UFC got Hacked.


Over the weekend a group of Hackers cornholed the UFC website, seemingly in response to an editorial piece published in The Las-Vegas Review Journal by UFC vice president Lawrence Epstien.  The article was concerning online piracy because of what went on last week with the SOPA and PIPA bill and his support of these bills. It’s pretty dumb for the UFC to start a fight with the Internet, which is like fighting a ninja with a cloaking device and a fight they can’t win. Their websight was down for the good part of a day decorated with an anime style picture of Hitler and the names of the hackers who did the deed. I can understand the plight of these people having Pay-Per-View deals and everyone just watching them on pirated sights for free, but whenever a big time exec complains about it just sounds like “blah blah blah give me more money”  It’s difficult for people to sympathize with a major corporation bitching at you for enjoying their product for free when the alternative is dishing absurd amounts of money.  WWE is also in support of the two shelved bills from last week and I get why, but instead of stamping their feet because the Internet is stealing from them, they need to learn to adapt and move forward.  WWE pay-per-view event are 60 bucks!  And in the event of paying for an event be it UFC or WWE and the product you paid for sucks hard which happens often, then the consumer will show your company no mercy when it comes to stealing it online.  The customer is stealing from you, but lets face it, you stole from them first.  That’s the dog fight were and it’s going to go round and round until something new changes the landscape.


~ by ATOM on January 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “UFC got Hacked.”

  1. I have to say I understand the UFC well. Just because some guys want to have everything for free UFC is the bad guy?

  2. I can’t disagree with that, my point is I think UFC should go network and give up on the pay-per-view format so they can’t get pist at fans for stealing a PPV that was over priced to begin with.

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