The Walking Dead: Rejected Season 2 Episode.

During my reviews of The Walking Dead season 2 I was pretty critical of where the show had gone since it’s inception.  Disappointed with the lack of character development, stale story lines and and head scratching decisions.  A lot of blame has been placed on the removal of Frank Darabont who fathered this project to development and yesterday something surfaced that gives this theory even more merit.

Seems Darabont had an idea nixed on how to kick off Season 2 which sounded amazing. This isn’t revisionist history, it seems like something in Darabont’s bag of tricks and the rumor is it was rejected due to budget restrictions.  I believe this to be true due to season 2 being so stationary in one location, saving money but making episodes seem stale compared to the opening episodes of season 1.   Darabont’s idea was to start season 2 with a huge flashback in Atlanta during the first stages of the zombie outbreak, following around a squad of Marines.  This would have given it an almost a mini-movie feel while providing back story and giving viewers insight on what happened between when Rick got shot to when he woke up.  The entire story is in the link below provided by Entertainment Weekly.  Prepare a face palm.


~ by ATOM on January 10, 2012.

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