Before Watchmen: If You Smell What The Comedien is Cookin?

Movies go comics; Now comics go movies.  Movies have been using comic books brightest and best to make them money.  It would seem the comic book industry is taking a hard look at some trends in Hollywood and doing the same to make some cash.  I have a pretty rational understanding about why Hollywood functions in its current tread of remakes, reboots, prequels and sequels, it sucks but I get it.  A movie with a built-in audience and brand recognition generates more revenue than having to build a product from scratch which by today’s standard of media saturation is incredibly difficult.  Everything has become so watered down in Hollywood but they’re making big money by reviving dormant franchises and DC comics is resurrecting one of its most famous and controversial products in The Watchmen. Now before I overreacted to this and gave a knee jerk reaction I decided to let it sit for a while before I made a choice whether I was in the “leave it alone” camp or “I can’t wait” and I guess I’m not in either.  Just like when your parents found all those dead cats in your closet, “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

DC doing “Before Watchmen” is akin to the WWE having The Rock headline Wrestlmania this year.  Will I buy it; Of course! Will it make the company money? Boat loads.  Will it be interesting? Sure it will.  The problem is you won’t realize the negative return on it until it’s too late.  By doing this you’re not progressing forward, and subconsciously telling your audience that “we don’t have any new ideas” and things were better back in the day.  Resurrection is just duct tape on a leaking ship.  Will bringing Jean Grey back to life be exciting for comic book fans, I’m sure some people will enjoy, but it’s not going to bring in any new fans, and isn’t that really what a fledgling medium needs. 

For “most” comic book fans the holy grail of comic books is a shared throne between “Watchmen” and “The Dark Knight Returns.” As it concerns “Before Watchmen” I’ve waited for someone smarter than me to make the “It didn’t work for The Dark Knight Returns” argument and since I haven’t heard it, I guess I’ll take a stab at it.  Frank Miller rebooted The Dark Knight returns in a sequel called “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” and it was met with mostly negative reviews.  To put it bluntly, The Dark Knight Strikes Again sucked and was a total disappointment.  All the elements were there, Frank Miller….Batman….and yet it didn’t seem to work.  Sure it sold well and made DC some heavy paper, but ultimately it didn’t work.  There was just so much to live up to that it didn’t deliver, mostly because there wasn’t much story to tell after how epic a story we were treated to in The Dark Knight Returns. 

That’s my take on it, I’m stepping off my soap box and I’ll just be reporting details on the project as they drop; Starting here with some of the art work that has been released thus far. 


~ by ATOM on February 9, 2012.

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