American Horror Story: Episode 9: Spooky Little Girl

Quickie Review-cap
American Horror Story “Spooky Little Girl”
I will probably pour a trillion more minutes of thought into this episode and formulate new ideas and theories but for now lets have a quick look at what went down tonight:

New House Lore!
The Black Dahlia herself, Elizabeth Short, apparently now has her ghostly origin there. What’s with this house and doctors? I love how Montgomery is the handy ether huffing mad surgeon. I hope we see the dentist again and he takes the drill to someone. Now that is frightening.
I love her trying to present herself as a patient of Bens – Sweetheart most of his patients are dead or doing badly. Bad idea. Seriously, who is talking up Ben as a doctor? Other than Tate – the wicked adorable but completely psychopathic homicidal maniac.

Travis the un-read!
The wicked hot but small-minded boyfriend of Constance played with fire and got burned. This is also known as screwing Hayden (the crazy) and getting gutted by her. The image of the ghosts coming together in the basement was sort of cool. Travis gets his time in the spotlight too bad I’m pretty sure he actually wanted to marry Constance. Now there is a sitcom I want to watch.  But instead Larry did Hayden a solid and Travis got all black dahlia’d. I wish we could have seen poor Travis reacting to seeing himself getting diced up.

Moira thee of low self esteem!
She really just should go make Violet a sandwich (not that I think Violet can actually eat it). Why does she want Ben so much? Is she done trying now they he is finally seeing things “as they are”?
Ben is finally getting more information together and proving he is not completely idiotic. Did anyone else think how awesomely badass Ben got when he lured the security guard over to the house? Of course this is what first leads him to realize how not insane Vivien may be.  Ben go make up with Viv so we can see you fight more on screen.
Moira needs a hug btw. Young and old. An unsexy hug.

Constance is best/worst!
Is she the lovely muralist who did the demonic dark paintings all over the house walls? I think so considering she gets to painting when she’s drinking.
Jessica Lange hits this character so well – Constance is so perfect in all her insane bullshit. Her whacking the shit out of Tate seemed so powerful. Also who else loved that Tate’s first reaction to the news is for her not to tell Violet. Aww Tate you better be seriously demonically infected partially innocent, or have some intense multiple personality issues for your cuteness to be allowed any longer.
Will Constance still want a “baby” now that she knows what it might be? Also will she keep trying to poison Violet? HA!

I feel bad for Hayden sometimes considering she doesn’t seem to always be utterly manipulative and insane. Bens drunken rambling in their flashback was adorable and she apparently agrees.  Girl has a crush and there does not seem be much denying her. Ben actually has trouble even with nerves of steal. These two probably worked at one point so well. Too bad he was still married. Ugh Ben. She is playing her game calmer now. It nearly works but instead of helping herself more she pushes Ben toward the security guard – anyone else think Ben was seriously going to kill this guy? Adam and me did.

Billie Dean presents on Lifetime!
This character is so fun. Metaphase baby? LOL You wish Billie.
Her introduction of this satanic demonic pope’s box lore is actually kind of intriguing. Are we talking legit demons or are the ghost’s vehicles for demons? Or Satan? Or the darkness? I mean Hayden didn’t kill people when she was alive. In her death she craves that “pound of flesh”.

Favorite Line
Hayden replied to Ben telling her she is smart as hell by saying “Is hell smart?” This resonated with me.

Promo for next!!
Looks like my Violet is no longer living theory could be right. I cannot wait!



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