American Horror Story Epsiode 11: Birth (Pre-Review)

American Horror Story Preview-Spoiler-Fun for episode 11 “Birth”
Beware spoiler’s ahead and mild speculation for Wednesday’s new episode of American Horror Story. I say mild because how could it not be with this ridiculous show and the levels of weird it reaches: Which I can’t help but love. The following contains promotional materials as well as sneak peeks of select scenes from the next episode of AHS.

Last week we got the mad revelation that Violet is no longer living and now stuck in the house as myself, and most of the internet had figured out. In time I do not think anything will really get better for our little sunshine. Sure she is spending her eternity with her pretty hot sweet boyfriend, but she is also spending it with a lunatic who essentially raped her mother. Oh my god this whole thing is all some big macabre soap opera.
Upon re-watching the “Piggy Piggy” episode (the one where Violet bonded with a bottle of sleeping pills fatally) and onward with the knowledge that Violet was in fact dead, and Tate knew, opened the scenes up a bit for me. I do not know if Evan Peters knew about the twist but the way he plays Tate really sold it for me. You hear where he is lying, and where he is (seemingly) telling the truth just by his reactions to Violet. Part of me loves this romance – Another part really does not want to see these two very talented actors be stuck playing chess/scrabble/cards for the rest of eternity.  They make quite the little pair though. This is highlighted in the following sneak peek of a scene featuring Violet and Tate confronting Chad and Patrick who have taken to decorating the nursery – you know because they want a baby too obviously.

I love how mad Tate is. Though it seems less morally having to do with what Chad wanting to steal the babies then with how Chad is talking to Violet. Too bad you can’t kill them twice Tate.  Wink-wink.Nod-nod.Rubberman-rubberman. Couple versus couple I’d say Patrick needs more game but I’m pretty sure Chad can wheel and deal for both of them.

Last week we also saw that Tate is actually pretty much responsible for all things bad from the early ninetiesto the present as we see him the responsible party to Larry’s burns. Normally I would call a show out here for being cheap but you know what… I think I am going to do everyone involved a favor and just take Tate as the horrible person he essentially is all while loving him and his black roses.  What? He plays loving sociopath very well! We also see before he lit Larry aflame (at his boring office job none the less) Tate started his morning the right way: A few bumps of coke and crystal meth. I’m sure that’s eye opening. We understand now that Tate went to his dear stepfathers (mother’s boyfriends?) work with a gas can in hand and loaded guns hidden in his coat.He then went on to burn Larry alive and within an inch of his sanity, then went to school where he proceeded to murder 15 teenagers. What a guy.
We could blame him, Constance, or the house,but ultimately it would still come down to one thing:  Even Peters is one of the high points of this show, mixing both an intense romanticized view of him and a truly creepy vibe. Am I alone is wondering how such a flawed character (A schoolfuck shooter) can be romanticized to this extreme in this day and age? It is sort of amazing in a dreadful but attractive way.  Why am I still talking about this? ::Blushes::
One clever subject change coming up:
In sad news, I did read in an interview between Entertainment Weekly and Ryan Murphy that we have indeed see the last of Larry. What a waste of a fine actor. I’ll miss you Larry. I’ll have to rewatch some Trueblood’s to spend some more quality time with you.

This is when Vivien screams something inappropriate about her vagina – you wish I was kidding.

Well, I take we’re going to actually see the birth of the twins (or at least one of them) in the next episode hence the title.  One of the teases I found for this is that it does in fact happen but the outcome is “not what you expect”. A god damn giraffe eating ice cream could come out of there and I really would not be that surprised. There is also a lot of teasing that the actual event will have many a ghost in attendance.
In “Birth” the newly dead Violet seems to be trying to protect her parents. I wonder how the babies will play a role in this as well. We know these last episodes will focus more on the family (The Harmons) more so than as of late which works for me considering it started with their little broken family trying to hit the restart button on life. Anyone else getting a feeling no one is making it out of that house alive?
In the following sneak peek at a scene we see Violet pretending to still be alive but physically being dragged out of the house by her father. Ben is in no mood for her teenager “I don’t feel good” bullshit but that is problem considering she knows she cannot actually leave the house with him.

Poor V. I am hearing news that Tate will be showing his love for Violet this episode in a “very traditional” way. Hopefully it is sometime after this horrible moment so she can brighten up a little – unless you know she knows all his dark secrets by now. I also read that Tate is also trying to actively cheer her up with the use of her laptop/the internet. There was also some nonsense about him not knowing how to spell Youtube (in a spoiler) which could either be hilariously funny or pathetic teenage pandering. Either way I cannot wait to see this episode.

I’m hearing these two are battling it out in a scene that these two actors asked for. Essentially they are probably the strongest actors on the series so with good reason. Chad versus Constance has me elated before I can even imagine what amazing bitchary will be regurgitated between these two drama queens. I am guessing it will concern Vivien’s babies and Chad’s want for them.
As we saw earlier in this post, Violet is very bothered by the ghost’s intentions with her parents/siblings. So she approaches the one live person she knows who seems to have an “in” with the house and in turn the supernatural: Constance and her lifetime medium Billie Dean.

This is gratifying because of all the theorizing I’ve done the use of the actual house as one big entity is something I’ve always found appealing. I use this to explain this show to people who do not understand the “dreamlike” nature of this series. It is by thinking of the House has a character in itself – using people and ghosts and the darkness to serve its every need. In fact Billie goes so far as to say the house’s need is greater than the actually ghost’s needs.
As for the dialogue about “might being a way” to get rid of the ghosts or at least the gay couple I am thinking will have to do with the birth. Another huge part of this little tidbit of juicy scene is Billie’s reaction to Tate. I can only imagine what she has sensed in him. Is she scared? Or is she mad? You know about the whole bringing about the apocalypse notion? I’m guessing it had to do with fathering the antichrist because Tate doesn’t push and leaves them alone. Constance’s gentle nudging at him to go is just amazing. Jessica Lange is a goddess. Her nerves are frayed – I wonder what has thrown Constance so. – This could be just a poor selection of observation but do Constance and Billie know Violet is dead? They seem to not know but perhaps like everything on this show will be treated like a triviality.

Is Billie for real? Will Violet get her parents out? Will they know she is dead? Does Constance still hate Violet? Are Ben and Vivien really getting back together? So many questions – let’s get through tomorrows episode and then I will have to start preparing myself for the finale: After Birth.


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