Abobo’s Big Adventure: a Tribute to Nintendo

If you’re a child of the 80’s then more than likely you grew up doing blow, listening to Bon Jovi and playing Contra.  Well if your nostalgic for late 80s, early 90s era Nintendo then I’ve got a treat for you…and it’s free.  Remember that weird looking muscle bound gremlin from Double Dragon named Abobo.  Well someone took A LOT of time and effort to put together his own game to tell his epic story.  The game is called Abobo’s big adventure (yes, like PeeWee) and the game is really a tribute to all things Nintendo.  Just watch the trailer and see how many things you can pick out from different games you played growing up….

Ok you had me at River City Ransom. Each level is set up like a popular old school Nintendo game and it will bring out the kid in you.  I’m talking about the one that yelled “FUCK” when you kept getting electrocuted in the water level in the first Ninja Turtles game, or died falling on spikes in Megaman.  Whatever game you fancied as a kid that you thought was going to send you to an early grave is in this game.  And the bottom line is you can play the game for free…no singing up for anything either, just go to the sight and play.  You’ll have fun, you deserve it.



~ by ATOM on January 15, 2012.

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