Uncanny X-Men Issue #2: Review

In issue one Cyclops assembles his extinction team of the most powerful mutants in the world staying put in San Fransisco opposite Wolverine and his team of snot-nose mutant douchbags who hightailed it to New York for slapstick comedy.  Meanwhile Cyclops and his merry band of badasses stays put and immediately have to tangled with a returned from the dead (I Think?) Mr. Sinister who has stolen the head of a dreaming Celestial Statue in order to create a cloned species of himself.  Cyclops and company spring into action and are attacked by The Army of cloned Sinisters.  Emma losses her arm while in diamond form rendering her unable to use her telepathy in it’s fullest extent.  After the battle there’s a cease fire and they are proposed a meeting with Mr. Sinister himself, to which Cyclops agrees although it’s most certainly a trap.  A meeting with Sinister is really the only course of action as earlier in the issue Cyclops is informed that the Celestials are headed to earth because someone screwed with the dreaming Celestial.   This meeting is where we really get to meet  this version of the villainous Mr. Sinister

He talks about the avatar that Sinister is to what was Nathanial Essex saying “I am the auto-creating Frankenstein.  I am the monster looking in the mirror and admiring the handsome jawline he’s wrought”  Great piece of dialog by Gillen there.  Through this scene you get a great sense for what Sinister is all about even as he even predicts the ambush that Emma Frost has set up for him and he’s eventual assassination at the hands of Hope.  A fight breaks out as Sinster attacks the X-men using telepathy against  each other but like predicted Hope shoots Sinister right in his forehead, smack through that stupid ruby he wears on his forehead as Hope makes the snarky comment of  “What kind of an idiot actually puts a target on his forehead”

Without warning another Sinister pops up only to be smashed into a jelly by Colossus but then another, and another and it is revealed these aren’t clones, but a system….Think Agent Smith in The Matrix.  So that’s issue 2 of Uncanny and I’m enjoying the direction of the book, the smart writing and Pacheco’s art is first class.  (um….not an x-men reference) Gillen takes his time with Mr. Sinister in this issue and really develops a smart and calculated villain obsessed with the next step of evolution and has decided it’s him.  I’m an X-men mark but I promise to be honest when a story is bad but this isn’t it.  I enjoy this current arc very much the only black mark on this issue was none of the X-men get a lot of face time  but it’s because this is Sinister’s issue.

Story: B+

Art A-

Overall: a solid follow up to issue 1 and justice has been done to the reboot of this series.



~ by ATOM on December 3, 2011.

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