Pop Culture News and Boobs.

Wonder Woman won’t die: Director Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher, Bronson, Drive) is pushing to make a Wonder Woman film and word is the success of his remake of Logan’s Run will dictate weather he will get to make said project.  His rumored pick is Christina Boobs Hendricks which makes sense because she was in Drive and has giant cans.  Studios and horny nerds are pushing for Gina Carano who recently starred in Haywire.  Carano has been asked publicly about playing Wonder Woman and she’s open to it, saying her favorite Superhero of all time is Hancock. (face palm) Yeah that’s my favorite comic too.  I’m indifferent on this topic because I don’t think this movie will happen.

No Used for you: X-Box 720: No official word from Microsoft but it’s a strong rumor that when the X-Box 720 (or Nextbox) hits shelves in a few years you will not be able to use a used game with the system.  I’m not sure the logistics of it but it makes sense that they’d go for this.  It started last year when companies were making you pay for online play so you’d buy the game new but it didn’t really make a huge impact.  This will will not make a financial impact for microsoft because people will just buy less games or make people more inclined to pass on the product all together and stick with Sony.

Marvel Movie News: The Nick Fury movie is picking up steam and all but confirmed in an interview by actor Neal McDonough who played Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America.   There’s two Untitled Marvel projects with release dates, one is a lock to be Captain American 2 and there’s rumors that the other is Doctor Strange or Fantastic Four, but the big money is on Nick Fury.   If it’s true this movie will be out in 2014, after Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2 and I’m saying this now, after The Avengers movie, interest in these flicks is going to be waaaay down.

More Walking Dead Season 2 promos.


~ by ATOM on January 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pop Culture News and Boobs.”

  1. Fantastic Four is still being developed at Fox. Pending big numbers for “Chronicle” the director of that will be getting the keys to that kingdom. I think there’s a good chance the after Avengers we will start getting the short film feature for characters like Dr.Strange, Luke Cage, Nick Fury, and The Punisher. Essentially they would be 15 min movies that would introduce us to these characters. I think Edgar Wright is still working on a treatment for Ant Man. This should be interesting post Avengers.

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