WWE 12: Review

WWE 12 plays to your sensibilities much like the actual television product which is fun and then leaves you asking “why did they do that?” when it’s over.  This game promised gamers a great WWE experiences which it does by taking 2 steps forward and one step back.
The Good:  The expanded roster of this game rivals Marvel vs Capcom 2 with the variety of characters to choose from with a good amount of unlock-able characters that keeps you pushing through the story lines and random challenges.  I won’t spoil the surprises but there’s plenty of new and old faces for fans new and old.  The vast capability of building a match to any type, anywhere you want all the way to customizing the ring is impressive.  The create a character is nearly flawless with small improvements from the last game (Smackdown vs Raw 11) and if your anything like me and really put in the time to challenging yourself in creating a character it loads of fun. The online option are the same as before which is a good thing; it offers downloadable created characters along with some reasonable DLCs and the on-line game play is lag-free and fun.  The Road to Wrestlemania is much improved on it’s story telling where some of the stuff they create as an in game story line is leaps above what they’re putting on television every week.  Along with the vastly improved WWE Universe mode, it’s not at clunky and random as the last game and is really fun playing through it and seeing what kind of booking the AI will have in store for you week to week.  The look of the game is what struck me the most because this game looks phenomenal.  The character models are great for the guys that they clearly spent time and other guys like recently retired Edge looks similar to that thing in the attic in American Horror Story.

The Bad:  The WWE boosted about something called “Predator Technology” and I thought maybe it had something to do with gameplay but I don’t think that’s the case because it’s still stuck in the mud.  They adjusted the controls to be more of an arcade style and less of the remembering combinations of buttons and pad direction.  In some points they improved things like submissions and the fluid motion of the grappling moves but sometimes running, lining up a guy for a punch and reversals just enrage you to no end.  I know I enjoyed the controls a bit more in the last game and those weren’t stellar so take that for what it’s worth.  Where the story in the road to Wrestlemania is good it does get a bit repetitive and boring.  I was indifferent with letting you play matches up to a certain point and then you have to hit a button and the cut scene finishes the match.  The voice work seems pretty low in production value, pepper in the annoying crowd noise between matches and you’ll be whaling on the “skip” button for most of the cut scenes.  I mentioned a bright spot being the graphics and character model, but they need to try and add a facial animation because without they still look a bit awkward.

Over all you won’t be disappointed with purchasing this game, there’s so much content packed in you can sift through the crap that doesn’t work and have fun with the part of the game that really work.  WWE 12 is a stride in the right direction but they’re still a ways away from making the best wrestling game we’ve ever played.  It’s a must for hardcore fans, and for those who don’t “get” wrestling will be treated to a decent fighter with fun unlockables to keep your interest.


~ by ATOM on December 1, 2011.

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