Best and Worst of 2011: Movies

Best and Worst in Movies

Again, I’m flying solo on this list and I couldn’t have possibly seen every movie released in 2011  but I watched as much as I could and these are the best, worst, and some I was pretty indifferent on.


Drive: Movies today really lack a sense of elegant personal style but this movie has it in spades and if you let it will effect after seeing it and want to see it again.  In the late 1970’s Rock and Roll music was over produced garbage and in effect sparked the punk rock movement of a more organic take on rock music with bands like The Sex Pistols and The Ramones.  Well if your sick of over produced crappy action flicks with no substance, then Drive is a delicious alternative.  It’s meticulously paced, detail attended and gory as hell at the right time.

X-Men First Class: For the first time we’re treated to an intelligent, fast-paced and entertaining X-Men movie.  Stand out actors like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Kevin Bacon each put on excellent performances that complements the sure handed grip that film maker Mathew Vaughn had on the X-Men concept that the previous movies missed the mark on.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2: I’m am not a fan of the Harry Potter franchise and I’m even less of a fan of 3D so I was pretty surprised at my reaction to this film. I ventured into the Lion’s Den known as 3D IMAX against my will to see this flick begrudgingly and I left the theater incredibly impressed by the spectacle that was the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise.  I’ve seen Harry Potter movies I’ve liked, I’ve seen some I’ve disliked, but this film is pretty epic and should be viewed weather your a fan or not.

Moneyball: Based on the book by Micheal Lewis, Arron Sorkin leaves another stamp on the best films of the year penning the screenplay for this film as his follow up to “The Social Network”  Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane the general manager of The Oakland A’s who revolutionized the way poor baseball teams pick players and compete with the richer and more roided up teams.  I thought this might just be a film for baseball nerds but it’s a pretty compelling story and really humanizes the bullshit that people deal with in the sport of baseball and the actual baseball itself looks as genuine as it ever has on the big screen.

Hobo With a Shotgun: My favorite part of the film Grindhouse was the addition of the fan made trailer “Hobo with a Shotgun” and when I found out it was getting a full length release I was pumped and I was not let down.  This is a fun, gross out flick that’s so over the top it completely tips over when “The Plague” shows up and I was sold on this flick as one of my favorite of the year.  I’m sure this won’t resonate with most people but it plays on my sensibilities of original ridiculousness that I crave in movies.


Scream 4: I was really hoping for a return to form from horror master Wes Craven thinking “how could this be worse than Scream 3?” Well they did it! Congratulations, you have succeeded is masterfully crafting a complete pile of shit.

Hangover 2: I was caught by the hype machine for the first movie because I didn’t see it right away so I my tires were fully pumped when I saw it and I was let down.  I enjoyed the movie but it wasn’t the monster comedy people really pumped it up as. (Role Models was a far superior comedy) But when I heard there was going to be a sequel it made sense to me, cash in, I get it.  But holy shit change the plot just a little!  It blows my mind how people just accepted the fact that everything, I mean EVERYTHING was recycled from the first movie in embarrassing fashion.  Quite simply, fuck this movie.

Movies I refused to see: Green Lantern, Pirates 4, Transformers 3, Jack and Jill.

Movies I wished I saw but got lazy: Tree of Life, Attack the Block. Fright Night.

Movies I disagreed with the general consensus

Super 8: People really loved this movie but I just thought it was OK.  Forgettable characters, some unforgivable plot holes and the monster was a rehash of the disappointing Cloverfield monster.  I get it, it takes place during the 80s, lets move on.

Sucker Punch: People violently hated this movie and while I didn’t love it, I thought it was visually stunning.  The concept was a little dumb but I thought Zack Snyder’s gift of presenting something that is so visually stimulating forgave it’s misgivings.

That’s it for 2011.  Stay tuned because 2012 seems to be incredibly promising.  Later Junkers.


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