The Norseman presents: Heavy Metal Haven

The Norseman here with a new Column for Popjunk. This one is for all you heavy metal fans out there. When I was about age 13 I was turned on to metal by my two older brothers in the mid-90s with bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Pantera and many others.  By the time I was in high school I was a full blown metal addict. Most of my friends were punkrockers and always dragging me to punk shows and punk hangouts always introducing me as “Metal Evan”. They also tried to convert me to the darkside of tight pants and ass-flaps but I yielded, making it known I had sworn an allegiance to metal. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with punk rock and I actually enjoy a few bands, but metal was just more my thing and I was not going to turn my back on it. It was difficult growing up as a metal head only having a few close friends who were fellow metal heads, we were out numbered, but I never gave up the fight. After awhile I felt like Metal was beginning to die out, and with the death of legendary Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrel, I believed it truly had. When suddenly like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the nuclear fire, a pack of bands hailing from my home state of Massachusetts made they’re way on the scene, bands like Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Unearth to just name a few. These bands really getting some momentum and I thought maybe there’d be a new scene, but after awhile I feared this may have been just the death rattle of metal as we knew it. Only until sometime this year, I found myself in a world engulfed in indie music, hipsters ruling the streets with an iron scarf.  I was only able to find refuge at a few metal shows; An Iron Maiden show here, a mayhem fest there, even a bar I found in Salem called Dodge Street featuring metal cover bands. Alas, this wasn’t enough and I still felt empty with no refuge in sight.  In a last ditch effort I was able to dig up a new batch of metal. I had stumbled upon numerous metal bands from northern Europe and I knew In Flames and a few other bands from there were big, but I didn’t understand the magnitude of how popular metal was over there.  Metal didn’t die, it just packed up it’s shit and moved to Europe. Recently I made a journey to New York and I was brought to a metal bar called lucky 13 saloon.  This bar featured all the great things that coincided with all things Metal for instance horror movies playing and memorabilia on the wall to the contant flowing alcohol that fueled it’s patrons.  It was here that I realized that metal is still alive was still breathing here stateside as the owners of this bar are doing they’re part in keep metal alive as well. Now I shall do my part in keeping metal alive. as often as possible I will be serving up my top 5 metal songs and bands af the moment.

Here is Canadian death metal band Kataklysm, call theyre music hyperblast meta

Amon Amarth, Viking metal band from Sweden. Every song is about being a Viking, FUCK YEA!

Bolt Thrower, hailing from England and singing songs of War.

this one dates back to the 90s, this is At The Gates

I hope you enjoyed and your face didn’t completely melt off…so until next week, I’ll be going out with some Opeth enjoy. my favorite part of this song is the 5:12 mark


~ by ATOM on December 23, 2011.

One Response to “The Norseman presents: Heavy Metal Haven”

  1. awesome article man. Metal will never die \m/

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