American Horror Story: Season 2 Casting and Speculation

American Horror Story, as stated in previous posts, is letting its second season essentially start over with new characters, plots etc. This is still highly intriguing to me, as it is akin to cutting the rotten parts out of a banana before giving said banana to the monsters that watch this show. The most important tidbit though was the casting question. We heard some cast members would be returning as new (and hopefully improved) characters. The problem is that many viewers had gotten attached to the Harmon’s, Murder House, and its array of jaded ghosts. The idea of an actor or actress returning was one of the only slices of information keeping (INSANE) viewers from rioting Tumblr streets.

Now we are finally getting some more solid information. A few days ago Ryan Murphy gave me an inkling of a greater hope for season two. It certainly reinforces the notion that now that they done a successful beta test of a season – the next should be bigger, better, and bloodier. I could be wrong. Season two could be Jessica Lange doing old Scarlet O’Hara monologues for 45 minutes for all I know. However, we now have evidence that part of my half-assed guess for the future of the show is at least partially right – and in the best way. Jessica Lange is coming back!


On “Watch What Happens Live” Ryan Murphy shared this joyous news by answering a simple “Yes” when asked about her return. Personally I am hoping for a smaller more gimmicky part for her because for all her luster and talent Jessica Lange is still just that: Jessica Lange. Constance had some of her trademark attributes she can pull off on the big screen. It’s so amazing but it is the SAME amazing over and over.

Was this news as reassuring to you about the future of this horrific delight? The only other cast news I would have welcomed probably MORE would be hearing about the young talented (and sorta gorgeous) Evan Peters coming back or amazing talented scene stealing Zachary Quinto returning. So maybe this news isn’t completely unexpected but just the mere fact that knowing this award winning lovely actress is continuing to lend her name, talent, and spark to this disgustingly great show is quite exciting for its future.


Other news revealed –for sure- by Ryan Murphy was the non-hope for any of the Harmon family to return. This news works as well for me.  Mrs. Coach really got punished enough for her femininity, strength, weakness, and sexuality during the first season. I do not think Connie Britton would be prepared for another season of that nonsense. As for Violet-Tarissa: She is amazingly talented but young. For a television show that didn’t just push the envelope but stripped it, and sodomized it with a fire poker, she simply is missing the freedom to be more (for complete lack of a better term) horrible. Maybe I am still jaded at her fully clothed post-sex with Tate. I did not understand how she could chain smoke, grab crotches, and swear like a trucker and then seem completely inhibited. It just oddly threw me. Essentially if she wasn’t angsting out of her ass, or sobbing I was uninterested.  I may miss Ben though. His sobbing was also much loved on my part, as well as his lack of luck and poor moral decisions. He was horrible and it was sort of amazing. Bye Ben and your travel fedora.




Another lovely reveal is the location of season 2 being on the East Coast and taking place at a “horror” institution.  As a resident of Massachusetts I can only conjure up imagine of the famed but now gone Danvers State Hospital. If the new locale is anything like that piece of disturbing beauty, I may just die from pleasure. My cold dead heart will beat again and grow in size and start producing little packets of happiness to hand out on the street for free.

This is one of the times I wish time travel were possible for the mere fact of watching a television show because my patience is wearing thin.




~ by ATOM on February 10, 2012.

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