Wolverine and the X-men Alpha and Omega #1: Review

I wasn’t expecting much from this issue because the regular Wolverine and the X-men has kind of fallen flat compared to the relaunch of Uncanny. This whole arc is focusing on Quentin Quire and his hate towards the “Neanderthal” Wolverine. This first issue was pretty good compared to its counterpart. It kept my interest which is key and the art wasn’t too shabby either especially the alternate reality art. I didn’t know much about Quire other than his involvement in Schism, but apparently he’s a high class psychic who in the story invades wolverine’s and armor’s minds and makes them believe they are in a different world. In this new world they seem to be in an almost post apocalyptic world where they are trying to deliver some goods for some serious cash. When the shit hits the fan and some people try to kill them, Wolverine’s claws pop out, and Armor “armors up”. This didn’t really shock them as much as it should have. Wolverine even gets shot in the head in this reality and he says “I think I’ll be fine” when the gun is on him, but Quire has dialed down his healing factor so it will be even more painful for him. So the end shows an enraged Wolverine kind of snapping out of it telling Quire to get out of his head. This issue was definitely better than prior Wolverine and the X-men, but there’s four more issues and I don’t see how they can drag this out, hopefully it won’t be a lot of filler.

Story- C
Artwork – B


~ by ATOM on January 5, 2012.

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