Pop Junk’s Favorite Comics of 2011

This one won’t be a “best” of 2011 in a technical term because we don’t follow every on going title.  We can however pick out our favorites and share them with you guys.  How’s that sound? Super, let’s get to the list.

#5 Wolverine:

It’s nearly impossible to take a watered down over drawn character like Wolverine and make a fresh new exciting story but Jason Aaron succeeded in 2011.  He crafted the ultimate revenge story pitting Wolverine against a mysterious group known as the Red Right Hand.  This faction is revealed to be a group of regular people who have had loved ones killed by Wolverine be it on purpose or by accident.  The arc begins with Wolverine being sent to straight to hell by the RRH making for some interesting encounters with people he’s killed, Sabbertooth the like. While he was in hell, a group of demons possessed Wolverine’s body. The demons then attacked and killed friends of Wolverine such as Wraith and Silver Samurai. Wolverine manages to escape from hell with the help of Ghost Rider and others.  This sets Wolverine after the Red Right Hand for sending him to hell so he fights and kills their best Warriors.  Just as he makes it to the main group to tear them to pieces they commit suicide and leave a little video package for Wolverine which reveals their ultimate revenge.  The killers and mongrels that Wolverine fought and killed trying to get his hands on the Red Right Hand were all of Wolverine’s illegitimate  children, which made for a pretty cool “holy shit” moment, pretty twisted stuff.

#4 Justice League

It’s only been three issues in to the Justice League Relaunch but it has been amazing. The combo of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns is perfect for this DC flagship book. The story is intriguing and very entertaining, revolving around Darkside and it hasn’t missed a beat yet. It also focuses on the early beginnings of the Justice League and its creation with all the classic characters. They all meet each other for the first time investigating strange beings popping up. The majority of the group is surprised that Batman has no powers considering the urban myths that he’s a vampire. This book has one more issue this month and it keeps picking up steam and rolling forward, definitely one of the monumental books of 2011 and into 2012.

#3 Green Lantern

Green Lantern has been by far one of the best books since Rebirth and it has kept the same momentum with the 52 relaunch. The war of the Green Lanterns was a crossover story between three titles and it was excellent, but the events that followed will forever change the life of one Hal Jordan. He was stripped of his power ring by the guardians for insubordination, but to everyone’s surprise the ring chose a familiar face…..Sinestro! So far the first three issues have been very impressive and action packed especially what happens to Hal during a mission to liberate Sinestro’s home planet for the Yellow Lanterns. It was truly an event alone that made the top five books of the year.

#2 Punisher Max:

Another Jason Aaron book making the list should be no surprise;  Aaron is the rightful air to Garth Ennis’s Punisher Max title.  Again taking a property that’s been there and done that can’t be an easy task but Aaron is a talented writer and his gloves off approach to Punisher Max was a welcome sight to this already ballsy as hell comic book.  Picking up from his 2010 Kingpin story line, Aaron ups the anti with the introduction of his take on the Max-Bullzeye who is a complete bat ship crazy assassin and lives the life of Frank Castle in order to better understand his prey.  Now when I say lives the life of Frank Castle I mean kidnapping a family, spending quality time as the husband and father of the family and then having then having them Slaughtered in central park.  Some great sick shit in this book make way to an awesome show down between the two.  This culminates in Frank being thrown in jail for the next arc.  Aaron uses this to explore deeper into The Punisher’s back story in Vietnam and such.  I looked forward to read this book every month and it’s same it’s coming to it’s conclusion in 2012.

#1 Uncanny X-Force

Unfortunetly the title X-Force has some stigma to it but it’s a reality and was a contrigbuting factor in making this the unsung hero in the X-Men family in 2011.  This stigma is Rob Liefield and his crappy art that birthed the original X-Force and the
other that X-Force is nothing more than a garbage X-Men spin-off.  This causes not too many people to take the X-Force title seriously until someone decided to reboot the series and make it something new and exciting.

In 2008 Criag Kyle and Christopher Yost breathed new life into X-Force by making it a recon/strike team for the X-Men, and it was a fresh
take for X-Men fans.  After a successful run Kyle and Yost turned over the reigns in 2010 to Rick Reminder and Jerome Opena starting
with the debut storyline “The Apocalypse Solution,” and giving the team a fresh new line up.  Wolverine, Pyslocke, Deadpool, Fantomex, Archangel and later on Deathlok.   In the first arc the team is pitted against Apocalypse and his four horsemen…this time Apocalypse is being resurrected in the body of a young boy. The classic moral dilemma was part of the initial appeal of having Apocalypse reborn as a kid and X-Force known as a group of merciless mutants doing the tough jobs found themselves in the quandary of murdering a child.  They argued back and forth over murdering a young boy who may end up becoming Apocalypse  but Fantomex ended the conversation by putting a bullet between the young boys eyes.

That storyline wrapped in late 2010 but gave way to Remender and Opena’s 2011 epic story arc “The Dark Angel Saga” which sets up
Archangel as the air to Apocalypse and will become him unless X-Force can track down the Celestiall Life seed which resides in the alternate reality  known as the “Age of Apocalypse”

X-Force travels to the Age of Apocalypse and encounter what is left of the characters that inhabited the mini-series including Wolverine who is now that reality’s vessel for Apocalypse.  After the team acquires the life seed and returns to their time line they are ambushed and find out the entire trip was a ruse set up by Dark Beast and Archangel who has already turned into Apocalypse; All to acquire the life seeds and use it to reset humanity in their image.  The rest of the Saga was simply awesome with a lot of great moments but two things will stick out after reading this.  Fantomex is a great character that was created by Grant Morrison but perfected by Remender with a unique personality and powers.  The other is Archangel is an amazing villain: the way he conducts himself as a very evil but smart and sophisticated ruler.  The series wrapped up this past week with an excellent final chapter; I can’t say enough about this story as a whole, it’s a darkly emotion saga with moments of beauty and brutality.  Remender has an uncanny ability to write in such a funny, yet thought provoking manner that you’ll feel a rush of different emotions page 1 to 22.   This wasn’t the most underrated comic of the year, it was the best.

see what we did there?

-Atom and Gig


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