Worst of 2011 in Pop Culture

As 2011 draws to a close I need to get some crap off my chest and hopefully bury some of the awfulness we’ve had to endure in 2011.  So here is a list of the worst of the worst in 2011 that we can flush down the toilet and prepare for our eminent demise in 2012.


“Hey see that inanimate object over there?  I’m gonna go lay on it”  That is the premise of this awful piece of 2011 pop culture that took the internet by storm and it really went straight over my head.  Friends, Celebrities and homeless people alike took pictures of themselves lying face down and cluttered the internet with these seemingly awesome and uneventful pictures.  Planking, 2011 is over..be gone with you!

Charlie Sheen:

This bullshit hit like a fire storm in early 2011 when Charlie Sheen decided to leave behind a horrible show where he made millions of dollars and took to the air waves to do interviews where he said stupid catch phrases and acted like the batshit crazy lunatic that we already knew he was.  So what was the next logical step, take that act on the road to charge people 60 bucks to listen to him say “winning” because people are sheep.  Well the end result was  people booing him out of the arena because it he was the living embodiment of catch phrase comedy and it was never funny to begin with.

D-List Famous:

This isn’t new to 2011 but it hit heights of true awfulness.  Remember when you had to be smart or talented to be famous, well 2011 pretty much swung the pendulum in the exact opposite direction. Just some of the worst most self serving people are raking in the dough because of our willingness to except stupid as awesome.  Women from the real house wives of wherever make 120 million selling cocktail cookbooks, Kim Kardashian reportedly made $65 by getting fake married on TV to some NBA jackass. “Jersey Shore’s” pouffy princess Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi got $32,000 to lecture to students at Rutgers University.  Meanwhile Community is being canceled from NBC and Louis CK has to finance and self produce his own comedy specials.

The Return to Shit:

I’m old enough to remember that New Kids on the Block sucked.  Sure girls loved them for a hot minute but like most things that are popular, the backlash is even greater and these guys got ridiculed hard and fell to obscurity fairly quickly.  The Same can be said about The Backstreet Boys, just pop music garbage for little girls but thankfully it seemed we shook the whole boy band movement early in the 2000’s.   Well someone realize that those girls are now in their 30’s and willing to pay some heavy paper to see these bands play their shitty nostalgia inducing garbage.


I know Facebook has become a necessity and sure maybe I’m a hypocrite because I post these articles on there  and it’s probably not going anywhere any time soon, but holy shit does facebook stress me out on a regular basis.  The shit really hit the fan in 2011 when the format for facebook changed and everyone got their underwear in a twist over it.  I find going on facebook and bitching about the changes to facebook may be the most counter productive process in the history of stupid.  It reminds of when people watch an episode of a show they presumably hate and then post in on-line forums about how much it sucks.  When I watch a show I dislike I take the proper steps of never watching it again, the same alternatives can be made concerning facebook.  You don’t like it anymore, open a book, watch tv, go outside, lie underneath a table, do anything but go on facebook.  I think the thing that might bother me the most is the falsehood of Facebook.   People trying to represent themselves as something they are not in front of people who know you personally is pretty painful to watch.   I’ve also had several moments where someone (a friend, co-worker, friend of a friend) posts so much bullshit on facebook that I decide that I hate this person.  Like the mean kind of hate where you hope bad shit happens to them on the regular.  Then you encounter said person in real life (yes, facebook is not real life) and think, wow this person isn’t half bad, they just need to cool it with the 27 daily facebook posts

Tebowing:  This is my most hated trend of 2011, and to be honest I don’t even hate Tim Tebow all that much, it’s just the storm of shit that surrounds him that sends me into a blind rage.  In a world of sports stars who are drug fueled dog fighting rapists who literally get away with murder, Tim Tebow is a welcome alternative, I will not deny that.  But lets be honest with ourselves, if he pulled all the same shit except he wasn’t white and worshiped a different god, I’m sure you could cut his popularity by about 3/4’s. It’s that disingenuous interest that I find truly  annoying.  People who don’t even watch Football filling the radio air waves and daily conversations with their asinine opinions about a guy who throws a football with less accuracy than I did at the age of 12 because he thinks Jesus is a swell guy just puts an itch in my ass. Cam Newton as a rookie quarterback is head and shoulders a better quarterback than Tim Tebow but he doesn’t drop to a knee and pray before every third down because God doesn’t give a shit about the Carolina Panthers so no one talks about him.  So that leads us to the whole Tebowing thing which is where you drop to a knee and pray and have a buddy snap a picture of it because?????? I really have no idea..  No long winded explanation,  it’s just fucking stupid.


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