Superior #7: Review

Welcome again to another Rubbernose review. This week it’s the long awaited conclusion to Mark Millar’s Superior so let’s get to it. Last time we left off with Simon’s arch enemy Sharpie turning into Abraxas and destroying the city. All this was hatched buy the demon monkey Ormon to get Simon to sell his soul to be Superior again, and Simon eventually takes the bait! The art is amazing in this book and the fight scenes are awesome! There is a little surprise during this book when Ormon turns into the Annihilator, which is a huge armored being with a skull head that is also going to destroy the city. This makes for an unforgettable epic showdown between the three, but in the end Superior is triumphant. He grabs Abraxas and takes him into space and beats the shit out of his head caving it in and then descends at super speeds right through the Annihilator’s skull causing Ormon to separate from it. As all three lay on the ground Ormon reflects on how he can finally crawl out of the bowels of hell with the purchase of Simons soul, but to Ormon’s surprise he didn’t count on Maddie to ruin his fun… party pooper! She tells him he ain’t getting Jack Shit Bro, cuz Superior can never die and such, and it hits Ormon like a ton of monkey shit and he realizes he fucked himself by creating a being where he can’t collect its soul. So there’s a little “Drag Me to Hell” moment with demons coming out of the ground grabbing him and taking him down which was bitter sweet. After that, Simon turns into himself again crutches and all and is finally happy being who he is. So all the countries were led to believe Superior died in the final battle and there was a worldwide funeral ceremony and a speech from president Obama himself. Oh and did I mention Tad Scott the actor who played Superior actually stood up to Abraxas? Yeah and luckily for him Simon saved his ass and when all was said and done this launched his career again in to a five movie deal. The book ends with a scene from the new Superior movie where he is winking at the camera, or squeezing out a fart in space, sorry had to add a little humor here Jeez! I gotta say out of current Kick Ass 2 and Nemesis this is the better Millar World book by far, it’s not way too over the top like the others and is more down to earth. It took quite some time to finish this whole story but I was very pleased with it as a whole and you will be too, so pick it up it’s Superior! Hahaha! Also please remember to Stay RUBBBAH!!!!!!

Story – A-

Artwork- B+


~ by ATOM on January 21, 2012.

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