Pop Junk’s 11 Best TV shows of 2011


note: Why 11? because I lost count…now this was a collaboration between myself and Pop Junk’s TV guru Sage; so there’s some give and take here but I’m happy with the list.  If you think I missed a show then we probably didn’t get to see it all the way through or you just have poor taste.  either way, enjoy!


I’ve had such a love/hate relationship with this show for it’s entire run.  This show has been one giant cock-tease for comic book fans, giving you a show about a young Clark Kent but having it mirror shows like One Tree Hill and the like.  Right around season 7 someone realized that the DC Universe had a gallery of interesting characters you can intersect with Superman and for the last few seasons they started to do this to the compliment and detriment of the show at times.  Well 2011 saw the series final season and I just want to put it here because the season was solid and the final episode of Smallville was great. I thought they did a good job in capturing what this character is all about while leaving all the bullshit teen drama to the wayside.  The final episode gives you glimpse into the future and fans finally got what they wanted, be it for about 10 seconds.



I was of the mind that this show had jumped the shark and lost it’s shine, but I think these guys understood that last season left fans a little underwhelmed and brought their A-game this time around.  This season was a complete return to form to what made me love this show in the first place, utter ridiculousness.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to change into my Rum Ham shirt. (Thanks Sage)



Last year this show was high on my list of favorite shows but it has slipped because season two was kind of a mess.  If you follow the comic book then characters your supposed to really enjoy and care about come off as moronic and unlikeable.  Topple on to that the storyline of looking for Sophie the little girl who got lost in the first episode of season 2 and you have what could only be preserved as a step backwards.   It’s saving grace was Shane who really takes a choke hold on this show before it came to it’s mid-season break.  Hopefully in 2012 they can learn from their mistakes and put this show back on track.


Wronged Amanda Clarke-Emily Thorne takes on the entire community of the Hamptons who have no idea the fury she carries for them. In some truly smart new television this show uses some more intelligent plot moves and storytelling material. Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp turn this drama on adding new levels of acting brilliance. Amanda-Emily teaches us truly what goes around comes around. I rate it 10 Tyler’s smashing their own crazy heads into trees.


This SyFy is just as good as its gritty UK counterpart. This Americanized version has one up on the other though in the area of storytelling. The first season came and went with a multitude of new and different plots and storytropes from our favorite ghost, vampire, and werewolf trying to keep/rediscover their own lost humanity. With the coming new year we get season 2 of this show proving 2012 already to be worth it. It is more than worth the watch – Besides who wouldn’t want to live with Sally, Aiden, and Josh?


This drama has remade itself again in a better more indulgent show. I never imagined back in the first season that it would still be on the air playing the game as well as it is still. It is worth jumping on. This show never fails to deliver some true and fun science fiction smothered with loving helpings of Walter.


What started out at first glace as a typical generic sitcom with a talented cast over time transformed into a witty, funny and insanely smart show.  For a comedy, this show boosts some of the most creative story telling on television while still making you howl in laughter, something you rarely ever see out of a show. Alas, rumors of it’s demise may not be exaggerated.


In this years television landscape Louis CK took the bar for the television, smacked himself a few times with it, and threw it out the window. Through its dark comedy and often humanitizing notions Louie proves in an age of remakes, and reimagining’s, and the same utter plot points over and over again that innovation is possible. Also evidence that Louis CK is in change of every aspect of this show is right there on the screen every week because it’s originality, weird sometimes awkward moments and the uncanny ability to pull many different emotions out of the viewer.  Louis CK is a funny comedian so getting laughs for him comes natural but what catches you off guard is…and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but how beautiful and thought provoking this show can be.



Breaking Bad had just an amazing season and I really can’t gush too much over it because I’d have to get into spoilers and I as a fan wouldn’t want to ruin any aspects of this season for anyone who missed it.  What hasn’t been said about Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s performances but what broke this season was the arrival of the Villainous Gus played by Giancarlo Esposito.  This show gets better with each season and this season followed that trend as being the best so far.


It’s become such a cliche when critics say “This show is the next Lost” but watching American Horror Story evolve in it’s first season I realized what makes a show the next Lost.  It’s not twists, turns, bald guys or plane crashes…Simple; it’s fan speculation, and this show created it in spades.   This show mustered up that “must see” factor that I haven’t seen since Lost (see what I did there) and with good reason.   The show borrows a lot of horror movie tropes and scares, but it did it in such an original way that it felt new and different.  The best aspect of this show is the cast, as it may be the best on television from top to bottom.  I predict Evan Peters will be a big star following his turn as the murderous Tate, along with many other doors opening for these actors besides the already established.  This show never took a breath all season, every episode provides plenty of bang for your buck and even though this is said to be a self contained season, I still can’t wait to see what they come up with next season.



This show is worth the addition of HBO to your cable package alone.  This show blew my mind at how epic and amazing a weekly television show could be.  Game of Thrones is a no bullshit all out assault of badassery that has never been seen before in a fantasy show (maybe any show). The acting is top notch, the story is riveting, and the twists and turns will never get you a head of the story (unless you read the books)  Not many things can surpass the hype machine fans can create, and jumping into this show late I thought that would be the case but it simply didn’t happen.  Even if your not a fan of the genre you shouldn’t deny yourself the scope and spectacle that this show has to offer. I think what made this #1 over AHS which was a tough choice, was just how vast this show is on top of the countless “holy shit” moments provided through a limited amount of episodes.    There is no other show I am anticipating more in 2012 Than Game of Thrones, Winter can’t get here soon enough.




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