WWE: Tables, Ladders and Chairs: Review

The final PPV of 2011 TLC (Tables Ladders and Chairs) the word on the internet is this could be the lowest bought PPV of the year; mainly because John Cena is not on the card but I don’t think it’ll be any worse than Capital Punisher but I digress.  This is a decent but not great card and hopefully we will be caught off guard and this will be a solid showing to cap off the year.

Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler (US Title)  Lots of good back and forth action that was really bogged down by Micheal Cole’s commentary about Ryder being a goof.  I don’t mind the heel announcer picking on the babyface but my word change it up!  When the insults are rehashed it’s white fucking noise, please just call the match.  Well Ziggler and Ryder rise above Cole’s bullshit and put on one entertaining match.  I talk up Ziggler enough on this blog, my hats off to Zack Ryder.  He hits the Ruff Ryder for the win and move over Konnan, General Rection, Matt Hardy……Zack Ryder  is your new United States champion.  The pop Ryder got when he won was massive and they even showed his Dad and The Big O, if you’ve watched Ryder’s youtube show Z-True Long Island Story then you should recognize both of them.  Having a superstar as over as Ryder is a win for WWE.

Air-Boom vs Epico and Primo:  The return of Air-Release as Bourne is off of his suspension  for smoking oregano and they’re pitted against some what of a new tag-team in Epico and Primo, who need a name but knowing WWE it’ll be racist so maybe not.  So creative found something for Rosa Mendes as it seemed obvious to put her as the valet for Epico and Primo and through the whole match she just yells in Spanish at everyone in the ring and it’s great.  Picture Gloria from White Men Can’t Jump screaming for the entire match whenever something would happen in the ring.  So good for you on that, bad that this is the Mexican American gimmick from Impact…but maybe if no one watches it’s no big deal. This match was fast paced and surprisingly a lot of fun.  Air-Farts get the win and keep the titles.  Suck it Headbangers.

More Hornswoggle talking….no more!

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (Tables Match) This match was fun, with some near falls of Orton almost going through the table that could have easily been botched.  The finish was fantastic with Orton play possum lying on the table and Barrett coming off the top rope.  While Barrett was in mid air Orton popped up and RKO’ed Barrett through the table.  Barrett did look legit hurt after the spot but who knows, reguardless Orton gets the win and continues to put on very entertaining matches.

Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly:  This match actually wasn’t half bad at as Beth and Kelly are the only two divas who have any chemistry in the ring together.   Couple near falls as the Kelly Kelly roll up now makes you wonder if that’s going to be the finish but Beth uses what King refereed to as a reverse Electric Chair, resembling almost a reverse Powerbomb, good stuff though.  Beth gets the win and keeps the title and her dignity.

Booker T vs Cody Rhodes:  Booker makes his way out and Cody runs down and surprise attacks Booker T for the fifth time, fifth time, fifth time, fifth time, fifth time and he can’t takes it more.  Booker gets helped up the ramp after Cody is ejected by officials.  Sorry kids no match for these guys tonight. 😦

Triple H vs Kevin Nash (Sledge Hammer Ladder Match) So here we go, 3 months of shitty booking leads to this and I’m excited to see if this match will be worth a damn or a complete pile of shit.  Although I think Triple H is an ego-maniacal dick, he’s still over as hell and his intro still kinda rules, I won’t deny that.  So these two finally tie up and they actually move around pretty well for a couple of dinosaurs.  The ladders come into effect early and Triple H uses it to work the knee of Kevin Nash so he can limp around the ring and have it make sense.  This ended up being a good match for a brawler, with some pretty painful prop spots and what have you, but it does sorta crawl to end as both of these guys run out of gas.  Triple H gets the sledgehammer  first and uses it on Nash and then goes for the Pedigree but Nash collapses and botches it.  After a second attempt Triple H hits it.  Nash rises up after Triple H waits a bit, Nash on his knees gives the click hand signal but Triple H tells him to suck it and hits him with the hammer one last time for the win.  This match was better than I thought but I thought it was going to be a total pile of shit, so low expectations wins again.  Nash is carted out and it seems WWE called an audible on the Nash/Triple H feud…good idea.

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger:  This is pretty much a PPV filler match so I nominated this match to be my break to make something to eat.  When I returned Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Guiness Potato famine kick.  The really white guy won.

Mark Henry vs Big Show (World Heavyweight Title) Me thinks putting these two matches back to back might have been a mistake, but we shall see.   This match is just a mess of chairs and sweat and farting (i assume you wouldn’t wanna follow either of these guys in the bathroom)  They play up an injuried right hand for The Big Show from a chair shot but he uses it anyhow to knock out Mark Henry and get the pinfall.  Mark Henry’s run as champion has come to an end, and before I can even complete a thought on weather Big Show deserves the World Heavyweight Title Henry DDTs him into a pile of chairs knocking out the Big Show and down comes Daniel Bryan, cashes in the money in the bank and pins Big Show and Daniel Bryan is the new World Heavy Weight Champion.  Internet fans rejoice and I sit here indifferent.  Giving Bryan The World title now means the WWE doesn’t want him in the main event at Mania for the title.  Now as my gears start turning the only way this will turn out well enough for Bryan is turn heel and feud with Randy Orton for the title.  I want to be excited about this but really all I wanna see Daniel Bryan do is wrestle. The guy is a machine and winning the title like this is cheap.  Not cheap like he didn’t earn it, cheap as in there was no match, just a pin.  WWE might think they’re catering to the internet fans with this move but what the internet wants to see is Daniel Bryan wrestle and not look stupid when the match is over. Ya know what, CM Punk is WWE Champion and Daniel Bryan is World Heavyweight Champion…I’ll shut up.

Booker T vs Cody Rhodes:  They’re gonna attempt this match again and this time it actually happens.  Booker T looks really good in the ring and his conditioning is really good for his age.  Couple good spots but a quick match and they use the past attacks as an excuse for Booker T to run out of gas, but it came off as pretty awkward.  Cody retains the title and his smile.

CM Punk vs The Miz, vs Alberto Del Rio. (TLC Match for the WWE Title) Another slugfest of a match using a lot of cool high spots and props.  CM Punk takes early control of the match and has a clear path up the ladder when Ricardo handcuffs him to the ladder.  Punk fights off Miz and then breaks the ladder and breaks free.  The match continues on with more destruction, Del Rio going nuts with a chair, Ricardo taking a crazy bump from the top of the ladder to the outside of the ring through a table and another handcuff spot.  This time Miz handcuffs CM Punk to the turnbuckle.  As Miz and Del Rio battle it out, CM Punk being no stranger to taking a rng apart, does just that and frees himself, it was a cool spot.  Punk fights off both guys, scales the the ladder and grabs the belt.  I thought this was a good match for CM Punk to establish himself as a legit champ, something they never gave Del Rio the opportunity to.

Overall: A solid pay-per-view overall, couple good hardcore style matches and The TLC main event was the show stealer.  This show wasn’t a game changer but enough happened that if you paid for it you weren’t disappointed.  Tomorrow we start our build toward Royal Rumble, see what they’re gonna do with Daniel Bryan as champion, inch closer to reveal who the 1/2/2011 promos are for so stay right here on Pop Junk to see what develops.


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