The Greatest Wrestling Tag-Teams of All-Time

With the suspension of Evan Bourn this past week you can expect the WWE to abandon the team of Air Boom and everyday Tag-Team wrestling seems like a thing of the past.  This got me thinkin and decided to compile a list of the Best Wrestling Tag-Teams of all time (my life time)   This list consists of the teams I watched growing up, so as good as The Free Birds were, I never watched one of their matches so I can’t feasibly include them on the list.  So here are the top 11 Tag-Teams of all time.

Honorable Mention:  The Rockers, The Midnight/Rockn’ Roll Express, The Nasty Boys, Money Inc, The British Bulldogs.




The Outsiders: When Hall and Nash entered WCW and changed the landscape with the formation of the NWO they dominated together as the tag-team known as The Outsiders.  Both being dominate singles stars, they were equally dominate as a tag team, also with the edition of Syxx-Pac (Sean Waltman) they won multiple tag titles in WCW.  Their team didn’t last long because of them going off and doing a lot of singles work, but in the short time together they were one of the best teams of their era.  Although both guys were sorta past their prime and kinda slow in the ring, they entertained the hell outta the audience and gave some memorable and ridiculous backstage segments. I will never forget the night they ran the Steiner Brothers off the road and I guess killed them.  (6X WCW Tag-Team Champions)




The New Age Outlaws:  Being at the right place at the right time makes this duo one of the best of all time.  Once the WWE started to pick up momentum again with what is known as the “attitude” era, two jobbers got thrown together as a hell tag team.  The Road Dogg (Formerly the Roadie) and Badd Ass Billy Gun (Formerly of the Smoking Guns) started off as a nothing tag team, but began to get over as dastardly heels from doing things like not having theme music, just walking to run and cutting a promo on the way down, to litterally stealing wins from guys and running off with the titles.  After a memorable feud with Mick Foley and Terry Funk, The New Age Outlaws joined D-Generation X putting them over the top as main guys within the company.  They grew
immensely popular as did the WWE in this period and became the hottest Tag-Team in wrestling at that time.  Eventually everything cooled off and the team broke up each looking for singles success and failing.  Of all the feud’s and memorable matches, it was the promo intro that The Road Dogg would cut on the way to the ring that sticks out in every ones mind. (5X Tag-Team Champions)


Beer Money: James Storm and Robert Roode known to TNA and Wrestling fans around the world as “Beer Money” were up until a month ago the best tag-team in wrestling in the last 5 years.  Both are great building blocks for the TNA program so they are both exploring singles careers.  Wrestling wise these guys had such good chops in the ring they were very exciting to watch.  In 2010 they had a program with another good team called “The Motor City Machine Guns” and put on a phenomenal series of matches and that is how they landed on this list. ( 4X TNA Tag-Team Champions)


The Steiner Brothers: Despite what they became as singles competitors, there were very few teams better than The Stiener Brothers in their prime.  Rick and Scott were a NWA/WCW main stay from 1988 to 1992 capturing multiple tag-team titles.  The Brothers then went on to have a successful run in WWE for 2 years eventually returning to WCW and then breaking up in the late 90’s.  They were a cookie cutter babyface tag team that found a ton of success without displaying much charisma, but just a unique style of speed, power and solid technique in the ring.  After breaking up Scott went on to drastically bulk up and have success as a singles competitor and Rick would fade away from WCW with no success.  Also contrary to what  was reported earlier, they in fact did not die in that car accident.  In all seriousness for the time they were at their best these two guys were wrestling machines.  (2X WWE Tag-Team Champions, 6 X WCW Tag-Team Champions)



The Hardy Boys:  The Hardy Boys started as Jobbers in the WWE as singles and a tag, but when they were given a manager in Micheal PS Hayes thing began to turn around. After they ditched Hayes and even had a stint as “The New Brood”  in 2000 they formed Team Extreme with Lita as a third member/manager and their popularity sky rocketed, along with their quality of matches.  Then, just as The Dudley’s and Edge and Christian, once those three teams mixed it up with a huge feud and a string of 5-star matches, everyone’s career was launched to new heights.  As a face team The Hardys become one of the most popular tag-teams of all time.  Yet what these guys will always be remembered for, not their in ring or accolades but for the crazy risks they took in and out of the ring.   (6 X WWE Tag-Team Champions)



Harlem Heat: Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) debuted teaming along side Sid Vicious and Vader against, Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes and The Shockmaster at War Games 1993.  Although The Shockmaster will go down in infamy as one of the worst gimmick’s of all time, The exposure was good for Harlem Heat as this match would help launch them as WCW main stays for many years.  from 1993 to 1999 they won the WCW tag-titles 10 times.  They were tough in the ring and gave excellent promos, all be it, one they may have slipped up on.  After breaking up Booker T would have the more illustrious carrer beoming a 5 time World Champion.  Unfortunately for them, they only thing people remember about them is the time Booker T called Hulk Hogan the N-word by accident. (10X WCW Tag-team Champions)


# 5

Demolition: To counter WCW’s popularity with The Road Warriors the WWE created Demolition.  Since the Road Warriors took their moniker from the Mel Gibson movie, why not make a team that looked exactly like the movie’s villain “Lord Humongous” equip with leather outfits and hockey masks.  Also similar to The Road Warriors were Demolitions wrestling style being a straight up power brawling team.  Demolition was extremely popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s where they were three-time Tag Team Champions, and hold the records for both the single longest tag title reign and the most combined days as reigning champions. Demolition jumped the shark with the addition of Crush invoking “Free Bird” rules where any 2 of the 3 guys could defend the titles.  Their best feud was with The Heenan family, having great series with The Brainbusters and The Colossal Connection. Personally I get very nostalgic hearing their theme song which is an absolute classic. “Here comes the Ax! Here Comes the Smasher! The Demolition, Walking Disaster.”
(3X WWE Tag-Team Champions.  Longest Title Reign in history)



The Hart Foundation:  Two guys who the company had nothing creative for them to do, got stuck together and became one of the greatest wrestling tag-teams in wrestling history.  Bret after denying a Cowboy gimmick from the front office, Bret asked to team with his brother in-law Jim The Anvil Neidhart which WWE first refused, and then gave in.  The Hart Foundation beat the British Bulldogs in a best of 3 matches and went on a 10 month reign as Champions.  The Hart foundation had a ton of great feud’s after Jimmy Hart turned on them, with teams like Demolition, The Rougeau Brothers, and The Nasty Boys.  Bret Hart would go on to have one fo the best singles careers of all times, but never forget how good The Hart Foundation was.  What I remember is them being the best combination of power and technique and Anvil’s laugh while stroking his beard is a WWE staple that will live forever.  (2 X WWE Champion, spawned other versions of the Team which also won gold)


The Dudley Boys:  The Dudley Boys began their career in ECW as a stable with many different members of The Dudley Family.  Bubba Rayand Devon were the first to find success in the Dudley Family capturing the ECW tag titles and becoming a staple of the ECW promotion.  No other team in that modern era of ECW could rile up the fans better than Bubba Ray Dudley, who would almost incite riots at ECW events by getting the fans extremely worked up. Eventually Bubba Ray and Devon who had huge success in ECW would move on to the WWE where they became multi-time champions there as well.  Their ECW hardcore style got over huge, especially their use of tables with Bubba Ray yelling “Devon! Get the table!”  In terms of Gold not many teams can touch The Dudley’s carrying tag-titles in 3 major promotions, totalling in over 20 times holding a tag team title.
(ECW Tag-Team Champs X8 WWe Tag-Team Champions X8 TNA Tag-TeamChampions X2 and more)


Edge and Christian:  These two life long friends entered the WWE together in a vampire themed stable called The Brood.  This gimmick was ditched after some time and Edge and Christian went on to become a legitimate tag-team.  What catapulted them to new heights was the feud they shared with The Dudley Boys and The Hardy’s between 1999-2000. During this time The Hardys became fan favorite so Edge and Christian took on the villains role but this time as a goofy teen-idol almost surfer types, putting on some really good comedic bits.  They became very famous for the “5-Second Posse” using the posse to make fun of the fans in whatever town they were in or their opponents.  In a very famous series of ladder matches with The Dudleys and Hardys, Edge and Christian won a majority of the big money matches and arguably had more success than those teams because of that fact.  both Edge and Christian had everything you could want in a wrestler, they were strong but agile, good mic skills, solid and clean in the ring, entertained and always put on a good match.  In 2001 after Edge won The King of The Ring tournament, the team split as both guys achievd singles success.  No other tag-team in history who began primarily as a tag team had both gone on to win the “World Heavyweight Championship” which would have to make them one of the best teams of all time.  (7X Tag-Team Champions)


The Road Warriors: As far as in ring success and popularity The Road Warriors are the best on both accounts.  The Road Warriors Hawk and Animal entered Georgia Championship wrestling in the early 80’s and moved through every available federation dominating their opponents and capturing gold.   The Road Warriors tried to get over as heels for being so brutal to their opponents but it never worked, the fans cheered anyways.  Other additions to the team were Paul Ellering who managed them in WCW and WWE, and Crush who joined the team later on during their WWE run, Sunny who managed LOD 2000 and there’s even a Japanese version of LOD with Hawk and Kensuke Sasaki.  No matter where they wrestled, they dominated, and in their WWE days, whenever the music hit with Hawk’s famous line “oooooh what a rush!” The crowd poped.  The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom are the greatest tag-team of all time. ( 3X WWE Tag-Team Champions, 4 Time WCW/NWA Tag-Team Champions, multiple international titles, WWE Hall of Fame)

Note, if you pause the video at 0:23 you can see me in the crowd looking unimpressed by the return of LOD…I was more of a New Midnight Express guy.


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2 Responses to “The Greatest Wrestling Tag-Teams of All-Time”

  1. I would put Nash and Hall higher. Just because Scott Hall was my favorite wrestler. The legion of Doom where great though. No doubt 🙂

    • I was a huge Scott Hall/Razor fan in the early 90s and him and Nash made a great team but looking back they didn’t have a ton of matches. Otherwise I may have put them higher because they were entertaining as hell. Thanks for reading.

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