Rubbernose Review: Winter Soldier #1

Hey it’s that time again for another edition of the Rubbernose review. This week it’s the eagerly awaited, ongoing series Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice. First, I would like to go back a ways and change my outlook on Butch’s art because well frankly… I think I was on drugs giving it a poor grade. As I read this issue it seemed to come to life and was very detailed and realistic. Ok so now on to the review… This story focuses on Bucky and the Black Widow tracking down KGB sleeper cells in the U.S. As they track down one they realize the stasis tube is empty and one of the sleepers is awake. This triggers memories for Bucky as he was in the very same position decades ago. Then they get the news from Sitwell that someone is buying the locations and activation codes of the Sleepers on the black market. So presumably a KGB agent has been calling under cover Soviets living in the U.S. and having them extract the sleeper cells from the stasis tubes. As Natasha and Bucky get the word on the location of another sleeper cell they find themselves confronting an army, but it was too late the sleeper cell was extracted and a Giant Fucking Gorilla starts firing at them yelling in Russian “Death to America”. Turns out the gorilla belonged to Red Ghost, an ex soviet super scientist who in turn is working with Madame Lucia Von Bardas, the ex prime minister of Lateveria. So now we know who has been orchestrating all of this. She happens to be the one buying the locations and codes for the sleepers and awakening them so they can hopefully destroy Doctor Doom, because they’re perfect killers. Dun Dun Dun…. This story really made my bowtie spin and Brubaker is one of the greatest Cap writers in history. The art makes it so it looks like you’re watching a god damn action movie! I like the whole Cold War era theme of this book concerning sleeper cells. It’s also narrated by Bucky himself and it really focuses on his memories of being just like one of the sleepers in the past. The team of Bucky and Black Widow work well together, it’s a good partnership and the way Brubaker writes them makes you really get attached to the characters. This book started off strong and is definitely on my pull which is shrinking, so you know this book is good. So pick it up, have a good read, and remember to Stay RubbAh!

Story- A
Artwork- A


~ by ATOM on February 3, 2012.

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