2012 Royal Rumble Predictions

Time for some backseat booking and predictions for this Sunday’s WWE Pay-Per-View “The Royal Rumble”  The Rumble is hands down my favorite of all the Pay-Per-View events; If Wrestlmania is The SuperBowl, then Rumble is wild-card weekend.  There’s a lot of craziness and unpredictability that goes along with it and ultimately paves the way for what will happen at Mania.  Last Year I was live at the Rumble in Boston and it was a great event, actually eclipsing Wrestlemania and Elimination Chamber.  I’m sure that point will be debated but there were a ton of surprise appearances and some great wrestling at last years Rumble and lets hope this year continues that trend.

What’s good about The Royal Rumble event is you get high caliber matches as the opening and precursor to The Royal Rumble match itself.  This year what I see as the opening match will more than likely be the Steel Cage (Fence) match for the WWE World Heavy Weight Title.  The story leading up to this match is the heel turn of Daniel Bryan.  His feud with The Big Show started when he used the money in the bank to capture the title, leaving The Big Show bitter and with the shortest title reign in history. (43 seconds)  From then on Daniel Bryan began to change face as the fans started to turn on him, he’s become more arrogant doing whatever it takes to keep his title and that persona has gotten over much more than the underdog baby face.  So after Daniel has used his girlfriend AJ to get run over by The Big Show as a way out of a match, or running away from Mark Henry during a lumber jack match, everything has come down to a triple threat cage match between The Big Show, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry.

Winner: Daniel Bryan:  I don’t know if he’ll still have the strap at Wrestlemania but I think he makes it out of the rumble with the title.  This type of match is perfect for him because him pinning Big Show or Henry is unlikely, but him escaping the cage to win is essentially how he’s been dodging these guys for the last month.

Cena vs Kane: I want to care about this match but I don’t.  Everything with Cena right now is fodder until he restarts his program with The Rock in another Month.  The writers have done a decent job with the set up between Kane and Cena although delivered poorly wirth the inclusion of Zack Ryder and three weeks of shitty acting.  So Will Cena embrace Hate? Will Kane stuff his hand into Cena’s mouth for the win? Will Zack Ryder recover from a broken back in less than a week and help Cena?  Will anyone care about this angle?

Winner: Kane:  I’m kinda just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks here, but why not give Kane the win. Cena doesn’t need to notch a win, because he’s going to be booked to beat the Rock at Mania….boom!

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler (Special guest referee John Laurinitus) This match is built more around John Laurinitus vs CM Punk, and will Johnny Ace screw Punk in this match?  I think he’ll try, I think he’ll fail, and monday night Triple H returns to join up with John Laurinitus and turn heel (please)  Plus I don’t think Ziggler is ready for the title just yet and Punk should hold it at least until Mania.

Winner: CM Punk.

The Royal Rumble Match:  We know The Miz is #1, and that Jericho is announced to be in the match, and so is Mick Foley and Orton will more than likely return for this.  So i’ll give some odds as to who are the favorites to win.

Randy Orton 2-1, Chris Jericho 3-1, The Miz 5-1, Sheamus 5-1, Wade Barrett 5-1, Cody Rhodes 6-1, Mick Foley 10-1, Brotus Clay 20-1, The Undertaker 25-1, Tyson Kidd 30-1, Hacksaw Jim Duggan100-1, David O’Tungas Mug 1000-1

Winner: Dolph Ziggler.  Last week I would have said Orton, he’s been my pick for some time now, then I was thinking Jericho after last weeks Raw, but rethinking it he doesn’t need a push because he’s Chris fuckin’ Jericho so I’m going with Dolph Ziggler as the winner.  He could win the rumble and jump to Smackdown to challenge Randy Orton who after he wins the Elmination Chamber will headline Wrestlemania against Ziggler.

The WWE keeps stressing that ANY WWE Superstar can enter the Rumble which made me sway my final pick to Ziggler who has been pulling double duty as of late.  The any WWE superstar stipulation will also bring in some surprises and maybe a surprise winner if I’m wrong. (Taker, anyone?)

So that’s my take on this years Royal Rumble, check back here Sunday night for full results and see how wrong I was.  So make your own predictions or call the hotline.


~ by ATOM on January 27, 2012.

One Response to “2012 Royal Rumble Predictions”

  1. Punk over Ziggler
    Cena over Kane
    Daniel over Show and Henry

    Rumble Final Four

    With Orton taking it.
    Its a really hard year to call. Especially calling a Final Four.

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