The Defenders #1: Review

This week’s review is for the new ongoing series; Defenders issue one, so let’s get right to it. This book takes place where Fear Itself left off in regards to one of the hammers avatars Nul (breaker of worlds). Apparently this was the avatar that possessed the Hulk, but unlike the rest, this one was left behind to run amuck on earth. It opens with a very awkward scene between Doc Strange and a college student and we are left to believe they slept together but the girl is very disappointed in herself and regrets her decision, she even says she hates herself but hates him even more HAHA. AWKWARD! So the Hulk takes it upon himself to ask Doc Strange for help on this one. Doc Strange actually agrees to it, along with Namor, Silver surfer and Red She-Hulk, who at the time was chasing down bulls in Pamplona…. can’t find anything better to do with your new found powers?? Eventually the gang realizes they are going to need a plane, and Doc Strange has someone in mind, Iron Fist, who was having one of those “what have I done!?” moments after hooking up with a girl, when the Doc contacted him via astral plane. So they all head to the last whereabouts of Nul on Iron Fist’s 10 figure plane, but are shot out of the sky, bye bye plane. Fortunately they were all okay (they are superheroes after all) a plane explosion isn’t going to kill them. We see in the mountains who shot them out of the sky and it turns out to be Prester John!

Terry Dodson’s art in this book is pretty good, as usual. The last time I saw his art it was for Uncanny X-Men so it’s nice to see a good artist being used for this book. The team is pretty bad ass and unique to say the least. The story was interesting and had some pretty funny moments both involving hook-ups. A new thing I noticed in this book are the one liners on the bottom of each page like mini news headlines which was cool. So I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this book, and I already knew half way through I was hooked so far and going to buy the next one, Fraction and Dodson make a great combo. This was definitely a good pick up and I recommend to others.

Story- B

Artwork- B


~ by ATOM on December 10, 2011.

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