Green Lantern #5: Review

Welcome my fellow comic bookers to the Rubbernose review! This week I will be reviewing one of the best ongoing series out there, issue five of Green Lantern! This book starts off awesome with the people of Korugar charged up with green power rings made by none other than the evil (or not so evil, anymore) Sinestro! Arsona his old accomplice doesn’t want anything to do with him and even takes a shot with the ring at him. Unfortunately for her she can’t use Sinestro’s power against him, better luck next time! Eventually Sinestro needs to free Hal and the others so he activates his green lantern which a fat slob of a Sinestro corps member is analyzing, and splits him like a baked stuff lobster right down the middle! So the plan of attack is for the newly appointed green lanterns to hold off the Sinestro corps while Hal and Sinestro deplete the yellow central power battery. This goes off without a hitch and all the yellow lanterns are forced into a status or coma if you will. Some of the little kids are thanking Sinestro but not the big ol’ bitch Arsona who can really hold a grudge. Oh I know he murdered people and stuff but get over it, wince of sarcasm. So Sinestro starts to haul all of the yellow lanterns and the power battery to OA and he lets Jordan keep the ring, but and this is a kick in the balls, he won’t have a battery to charge it, BURNED!! So Hal is pissed and then lands in Ferris air force base where he then confronts Carol and gives her a big ol’ kiss and tells her how much of a douche bag he’s been. She gives him another chance which if you’re counting is his tenth. Now back to OA where the guardians are gathered together talking about the shadow council the first lantern and the third army whatever that’s all about and how it’s going to replace the Corps, Son of a bitch!! What a bunch of evil blue Dicks! This book has defiantly rocked my socks as it will yours and is in my fav five to copy Booker T. The art is excellent as well as I have mentioned in a previous review. So what are you waiting for buy this god damn book already, your giving me heartburn! This is the Rubbernose signing off of another review till next week. Stay RUBBER!

Story- A

Artwork -B


~ by ATOM on January 12, 2012.

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