American Horror Story: Afterbirth: Preview/Speculation

The following will contain intense speculation and theory for the upcoming finale episode of season 1 of American Horror Story entitled: Afterbirth. How fitting is that title? That is approximately how I would describe the menagerie of bloody plot points, evil gestures, and politically incorrect notions filling a usual episode of AHS. Yummy, yummy afterbirth.

Now that Ben is left to his lonesome in Murder House will he accept reality or stay in his safe world of rhyme and reason especially now with epic bleed out of his wife Vivien on the property. We also know, from promos, that Ben wants his son – whom Constance took with crazy baby eyes. Will Ben die and stay with his family into oblivion or will he take his son (possible Antichrist, and/or possibly actually Tate’s son) and keep living somewhere else? Will Ben get a big revelation? Or will the veil just lift?
Also there is the question of darkness. As of the last episode Violet told Tate he was “the darkness”. My problem here is that Ben himself has some sort of dark taint about him. In past episodes he is one of the individuals who is often pushed to a huge extreme and turns to a more dark side of himself. Is his not seeing what is truly in that house, him actually blocking out his darkness? I wish we get some of Ben’s childhood in this episode because I think it could link him more to the darkness than to the “second chance” he had originally sought with his family by moving clear across the country.  Will the knowledge that his affair started this terrible domino effect ending with both his daughter and wife dead and chained to an eternity in the House send him further off the deep end? A hysterical Ben is one of my favorite kinds so I hope so.

The whole baby business is slightly confusing for me because I still do not buy all this assuming the viewer is supposed to do during the actual bloody birthing scene in the “Birth” episode. If we are then Ben’s baby (Baby1) is stillborn and in Nora’s waiting arms, while the other child (presumed Tate’s, Baby2) is being kept with Constance. Is Baby1 really dead? Is it a ghost now? Or is it forever stuck in the second it died? Did it die on the property or has it been nurturance deprived for a while? I personally find the idea of Nora forever carrying a dead baby to be such an entertaining notion. Or will Vivien be actually hearing her DEAD baby crying somewhere in that house on its ghostly plain?
Also do we really buy the whole Antichrist thing? Billie Dean seems more and more bullshit even with her telepathic communication with DEAD Violet. In fact other than that most of her theories/idea/squabble comes off being wrong or just hearsay. If I was Violet I’d be pissed that she had me screaming out silly things (CROATOAN!) just to have them not work even remotely. So is Baby2 the antichrist? Is this baby even Tate’s? Are we just assuming since he is “evil” that he therefore supplied the more “alpha” sperm?

So is the house this naturally evil hot spot of energy? Is it as Billie Dean said? Once again can we even believe her? My point I’m trying to make is: Is the house really evil? I would buy cursed land/house for sure but are we supposed to believe the devil has some sort of hand in this? What if the house is exactly like my favorite character: Beau? What if the house looks scary, acts a bit scary, and has this stigma attached to it when in actuality the house is working as its own sort of purgatory? Could it be helping trying to fix these ghosts? Helping them change things they could not do in life? Or is the house using their actual souls for some evil purpose? Are we just assuming the evil is present because of the foreign irrational nature of the house in general? Is the house trying to make them all the person they can be? Was the house trying to pull Vivien and Ben apart or perhaps was it forcing them to deconstruct their marriage problems instead of just moving and pretending something that devastating can just be painted over with kind words and lots of “trying”.
Is the house a bringer of second chances? Or a destroyer of light?

Thaddeus, aka the little Frankenstein blood drinking meat eating old man looking monster in the basement needs some more reveals right? I know we know most his origins – My question is did Dr. Montgomery truly create this thing or did the house bring it back in some way? Is it connected to the house or if it seriously just a monster in the basement?
Also I had also had the impression that he and Tate were linked in a way and more than the scene depicted last week (Baby Tate nearly getting ripped open). Am I the only person who still swears they catch an abundance of scaring on Tate’s face sometimes? Why wouldn’t Thaddeus be pissed at human Tate? Nora blatantly does not want him as her “baby”. Perhaps Thaddeus needs some love and somehow joined-connected-invaded Tate? Or am I just making up excuses so I can continue to think Tate isn’t all THAT bad? What is with this character that I am having such a hard time buying his villainous actions one minute and cheering for them the next? I can’t wait to see his mental state in the finale. I want some CRAZYCRAZYCRAZY.
Also in general doesn’t something not seem quite right concerning Tate? Is his tenure at Murder House messing with his memory or is it something else? Wouldn’t he know Hugo, Constance’s dog-fooded husband as his father? Something about Tate never quite adds up – But if they just push it all on him being just a pure lunatic I might like that just as well. I mean it’s hard to drop that “rapist” title. Can a “second chance” really change that much? Is Tate continuous lying or is there a more sinister act going on here? Do you believe he doesn’t recall killing all those kids? It seems legitimate.

Vivien looks good as a ghost. I am hoping now that she has died this show will cool it with the Vivien bashing. This woman has never caught a break. In fact the most this woman smiled was when she got to have screen time with HOT SECURITY GUARD. But let’s be serious who wouldn’t have smiled then. As a ghost Vivien looks like a mixture of strength, amazing back lighting, and about an hour more in the hair and make-up trailer. Is she due to have this strength or will there be more pain in store for Vivien – the women with all womanly problems. Will she step up and prevail in the house becoming the women I always imagined Vivien to actually be? C’mon Vivien you should play Cello again and call up HOT SECURITY GUARD.  I really hope this character has died to come alive again.
Violet, with her mother as company is now stuck in Murder House sans hot (but pretty unstable) boyfriend. Do you think Violet is going to be the nice little teenager now? I also got the impression that Violet had a connection to the house even before she died. Was this just her attraction to the darkness? Violet has made it clear though that she may like the darkness but she is more a “light” kind of girl. Does this give her any sort of leg up in the house? Also episodes back they exploited Violets virginity (innocence). Was this just a way of showing how serious she was with Tate or could it still play a part in this story? Do things like that matter in murder house? I only say so because it is hinted that she had sex with Tate after her death therefore making her an eterna-virgin. Right?
Maybe I’m thinking far too much into this crap. Everyone please enjoy the season one finale of American Horror Story. I know I will.


~ by ATOM on December 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “American Horror Story: Afterbirth: Preview/Speculation”

  1. I’m stoked.

  2. American Horror Story is my favorite show and I am sad it is going to be ending tonight. It has blown me away with everything that’s happened. I really think Ben is Constance’s son but we shall see. I thought working late at DISH I’ll have to miss it but thanks to my Sling box I won’t. I can stream any channel I subscribe to or even a DVR event right to my iPhone, iPad or MAC. The Sling box is great for people with on-the-go lifestyles. So I won’t be missing tonight’s episode.

  3. You know when I watch American Horror Story I like to cool down with an ice cold pepsi. It’s the taste of a new generation.

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