The Norseman’s Heavy Metal Haven: Top 5 Live Performances

Listen up Fuckers! The Norseman is back and he’s fired up with another edition of Heavy Metal Haven!  this time I’m gonna countdown the best face melting, pants shitting Heavy Metal live metal performances. Now in my travels I’ve seen some pretty damn good metal shows  so I’d like to share with you in what my humble opinion are best live performances.

5. (Guest Pick for A-Stew) For Whom The Bell Tolls: Metallica:  Today I really don’t like Metallica all that much but growing up they were the band that kicked the open the door for me discovering so many great bands. I’ve seen Metallica live and they were great every time, but before I saw them live I saw this and was floored. In high school someone gave me a VHS tape called “Cliff em’ All” and this performance of For Whom The Bell Tolls blew me away.

4. Pantera-Domination: This is Pantera at the top of their game, need I say more?

3. Slayer:War Ensemble: How can you not love Slayer. I have seen Slayer so many times I lost count, mainly because they frequent most of the metal festivals that pass through the area, and they’re fucking Slayer.

2. Megadeth: Holy Wars” Not only is this my personal favorite song by Megadeth but it is also the song they close every show with. The second half of the song is about The Punisher, I know this because I asked Dave myself…I really did.

1. Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark: This particular live version is amazing.  I have seen Iron Maiden 3 times and it is truly something to behold every time.


~ by ATOM on January 6, 2012.

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