Bands to Watch….

Stephie Coplan and The Pedestrians

Back in the day before I was a failed Film Maker, useless Blogger and TV personality (wink) I was a musician (in the loosest sense of the word)  My heights of stardom were reached by opening for the band that opened for Powerman 5000 and playing Misfits covers at clubs in Cambridge for drink vouchers.  Notably;  the most talented person I ever shared a stage with was a good friend of mine and an excellent drummer in Shane Considine.  Shane did what any sane musician would do and moved to New York, subsequently  joining forces with other talented musicians in the form of Stephie Coplan and The Pedestrians.  A 3 piece outfit who are primed  for big things.  They have an album dropping in January, radio play here in Boston on WFNX and an excellently crafted “madmen-esk” music video ready for view on Youtube. (The song is catchy as hell)

Stephie Coplan is a real life manic pixie girl who isn’t too cool to chat you up after a show along with Shane on drums and Bassist John Hebert; They dub their music genre “Piano Rock”  with some Punk and sunshine pop influences, including B.J. Thomas, the Beach Boys, and even infectious TV themes.  I was witness to a show of theirs in Boston this past fall and they are a blast live.  Check out their video, like them on facebook and just be aware they exist now before they’re everywhere and it won’t be cool to like them anymore.

Bonus: Back during my movie making days Shane appeared in many different productions and in this piece here we had him hawk burgers in a dream sequence tv commercial…it has since become an internet sensation (by local standards); note the cut offs, 2 tickets to the gun show t-shirt and my biggest mistake which was “hey shane, wear some really reflective sunglasses so you can see the camera in them”





~ by ATOM on December 5, 2011.

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