Best Moments of 2011 (WWE)

For all the bitching internet wrestling fans do about what sucks in the WWE, there was enough good moments to actually spurn a debate on what were the 10 best moments of the years.  Well I have done just that and here are your 10 best Wrestling moments of the year (wwe)

Nexus last stand in the Royal Rumble:  The death rattle of what started out as a great angle in 2010 sort of fizzled out despite CM Punk breathing some last minute life into it.  At the 2011 Royal Rumble, Punk and the “new” Nexus dominated and made what was to be their final stand in the WWE before being sent out to pasture with the anonymous Raw GM, Drew McIntyre’s crush on Kelly Kelly, and Bret Hart.   This moment complies a lot of small moments rolled into it as you’ll be able to see in the video provided; be it a crappy highlight video with the quickly forgotten Royal Rumble Theme.  I was a big fan of the Nexus story line but when it started to get a little stale CM Punk breathed life into the group by taking the leadership role and started a small feud with Cena.  This culminated at the 2011 Royal Rumble with Nexus taking over the entire match for a significant amount of time, especially for a 40 man Royal Rumble.  Nexus cleared out the ring and each entry into the match was disposed of easily.  One of the men thrown to the wolves was the return on Booker T which was a big surprise to the Boston crowd.  His pop was huge and what was even more surprising was he was disposed of just as easily as the last few guys who barely lasted a minute in the ring.  Finally Super Cena’s number is pulled and clears the ring and gets a one on one showdown with CM Punk making for an awesome rumble moment.

The Rock returns to “host” wrestle mania:  There was a ton of rumors swirling about who was going to “Host” Wrestlemania. Would it be Stone Cold Steve Austin, Justin Beiber, Greg The Hammer Valentine, The Blue Meanie?  Who could it be!? Well a Raw leading up to Wrestlemania would answer that question;  It was non-other that The Electrifying one, The Rock.  The Rock enters the ring and says two things that really catch everyone’s attention.  He says he’s never leaving the WWE again (Doesn’t come back til Mania, then disappears till Survivor Series) and he calls out John Cena, cuts him up in a brutal promo and starts a year long (twitter) feud.

Alberto Del Rio wins The Royal Rumble:  Alberto Del Rio was the beneficiary of the “Super-push” in 2011 Debuting late in 2010 and being pushed very quickly through the ranks in the WWE because he had that rare talent of good micwork and good in ring work.  These attributes set himself up to be one of if not the top future heel in the WWE.  How quickly he would rise to the top was anyone’s guess but I can tell you as being in the arena first hand that people were SHOCKED that Del Rio won the Royal Rumble.  This would set him up to feud with Edge and have a main event spot (opening match) at Wrestlemania.  This great moment is best viewed as only the most original tribute video composer could conjure….with CREED!!!!! Because when I think of a Mexican Aristocrat who breaks arms for a living, I think of Creed.

Daniel Bryan Wins Money In The Bank:  I think with a real lack of hardcore style matches in the WWE, when they do come around you appreciate it that much more and this was the case with one of the best matches of 2011.  The moment that captured my attention the most was Daniel Bryan the internet sensation that seemed to be buried by the WWE as far as wins were concerned pulled out the victory and captured the brief case and a shot at the world title that has yet to be cashed in as 2011 comes to a close.  Note: This list has also turned into me finding the most obscure yet watchable tribute video for each moment with inappropriate music.

Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton for the World Heavy Weight Title:  Luckily someone at WWE creative woke the hell up and realized Mark Henry is a beast.  He’s also a seasoned big man who never got the push he deserves.  2011 saw Mark Henry introduce the hall of pain where he was injuring a lot of the top guys and putting them on the shelf.  After a few months he set his sights on Randy Orton and they squared off at Night of Champions 2011.  Randy Orton had a good run as World Champion in 2011 and many predicted he’d continue on as Champion in 2012, but that wasn’t the case.  It wasn’t even that Mark Henry won, it’s how he won, clean and dominating.  One of the things the WWE got right in 2011 is the dominance of Mark Henry.  Also it should be noted he is only the 3rd African American World Champion in WWE history.

Triple H and The Undertaker return on the same night:  2/21/2011 saw the big return of not one but two huge WWE superstars.  The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak is arguably bigger than the hot potato WWE world title and lots of speculation on the internet circulated on who he’d face.  2/21/2011 answered that as Undertaker and Triple H faced off saying everything with no words, just some hardcore stink eye.

Randy Orton’s RKO on The Steel Steps at SummerSlam:  This one individual moment ended one of my favorite matches of the year.  Christian climbed the ropes for a back elbow when Randy Orton pulled an RKO out of his ass right on the steel steps.  It had to be painful as hell and capped off one hell of a match.

Christian becomes World Champion: Christian is a great wrestler who some people believe his career has been over shadowed by his life long friend and tag-team partner Edge.  Well Christian is no Marty Jennetty and has crafted an excellent singles career.  At this years “Extreme Rules” Christian and Alberto Del Rio had a brutal match for the vacant world title.  Christian won the match and it was a great moment in the career in one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE History.

Edge Retires from the WWE: Edge made his big return to the WWE in 2010 winning the Royal Rumble and then in 2011 winning the World Title from Kane.  For this decade Edge might arguably be the best workers, having some of the best matches and moments of the past ten years consistently.  Even in the twilight of his career in 2011 he still had great matches and was one of the best the WWE had.  Unfortunately a neck injury had nagged him most of his career and in 2011 in caught up to him and he was forced to retire.  Personally it was pretty painful to watch this man have to walk away from what was essentially his life’s dream and to call it a best moment seems awkward but it was a huge moment.  What makes it a best is that it ended up being a tribute to one of the greats and it was refreshing to see a wrestler walk away on his own two feet than to have his life meet a tragic end which happens far too often.  Edge had an amazing career as a wrestler and probably had a some good years ahead of him but he had to retire early and the WWE will have a gaping hole without the Rated-R Superstar.

I have little faith people will sit through Edge’s 12 minute farewell speech which was very good, but I think the WWE’s tribute video will better suit.

CM Punk shoots on the WWE: There were so many fun/controversial things that happened in the WWE growing up that you couldn’t wait to get to school and talk about it with your friends the next day.  Those moments have obviously become few and far between but there was one moment this year that actually transcended wrestling and became a legitimate story and you really couldn’t wait to talk about it with fellow wrestling fans.  The night CM Punk picked up a mic and ripped the WWE a new one.  After time you realize it wasn’t as real as it seemed but holy hell seeing that for the first time was awesome.  It changed the course of where the WWE was headed for the summer and took it in a fun new direction.  This one night set CM Punk apart from everyone else on the roster and as we close out 2011 he is the WWE champion, so the ramifications of this promo is still being felt today.  Weather how it all played out meet expectations is a different conversation for a different day but  This truly was the best WWE Moment of the year.

Bonus: Best Intro of the Year


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