Smackdown 11/29/2011: Review

This won’t be a straight up review but just a reaction to last night’s live Smackdown.  Smackdown has been getting good lately because it’s more of a straight up show and less muddled in bizarre or uninteresting storylines.  They’ve been skipping alot of the back stage non-sense for longer matches; case in point last weeks Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger vs Sheamus/Zack Ryder match was pretty lenghty but it was entertaining.  Also the fatal four-way for a shot at the title was an intesting match as well.  Aside from really shaking the legitmacy away from the money in the bank breif case last weeks Smackdown was a solid show and when I found out this weeks was going to be live on tuesday I was pretty excited.  Well leave it to the WWE to build you up just to let you down.

It was a Christmas themed Smackdown which I was fine with but I didn’t know that included completely dumbing down the entire product for terrible christmas themed segments.  Listen, I’m not one of those people who’s too cool for Christmas but lets be reasonable, it’s November 29th, this shit could have waited.  So let’s put the early christmas shit aside and focus on the show. This Smackdown was a complete and horrible waste of time!  If you saw it you can’t deny that and if you missed it I envy you.  I am overly critical when it comes to the WWE because I like wrestling and I want it to be good, but this Smackdown was the laziest show since I sat bored in the Garden at the 900th episode of Raw.

Even when things were sort of good (Bryan/Henry, Orton/Otunga) they essentially didn’t make alot of sense.  I knew in my heart of hearts that Daniel Bryan wasnt going to win the World Title, and that’s fine, but jesus have more than an 8 minunte match and where was The Big Show to further his feud with Henry?  I don’t think these are overly critical sentiments considering this show had a lot of build up and what we got was Hornswaggle winning a Battle Royal, a Divas Pole match (not that pole!) and  further progression of the feud between Ted Dibiease and Jinder Mahal???  It’s a bad sign when every segment has you asking “why?”

Listen I’m not the smartest guy in the room, these people are accomplished writers (maybe) but I think something is going wrong here.  Stone Cold Steve Austin who has a lot invested in the WWE as a company has come out on twitter and said WWE creative sucks and everyday it becomes more difficult to argue that point.  I think the pieces are there.  They moved a lot of the older guys out and they’re trying to establish new stars and I commend them for that but they really need to find a direction and stick with it.  Case in point, Bryan wins money in the bank, then he isn’t seen for months.  Punk establishes a hot angle and they throw Triple H in the mix for no reason and it cools off.  Even look at Zack Ryder, he had to take it upon himself to establish himself and it worked.  Ryder pretty much went over creatives head and inadvertently made them look like fools because if he left it in their hands he’d probably stay on superstars and then eventually released.

I bitch because I want this to be good.  Ok I’m done.



~ by ATOM on November 30, 2011.

One Response to “Smackdown 11/29/2011: Review”

  1. I agree, and I’ll bring up the christmas shit because it needs to be brought, and by many(especially to WWE’s corporate headquarters, who I’m writing next). My thoughts are, to start with(and I can go on for a fucking week), I honestly can’t believe this is the same company I’ve watched religiously since the mid 1980s(even, sadly, to the detriment of what COULD have MAYBE been a somewhat more normal childhood for me, but I won’t go into that, only that it illustrates that I WAS a diehard WWE(F) fan for MANY years)). EXAMPLES just from this monkey-assed abomination of a program:

    –The stupidity of the CGI snow and that untalented little twat Joshie Matthews(the reason I quit watching Superstars many months ago) in his stupid, condescending, deadpan way telling me that the fake CGI snow is actually real, and not once, but on MULTIPLE occasions throughout the whole goddamn show.

    –The gay christmas songs(which haven’t changed since the 1940s) and costumes.

    –Randy Orton, who once kicked in the skull the entire McMahon family, HHH, HBK and pretty much the whole roster at different times, is emasculated down to playing around with a fucking WREATH, smiling like a total dildo(to prove he’s face and everything just so all the little faggoty inbred kiddies can go “Yaaaaaaaay!!!!” for him), and then he’s EATING A FUCKING COOKIE, and then LICKING THE FUCKING FROSTING?????

    I mean, just when………….just. WHEN. WILL. THEY. FUCKING. CARE???????? When they get TNA’s ratings??????? I think when Shane McMahon left the company is when it started(about when NXT started), and I don’t know if it’s BECAUSE Shane left or purely coincidence, but the company has unadulteratingly fucking SUCKED for almost the past 2 years straight. I actually, for the first time, quit watching it for about 3 months earlier this year(during the whole Cole vs. Lawler shit), and I’m damn near doing it again. I’m convinced the only reason I hung on this long is the Divas, and even THEY are getting boring as shit now(1-minute “matches” with little or NO discernable wrestling, dressing in boring(almost Puritan-like) outfits, fake smiling and waving like fucking Vanna White…’s just stupid). Lastly the wrestling……ever notice you hardly see HOLDS anymore….in ANY matches(let alone the Divas)??? It’s all this slappy, kicky, trendy “MMA-inspired” homoerotic shit because a bunch of stupid little trendy shits bandwagoned onto some stupid little “hybrid” trend of “fighting” and so Johnny Ace, Steffie Mac and Vince think “ohhh, uh, yeah…..well, I, uh, think that, uh, wee need too, uhhhhh, lose thuh wrasslin’ cus, duhhhhhhhhhhhh………we’re a BRAND!!!!! Yeah!!!! Ohh……..yeah, and mention TWITTER!!!!!!!”.

    [rant end]

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