The Top 6 Fictional Bands (From Television )

Honorable Mention: The Beets(Doug)  Drive Shaft (Lost) Fingerbang (South Park) The Bee-Sharps (The Simpsons) The Honky Tonk Man (WWE)

6. Creation/Mission Control- Freaks and Geeks: Creation had a ton of potential but like Sonny said, the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.  Guitarist Daniel Desario, Lead Singer Ken Miller, The Fat Kid from The Mighty Ducks on Bass and the heart and soul of the band Nick Andopolis formed “Creation” in the Fall of 1980, but some outside influences would stop their momentum before they could actually pick any up.  Nick’s girlfriend Lindsy Weir dubbed by some of the band members as “Yoko” had some unsavory ideas that didn’t sit well with the rest of the band like playing the same song more than once.  Tempers flared between Drummer Nick and Guitarist Daniel causing Daniel to refer to Nick as Mister Cute Shorts.  Nick later started smoking copious amount of marijuana and even had a disco phase while Daniel began dabbling in Dungeons and Dragons thus leaving Creation lifeless.

5. Electric Dream Machine

Ronald “Mac” McDonald and Frank Reynolds formed the band Chemical Toilet and hired the song writing talent of Charlie Kelly, but differences broke up the band and Charlie went out on his own.   Charlie with the assistance of sniffing some spray paint and friend  Dennis Reynolds created The Electric Dream Machine and wrote a smash hit “Dayman” creating the characters “The Dayman” and “The Nightman.” This Nightman/Dayman hybrid made its first public appearance at Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia and was heckled and booed by the drunken crowd, never to appear again until Day would go on to pen a musical using the characters created by “Electric Dream Machine”

4.. Dingoes Ate my Baby-Buff The Vampire Slayer:

  This was a very popular Sunnydale rock band that would frequently play at The Bronze” a nightclub that didn’t serve alcohol and pretty much catered to high school students and vampires, but was never shut down. Daniel Osbourne and Devon MacLeish were the “Dingoes” guitarist and lead singer and it was Osbourne, also known as Oz who would be the bands downfall.  Oz was carrying a secret that would effect the band and cause them to break apart.  That secret was he was a Werewolf.

3. “Fat, Horny, Black, and Joe”  The stars alined one night in Quahog Rhode Island when 4 friend decided to take over the bar they were drinking at with a karekoe version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” Thus turning these four friends into an over night Sensation. They named their group “Fat, Horny, Black and Joe and booked their first gig at a local prison. Right as they are about to launch into their opening number they realize at the very last minute that they do not know any songs, and the prisoners riot as a result.

2. Axel Bundy

Shoe Salesman and Chicago loser Al Bundy teamed up with Spencer David, Richie Havens, Robby Krieger, Mark Lindsy, and Petter Noone to write and perform a charity song about being old.  “We are the old” was not a hit, and Al Bundy known also as Axel Bundy who played a mean Salami sandwich had a short lived musical career but would go on to sucsessfully form the sexist group no-mame.

#1: Zack Attack

Zack Attack was formed in the fall of 1992 by Front man, namesake and Guitarist Zack Morris with memembers Kelly Kapowski (vocals), Lisa
Turtle (bass guitar), AC Slater (drums), and Screech Powers (Keyboard). The legend is that Zack had a dream of the highs and lows of sucsess with his band and although it never achieved Zack’s dream it was good enough to get paid to play at local events. Zack Attack, however, offered to play for free at a school dance so that more money could be spent on decorations. This line-up featured Zack on vocals and guitar, Jessie Spano on vocals, Lisa on bass guitar, Screech on keyboard, and Slater on drums. However, when Slater had to take over the lead vocals during the dance because Kelly was outside breaking up with Zack so she could date the guy from Starship Troopers. When Kelly and Jessie disappered from Bayside for no inexplicable reason, and Torrie the tomboy with the leather jacket who looked 30 and rode a motorcycle to school showed up one assumes the band was put on indefinate hiatus.


~ by ATOM on January 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Top 6 Fictional Bands (From Television )”

  1. I just want to say that being reminded of “Zack Attack” has made me violently ill. The more I think about “Saved by the Bell” I’m becoming more and more angry. My anger is reaching a level where I can’t even form complete sentences. I would have to theorize that something similar happened to Darth Maul years ago, back when his name was Saul Maul. This would explain his turn to the dark side and epic face paint.

  2. You’re really just mad because Mr. Belding wasn’t the guest speaker at your graduation. WHS Class of 99, holla!

  3. Jessie and the Rippers were robbed!

    • They were constantly referenced but i dont think I ever saw an episode of full house where they actually played. I do remember the Tanner family backing up the Beach Boys but Jesse and The Rippers did slip my mind.

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