far ever this week in the world

Speaking of which I’m betting Nic Cage dominates the box office this weekend with Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of vengeance.  It’s only competition is a rom-com packaged as a thriller “This Means War”  with Chris Pine Tom Hardy and Reece Withorwithoutherspoon. Good cast, movie looks like shit.  The first Ghost Rider was flaming garbage but this one miiiiight be fun because it’s directed by the psychos who made the Crank movies which are fun in a shut your brain down type of way.

Here’s an interesting article about TV show reunion pictures.  It’s fun to see who didn’t show up for the reunion and speculate why. 


I watched two movies this week.  Fright Night which I really enjoyed.


The other movie was “Take Shelter” which was excellent.  Review to come, but this movie delivered on all the positive reviews I had read leading up to it.

Next Week: Won’t be doing any theater reviews cause it’s a cavalcade of crap. 

Next Week on DVD: J.Edgar and Martha Marcy May Marlene; For sure I’ll watch and review the latter but I heard J.Edgar wasn’t very good and I’ve been looking forward to Martha Marcy May Marlene which the summer time…  Or I could just WFT and review Tower Heist. 

Finally: This Saturday is a homecoming of sorts.  Stephie Coplan and The Pedestrians are having their CD release party here in Boston Saturday night at the Lizard Lounge.  They’ve been getting a ton of radio play on WFNX this winter and well deserved. The show is sold out but I will be attending said event…I’ll be the drunk guy starting to old school ECW style Step-hie Cop-lan (clap clap clapcalp clap) chant.

See ya next week Junkers.


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