Contagion: Movie Review

Contagion is the story of an unknown virus and the people involved in racing to find a cure before it spreads through out the world as an epidemic of apocalyptic proportions.  The story isn’t really anything we haven’t seen before in an outbreak type movie, but the way Soderbergh presents the story in such an insightful and chilling manor is really what makes this movie stand out.  The rapid pace of the movie mirrors the rapid pace of the spreading virus around the world slowly infecting and killing in prey.  Showing off the intense amount of detective work CDC and epidemic officers have to endure just to find any lead that can track the disease to it’s origin it’s very compelling. On top of all of that is watching society come apart at the seams, with riots, work stoppages, social inequity and false interest rumors about causes and cures all of which come off as chillingly realistic.  Watching people tramp each other for a cure like it’s Walmart on black Friday is tough to watch because of how true it would be given the same sort circumstance in the real world.

This movie boosts an all-star cast carouselling around as the movie speeds through giving us no definitive main character but characters all fighting separate goals concerning this epidemic.  Lawrence Fishburne, Kate Winslett, Matt Damon, Bryan Cranston just to name a few are all individually spectacular.

“Blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation”  That line made me laugh out loud for obvious reason but said about one stand out character.  Besides the virus itself the only semblance of a villain in this flick is a conspiracy theorist blogger dickhole played dickishly by Jude Law.  He helps get across the idea of the vileness that can manifest itself in humans in the face of a crisis to individual gain, something even scarier than the virus itself.

The virus is both literal and metaphorical in it’s meaning to the film which works well but not all the time.  There are flaws here with some of the sub plots, and the film is not perfect sometimes feeling stiff and cold, but it maintains it’s central themes and effects the viewer with it’s cold pessimistic look at the world we live in .  Contagion is realistic in it’s ugliness of the world but gives us a shining beacon of hope in it’s goodness in it’s central characters.

Overall B+ The movie very compelling yet has it’s issues but I assure you’ll be hitting the hand sanitizer when the movies closes so it does it’s job


~ by ATOM on January 15, 2012.

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