Star Wars: The TV Show

Since 2005 when we saw the final (presumably) Star Wars movie, the rumors have been rampant for a Star Wars TV show and finally someone within Lucas’ camp was allowed to talk about it, be it confirm, sorta kinda maybe.  This article came across my desk via my buddy Kurt which was posted online yesterday on The Huffington Post.  Star Wars producer and George Lucas tit milker Rick Macullum revealed to IGN that the name of the show would be Star Wars: Underworld.  (poop noise) and it would be darker and adult oriented.  (hopefully more taxation storylines)  You can read the whole article here, it reveals some cool stuff about the show, and the coolest being expect it in about 3 years. (Dismissive wank),b=facebook



~ by ATOM on January 12, 2012.

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