American Horror Story: Pre-Review: Episode 10 “Smoldering Children

American Horror Story returns tomorrow night with episode 10 entitled “Smoldering Children”.
Mmm Yummy title. I think it made me hungry… for children.
Last we checked in with Murder House and company, Vivien’s belly has twins and they are exactly like Jacob and The Man in Black on Lost. Kidding. Sort of. One baby is Bens and one is Tate’s and according to the Lifetime networks next big thing Billie Dean the medium, Tate’s spawn is totally ushering in the end of the world… Lovely.  Elizabeth Short, aka black dahlia, is one our resident ghosts and I kind of wish she wasn’t a special guest star because seeing Mena Suvari in all her 40 glamour garb is just divine.  Plot line is eternally a little weak but just visually nice. Travis, the bimbo and boy toy to Constance has joined the parade of dead in Murder House. Ben is putting together some ugly truths, seeing the house as “it really is”, and totally seeing Moira without her sexy suit on.

With the next episodes promo we can pinpoint some direct moments of importance and otherwise fun. There is something dead in the walls/crawlspace of the house – drawing flies as we can see them littered on the RED and GREEN apples.  Ben and Vivien have a real honest conversation about her rapist in a rubbersuit. Constance and Larry talk/fight/be amazing on screen together. Tate is Violet are either getting closer or further apart. This promo seems to elude that Violet is scared of Tate but they did the same thing for the promo for “Piggy Piggy” and that ended with them happily cuddling together like a couple of depressed lovesick puppies. Violet is certainly distressed though – the question is: Is Tate helping or harming her? I think that goes for their whole relationship. And we also see a naked (YES!) Ben and he is fighting/wrestling/trying to damask Tate/Rubberman (Yes!). Did some homoerotic fan fiction writer create this? Did some Tumblr-freak make that scene happen with their mind?  It sure seems like it. Also there is some sort of handyman looking for whatever “dead” thing is in Murder Houses walls. His scream at whatever it is pretty good though but I’m calling chanagins if its not a human remains. The promo also features Violet trying to run away or escape from someone (Tate?) while searching for her father in the house. This is like a big florescent sign to me screaming that Violet is in fact dead.

Essentially I have been focusing  on this theory of “Violet is really dead” for a few weeks. This is working off the assumption that Violet never made it through her run in with a bottle of sleeping pills during “Piggy Piggy”. During those moments we never see Tate actually physically take her ailing sleeping body off her bed. All we see if a quick cut directly to him hysterically screaming for her while pulling her lifeless body down to the hallway. Why should be trust such a sight? We shouldn’t trust Tate right? Right?!
Another reason is Violets physical appearance and traits. This could be just from falling madly in love with dead mass murderer and never leaving her room but Violet is looking a little rough. The parting shot of episode 8 in which violet is left alone in the house with Tate is a good example.

Violet literally looks tired. The usually chain-smoking little angst machine seems to have been ignoring her cigarettes as of late – Can ghosts smoke? My guess is no. She hasn’t been eating and she has been “camped out” in her room for weeks. We also know she hasn’t been going to school. Also her frustration seems more intense than usual as if she stuck in a sleepy funk spewing anger and angst. It all screams that my theory is true – However, it also looks like depression, which is exactly what her parents assume about her. If I am correct then Violet is suffering from both: A terminal case of death as well as a bout of eternal depression. If I am wrong then Violet may end up dying soon either against her will or perhaps in some sort of suicide love pact with Tate. (just thoughts!)

Don’t think my theory of “Violet is really dead” is based off pure rumor either – I very much found a loose connection in last week’s episode and the possibility of Violet being dead herself. According to AHS Elizabeth Short actually died accidently while being screwed in a drugged sleep. Much like the other famous murders this TV series visits (Sal Mineo, and Nicole Simpson) this can be seen as eluding to another death on the show/in the house. I had related Sal Mineo’s murder with Patrick and Chad’s murder because it is covered up and passed off as something it is isn’t. This is Sal Mineo’s death being called a robbery gone wrong while seemingly being just a pure hate crime, and the couple being found looking like a murder-suicide while in actuality they were both murdered in cold blood. Both of their deaths were changed to fit another story. I see the same connection between Elizabeth Shorts “accidental” overdose as Violets seeming attempt.
I could also be totally wrong here though. No matter what I do not think Violet is getting out of this journey alive. But, remember this is American Horror Story. They could write a plotline making the Infantata secretly related to the Goblins from Harry Potter and have him sent to Gringotts for a summer internship and I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at the insanity that would be that plotline.
Waiting with bells on!



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